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Jawar Mohammed and Muluken Tesfaw on Gonder | Must Listen | Hiber Radio

Jawar Mohammed and Muluken Tesfaw on Gonder | Hiber Radio | Must Listen

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  1. International Twinning Partnership Program In collaboration with Canadian Society of Soil Science (CSSS) and financial assistance from Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) through Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC) has said Wolquait soil is very fertile and rare making it impossible for the Ethiopian government to simply give it to non-governmental (non-Tigrayan) private investors to work on according to a recent research reported.


    Major events organized and supported by ETCANSOL between 2008 and 2011 are the following.
    • Improved natural Resource Management Technologies for Food Security Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development, 27-28 March, 2009, Addis Ababa
    • Extension of Improved Natural Resources Technologies and Best Practices, Aiming at Impacting Food Security and Sustainable Development for Food Security, 8-9 April 2010, Addis Ababa
    • Conduct organizational assessment of ESSS to determine the focus areas for organizational improvement over the next five years and incorporate these into the annual plans of ESSS.
    • Strengthen the capacity of ESSS to carry out its mandate to members
    1. The regular publication of the Ethiopian Journal of Natural Resources
    2. Participation of ETCANSOL coordinators in the ITPPM events in Canada
    3. (Edmonton) and Sri Lanka (Amaya Lake)
    4. Participation in the south-south exchange program in Vietnam (Hanoi)
    5. Establishment of five ESSS nodes, in different geographically
    strategic areas of the country, (Haramya, Hawassa, Jmma, Baherdar and Mekelle)
    to improve its accessibility to members
    Play a key role and become center of scientific excellence for sustained and improved natural resources base of Ethiopia through generation, synthesizing and dissemination of high quality, pertinent and applicable natural resources management technologies and knowledge by creating conducive condition and coordination of the contribution of ESSS members and non members, prominent figures based on the needs of policy makers, communities and public in general.
    Serve as a knowledge and technology center for NRM through which professions and scientists publicize their key findings, innovations and experiences, debate and learn from each other and play key role in promotion, advocacy and dissemination of proven, applicable and feasible NMR technologies that can greatly assist sustaining and improvement of the natural resources management effort of the country.

    the study on the soil of wolquait was conducted by the following.

    . E-mail Mobile Phone Number
    1 Dr Eyasu Elias
    President eyuelias@yahoo.com
    +251 911216258
    2 Dr Mohammed Assen
    V. President moh_assen@yahoo.com
    +251 920 585424
    3 Dr Wondimagegn Chekol
    Secretary wondichekol@yahoo.com
    +251 911380475
    4 Dr. Negash Dmissie
    Public Relation negash34@yahoo.com
    +251 911985034
    5 Dr Wassie Haile
    Editor wassiehaile@yahoo.co.uk
    +251 911905463
    6 Miss. Bezaye Gorfu
    Trashier ransomg06@yahoo.com
    +251 911 184494
    7 Mr. Kefeyalew Asefa
    Accountant assefakefyalew@gmail.com
    +251 911 887307
    8 Dagim (Aemro) Gezahagne
    Web Solutions Developer dagim@innocent.com
    +251 913 034612

  2. Why do you label this people’s movement as “AMHARA” or “OROMO” ? why do you talk like WOyane if you are against woyane?????? We as a people of ETHIOPIA WE are one people , one nation!! MY question is are we continue to say this is Tribe movement or are you ready to recognize yourself as Ethiopian? STOP!!! THIS IS NOT AMHARA, OROMO…. MOVEMENT IT IS THE FIGHT OF ETHIOPIN PEAPLE AGAINST WOYANE, THE EVIL GOVERNMENT WHO DIVIDE US AND KILLED TOO MANY TO COUNT AND DESTROIED OUR PEAPLE AND OUR COUNTRY. WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER MORE THAN EVER!!! THIS IS THE TIME!!!

  3. I think most if not all tribes of Ethiopia need to stand and rise up against the TPLF criminals TOGETHER! These “Oromo’ now, Amara later etc may work for the advantage of the Weyaniewotch.Long live independent, united and democratic Ethiopia. Death to Weyane!

  4. What was wrong with my comment that you didn’t want to post it? Why is that all Ethiopian medias want to oppress Amhara nationalism just like Woyane? Amhara is at war and Woyane is attacking our people without mercy. We must tell this to Amhara people and to the whole world. You are not helping when you block comments that encourage Amharanism.

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