Jacky Gosse VS Minew Shewa Entertainment- Court Rules in Favor of Jacky Gosse

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Admas news:

Jacky Gosse appears in Court together with his promoters and lawyer today in DC. Minew Shewa appears with his lawyer and around 15 of his friends. 

The case filed by Minew Shewa accuse Jacky Gosse for violating the agreement which he has with him till 2014 and the show he planned with other promoters should be stopped. Jacky, with his lawyer replied that he has no agreement with him and the show must continue with his new promoters. 

The judge after reviewing the case, dismissed the case and let Jacky continue with his current show as planned. At this moment, it is not known if Minew Shewa entertainment appeals or not. Jacky Gosse told Admas Radio that “he is happy with the ruling and looking forward to meet his fans in every city” . He will also be with Admas Radio tomorrow, Saturday. We will also try to get Minew Shewa’s entertainment opinion on the ruling.

Please stay tunedZehabesha will have detal report and an interview with Minew Shewa Entertainment

Jacky Gosee said on his facebook: “Today after the court with my lawyers the judge has proven that the other party has no right to stop my show of 26th aprill so what ever has been said all over media here is my evidence to all of ya im ready with my all crew for the show tomorrow love u all my fans see ya all tomorrow its 100% on!!! btw no matter how late it is the truth will come out! ”


  1. Breaking news? what has got to do with us reporting such trivial story as :”breaking news” .Please we have lot developments out there in Ethiopia where compatriots are being slain and killed by ruthless woyane .Dig and report facts and the horror story of the woyane thugs just to expose more and more if you claim to be people’s journalist.otherwise the story of these two guys is less important and deserves no head line as it s a personal issue between two fortune hunters.

  2. Henock, don’t posted this kind of News. I mean this is nothing for the Habesha web site, b/c it is not related with the Mission of the Habesha web site

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