Jawar Mohammed On the appointment of Abiy Ahmed (PhD) as head of EPRDF, and hence PM of Ethiopia

by Jawar Mohammed

At this very critical juncture in the country’s history, a very unique and historical opportunity with great responsibility has been bestowed upon Dr Abiy Ahmed as he becomes Ethiopia’s newly appointed Prime Minister. We congratulate Dr. Abiy for his appointment. We congratulate Dr. Abiy upon his appointment because we believe this appointment carries a unique opportunity, in the real sense of the term, if he is determined enough to capture it, that can translate into the great and historical responsibility of leading Ethiopia and its peoples into the peaceful transition to democracy. The opportunity offers him of unique scenario to charter peaceful transition to democracy in Ethiopia.

As he takes over the Prime Minister’s Office as of today, Dr Abiy should embark on chartering the transition by:

1) Calling, facilitating and organizing a national dialogue with all stakeholders — with those political groups who live inside or outside the country.

2) Roll back the sweeping state of emergency in not more than one month after reconstituting his cabinet.

3) Releasing all political prisoners held in federal and state prisons throughout the country.

4) Immediately embarking on institutional reforms with top priority within the security, military and judiciary sectors, among others.

5) Immediately sending all the military units deployed throughout Oromia and other parts of Ethiopia to their barracks.

6) Commissioning independent and special investigation rapporteurs into all the killings, tortures and maiming that happened in the country for the last three years. Also, allow international agencies like the UN which already requested to probe on these atrocities perpetrated on civilians by the security forces.

7) Mobilizing resources, at the national level in Ethiopia, to support the resettlement and rehabilitation of those displaced by the Liyu police attacks from Somali region.

8) Bringing to justice all the security, military and political authorities who are responsible for orchestrating all these atrocities.

It should be underscored that if Prime Minister Abiy takes these bold actions as part of his measure to chart the transition to democracy in the country, the Oromo people in particular and the whole of the Ethiopian people, in general, will rally behind him and support all his endeavours with this regard. We wish Dr Abiy will be courageous enough to embark on these actions and rally the popular support across the board in the country behind him. We wish he won’t waste this golden and historic opportunity.

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  1. As I had done in 2012 when the previous PM was announced after the death of PM Meles, I reserve a generous benefit of a doubt for this new appointee. I hope and pray for him that he will find a new path to make sure that the current simmering rage would not get out of hand. A new path is a must in which every citizen will be equal in the eyes and courts of justice and should not be determined by such false assumption of being a member of a ‘golden race’. The bravado and spoils on the battlefield of the past should be confined to the appraisal in the history of the country as a whole. This reckless conviction that goes by ‘I have paid so much sacrifice to get here and I and only I deserve the lion’s share’ has only led to this mess. If someone believes that he/she is a natural born genius to lead the country, that may not be different from others somewhere were saying in the past and those were people like Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pinochet and present day KKK’s. Our own country shows with indisputable facts that there were Oromos who were brilliant men/women in politics and leadership. There were Amharas and Tigres who were equally genius in the arts of politics and leadership. Such leadership qualities are for the most part acquired skills learned during life time. There is no singular ethnic group who is the sole owner of the ‘magic wand’ of politics and diplomacy. For these reasons, I am going to watch the coming days, weeks and months to see if things are changing for the better due the action of the new office of the Prime Minister. That is why I want to send a congratulatory note to Obbo Abiy Ahmed on the appointment as a new Chairman and Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

  2. Congratulation Abiy Ahmed!! the more you feel the fealing of the poor and opressed ethiopian people, and the more you fight for the truth the more you will get the support of ethiopian people. I wish, you you make histotry in ethiopian politic. Down with those terrorist gangster groups who got their financial and military power in that country at the cost of poor ethiopian people. peace and prosperity for all ethiopian people. Let God stop the killing and torure of the people in the concentration camp of tigray libration front(TPLF).

  3. I Wish him all the best. I do hope that he ‘ll librate Ethiopia from TPLF apartheid bantustan regime.

  4. Jawar, as you said, Dr. Abiy’s appointment to the premiership could be an opportunity. I don’t want to give him the benefit of the doubt. However, given the nature and behavior of TPLF and the repressive system it installed in Ethiopia in the last 30 years, I don’t believe Abiy’s election would bring the needed change. I take the ascent of Aby Ahmed to the chairmanship of EPRDF, and by default to the premiership, with a grain of salt. There are widespread rumors that Abiy was not TPLF’s choice. We should also understand that, Abiy wouldn’t have become EPRDF’s chairman, had it not been for the green light from TPLF. In fact, TPLF was pressured to make this concession. But this is only part of the equation. The TPLF camp has also made calculations; TPLF thinks that assigning someone from the restive Oromia region, will lighten up the mounting protests and pressure that are threatening its grip to power. In my opinion, TPLF is letting this to happen, to buy time. For a tiger doesn’t change its stripes, TPLF cannot change its nature.

    Article 74 of the Ethiopian constitution states that “The prime minister is the Chief Executive, the chairman of the Council of Ministers, and the Commander-in-Chief of the National Armed Forces.” However, Mr. Hailemariam was unable to exercise the power vested on him by the constitution, largely because of the very nature of TPLF. We should remember that from the very beginning TPLF has isolated all those who question and hold differing opinions and brought servant leaders (servants, not to the people, but to itself) into the EPRDF coalition. As long as the system that has established and nourished total TPLF domination of the security, military, and judiciary systems in Ethiopia is maintained, the status quo will continue. Like his predecessor, I don’t see a scenario where Dr. Abiy will be able to reign on TPLF and bring the kind of change that the Ethiopian people are longing for. If TPLF has the will to change course, why did it declare the state of emergency, which is still in place? Why are targeted arrests and killings of citizens going on to this day? For real democracy to flourish and human rights abuses, injustice and inequality to end, the system needs to be dismantled. Therefore, my fellow Ethiopians, until real change comes to our country, we don’t have to move our feet from the gas pedal of our peaceful struggle for freedom and justice.

  5. It is the joy of most of Ethiopians at home and in diaspora to get such a balanced leader to the nation.No religious leader or politicians expressed the diversity unity of Ethiopians by race especially the two major ethnic groups Oromo and Amara like Dr Abiy with a traditional mixed common grain SERGRGENA TEFF.
    May God Almighty bless our native Ethiopia and her new prime misters and all leaders.

  6. Ethiopia would have been a symbol of African success had it not been for lack Democratic governments and free market economic system.
    We Ethiopians have always been victims of our own undemocratic form of governance and arrogant leaders without any sense of respect for its citizens.

    Dr. Abiy Ahmed need to make significant economic and political reforms in order unshackle the Ethiopian citizens from the perpetual cycle of poverty.

    If we need to see meaningful development, growth stability and democratic Ethiopia, Dr Abiy needs to be bold and aggressive in implementing fundamental structural policy reforms.

    1. The Goverment need to be accountable and transparent, respect citizens rights – civil liberties, individual rights and freedom of speech.
    2. Eliminate corruption and nepotism.
    3. Cultivate entrepreneurial culture.
    4. Educate the citizens (Education is the great equalizer for social mobility).
    5. Implement economic policy changes to accelerate Job creation.
    6. Access to capital for small business.
    7. Avoid excessive regulations and Reduce taxes.
    8. Land reform (privatization!) including Telecom, banking etc
    9. Allow a multi-party democracy – not a single authoritarian party such as EPRDF.

    Democratic and free economic system is the fastest way to eradicate poverty and creat a vibrant, multi-ethnic and pluralistic society.

    I wish Dr. Abiy Ahmed good luck and success … it’s a tough job as he has inherited a country in total mess with anxious citizens for political and economic freedom and true democracy.

  7. ከእኔ ቀደም ብለው ድምፃቸውን ያሰሙትን የደስታ እልልታና መልካም ምኞቶችን ስናይ፣ በሚቀጥለው ምርጫ ጠቅላላው A-ወ-O EPRDF’ን ነው የሚመርጠው ማለት ነው:: መላ ትግራይ EPRDF’ን እንደሚመርጥ ድሮውንም የታወቀ የ40 ዓመታት ልምድ ነው:: A-ወ-O እንዲሁም ትግራይ EPRDF’ን እንደሚመርጥ ሌሎቹ የቀሩት ኢትዮጵያውያንም ከሰሙ ደግሞ፣ ያው እነሱም ነፋሱን ተከትለው EPRDF’ን እንደሚመርጡ ጥርጥር የለውም:: ማለትም እንግዲህ TPLF በ100 % የሚቀጥለውን ምርጫ ያሸንፋል:: በእንደዚህ አይነት መልኩ ማሌሊት ባለ 100 % አሸናፊ ሆኖ ከተገኘ፣ then, ወራቶች የፈጀው የመቐለው ዝግ ስብሰባ ለከንቱ አልነበረም ለማለት ይቻላል:: በእንዴህ እንግዲህ የምድጃው ለውጥ ማሌሊትን ለማጠናከር ነው:: ከዚያን ደግሞ፣ የTPLF powerful man AKA ስብሓት ነጋ፣ እንደ አዲሱ የቻይናው powerful man በህይወት እስካለ ጊዜ ድረስ ስልጣን ላይ ይቆያል ማለት ነው! HA…HA…HA.HA ሃሎ Diaspora AKA DC-Las Vegas, እንኳን በቀላሉ ከማሌሊት ስር ለመሰለፍ አበቃችሁ፣ አዲስ አበባ ውስጥ ፎቅ ቤታችሁን ለማጠናቀቅ ፈቃዱ ይራዘምላችኋል…..!

  8. People are sceptical about Dr. Abiy’s success in ending TPLF’s dominance due to its control over the military and the security apparatus, in order to bring about meaningful change. That is a real fear but it is easier now for him to do so because the majority of both EPRDF and the parliament, where almost every thing including the reshuffling of the above mentioned institutions is decided, is on his side. What is required of him is the willingness, the commitment and the boldness. I am optimistic that the victory of the Ethiopian people is approaching at last!

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