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Jamila Raqib: The secret to effective nonviolent resistance

We’re not going to end violence by telling people that it’s morally wrong, says Jamila Raqib, executive director of the Albert Einstein Institution. Instead, we must find alternative ways to conduct conflict that are equally powerful and effective. Raqib promotes nonviolent resistance to people living under tyranny — and there’s a lot more to it than street protests. She shares encouraging examples of creative strategies that have led to change around the world and a message of hope for a future without armed conflict. “The greatest hope for humanity lies not in condemning violence but in making violence obsolete,” Raqib says.

a0e689394c5d8ab8f7a923b07c80b23e33862343_254x191Jamila Raqib
Jamila Raqib works on pragmatic approaches to nonviolent action for activists, human rights organizations, academics and governments globally. Full bio

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  1. የግንቦት ሰባት መስራቾችና ከፍተኛ አመራሮች ይህንን ዓይነት ትግል ሞክራውትና አልቆባቸው ይሆን ነፍጥ አንስተን እንታገላለን ያሉን? እርግጥ ነው የግንቦት 7 ከፈታኛ አመራር የሆኑት መስከረም 2013 ላይ በበሪጂንያ ከተማ በተጠራ ስብሰባላይ ሲናገሩ እንዲህ ብለው ነበር”ሰላማዊ ትግልን ለእኔ የሚነግረኝ የለም ትግልን ከራስ ጸጉሬ እስከ እግር ጥፍሬ ትግልን ከራስ ጸጉሬ እስከ እግር ጥፍሬ አውቀዋለውና” ሲሉ አድምጫለሁ እውነት እኝህ ሙህር የሰላማዊ ትግል ትግልን ከራስ ጸጉራቸው እስከ እግር ጥፍራቸው የሚያውቁትና የሞከሩት ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ነው ውይስ ከሃገር ውጪ? ኢትዮጵያውስጥ ከሆነ እሲኪ 1ኛ ሰላማዊ ስልፍ በተለያዩ ሁለት ከተሞች አርገው ከሆና የነዛን ሁለት ከተሞች ስምና መቼ እንዳደረጉ 2ኛ የስራ ማቆም አድማ አስተባብረው ከነበረ በስንት ከተሞች መቸና የት? ይህን ጥያቄ የማቀርበው ለግንቦት 7 መሪዎች ብቻ አይደለም ለሁሉም ኢትዮጵያዊ በተለይ ደሞ ለግንቦት 7 አመራሮችና አባላቶች እንዲሁም ደጋፊዎች ነው ምክንያቱም 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action ውስጥ እውነት እንነጋገር ከተባለ ስንቱን ሞክረነው ነው ወደ ጠመንጃ ማንሳት የገባነው? ቡዙ ማለት ና መጠየቅ ይቻላል ለዛሬው ይህ ይብቃ::
    ቸር ይግጠማን
    ታምራት ይገዙ

  2. Like many other CIA covert organizations, ‘the Einstein institute’ is an instrument, a Trojan horse for the west designed to quell genuine popular uprisings elsewhere in the world especially in the third world. The institution is masterminded by Gene Sharp, the author of the book entitled ‘from dictatorship to democracy’, which prescribes few selected groups, so called activists, who are favored and backed by western corporations in place of the people to control the struggle. Gene sharp’s tactics and strategies of struggle promotes reform which amounts to the politics of continuity rather than change, Regime Change rather than Revolution hence the continuation of dictatorship by new faces.

  3. Ato Tamerat, the discussion/distinction b/n ‘peaceful’ vs ‘armed struggle’ is now has no relevance in the anti tplf struggle. It is just diversion. The problem rather is weather the struggle is being waged in either form. Neither berhanu’s ‘armed struggle nor the peaceful struggle by so called legal opposition parties at home is non-existent.
    On the other hand, the ‘secret’ to effective struggle could never be found in the gene sharp’s text book. Hezbawee Amets is the work of the people and not a commodity to be import/export. As Helina rightly commented Gene Sharp’s political view is founded on the Anglo/American/western narrative. It is designed to influence and side track democratic popular movements in third world countries through ‘regime change’,( which is anathema to popular revolution)

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