Is Oromo fiduciary to Habesha and often demanded to confess its political strategy?

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By Falmataa Sabaa (PhD)
I want to supplement to the exigency of Prof. Ezekiel’s recent article entitled “The Big Debate – Beyond Assimilation and Accommodation: The Resurgence of Oromo Nationalism”. Presumptive reason as to why Prof. Ezekiel took the initiative of writing the article might have to do with the recurring pan-Ethiopianist’s requirement posed on Oromo politicians to regularly confess their political will toward Ethiopianism. Prof. Ezekiel’s articulation emanates from the difficulty pan-Ethiopianists have had to understand Oromo’s theory on land ownership and issue of national identity. Although the article is comprehensive of the domain it intended to address and derived conclusion logical, I have slightly different assumptions on the possible causes for the seemingly shift of TPLF from its goal at inception. In juxtaposition with and as a continuum to the article, I would like to avow the pan-Ethiopianists relentless effort to wrongly define Oromo’s cause and futile ambition to set limit on the scope of our political goal.


Noticeably, there exist different interest groups among elites collectively named as pan-Ethiopianists. Their several features seem to depend on their blood mix, birth place and political spirit they pursue. Therefore, by close examination of their camp, we could see pan-Ethiopianism elites (traditionally, in a nutshell, named as Amhara elites) are of three basic categories. Needless to say that they all have recurring political feature in common that they all require elites of Oromo and other subjugated nations to remain their fiduciary. Nevertheless, we need to closely study their nature and find out which one’s interest might commensurate with our strategy to build post TPLF democratic nations in the horn of Africa. Hence, their categories include:

  1. Elites native to Amharaness and who believe there is Amhara as nation [native pan-Ethiopianists]. This group often contains those elites born in Amhara region per se, or intact of their own Amhara blood and proud of their own identity (language, culture, norms and values). Despite their belongingness to the colonial regime who established Ethiopian empire, they had less to be accused of as integral part of colonial murder and exploitation of the subject people. The group tacitly approves the history of Abyssinia as different from that of Ethiopia. Also they seem to value history and identity of other nations and yet seek to maintain unified Ethiopia being made democratic. Nevertheless, they seem to have difficulty in their geopolitical and less sustainable economic potential as an impeding force on their way forward to stand as independent nation. Many of the group are those pushing establishment of and running Amhara political organizations primarily to rescue their nation. They would explore open space to see virtual image of Abyssinia in Ethiopia. If carefully handled, such elites can determine their mean of political goal and negotiate with others to reach consensus as to how to commonly work against TPLF led regime and on mode of post-TPLF co-existence.
  1. Elites hybrid to Amharaness created as effects of colonial state formation process [hybrid pan-Ethiopianists]. This group generally embraces elites whose forefathers were servants of hegemonies of emperor Menelik and successive habesha colonial regimes. The forefathers of such elites had come bare feet to Oromia and other southern states of contemporary Ethiopia. Their forefathers settled as armed agents of the emperor, established their life by booty-looting the natives and remain counting their kinship to Amhara, though. The descendants have got privilege to education and regime’s favour to economic and moral domination. This category of elites tactically denies the presence of Amhara as a nation but tirelessly work to institute Amhara identity over others under the shadow of Ethiopia. They don’t officially speak the native langue of the people they were born in and leave with but use their knowledge of the native language to spy and manipulate the natives. They do think they have nowhere to go back to their native state yet don’t submit to the political will of indigenous people they settled in.

Consequently, they seem to fiercely work to further keep Ethiopia as jail of nations under supremacy of Amhara. That is why they always lean to Ethiopia and run political organizations prefixed Ethiopia. They severely hate existence any sort independent political force of subjugated nations and try to marginalize them by labelling with bad connotation available under sky. Their appearance is ubiquitous and a number of them have long unproductive history of hijacking Ethiopian politics including their effort to manipulate TPLF. They used to chant slogan of land to the tillers as opposed to the land to the natives in their effort to divert natives’ rights. The continued land privatization issue is currently vibrated by the group to mislead the concept where land can only be private or communal property of natives.

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Many elites as founder and runners of the so called Vision Ethiopia along with most members formerly CUD and its residue PG7 fall in this category. As discussed by Prof. Ezekiel, this group seem to infiltrate and excel TPLF to twist TPLF’s initial goal to the pan-Ethiopianists’ ambition. As well, the group never hesitate to hinder the goal of independent political entities such as the OLF, ONLF and SNLF. They have always set a trap and worked to divide such genuine political organization. This can simply evidenced by the recent speech of one of the Vision Ethiopia leader. He did say that he remembers the story of what the infiltrator of OLF and current leader of ODF said to him long ago. He never felt shy to hint us forthcoming effects of such infiltrators on the OLF would be seen soon on top the captives they already got as ODF.

I believe the inherent nature of hybrid pan-Ethiopianists coupled with their selfish, divisive, rude and trickery politics would remain futile and endanger reasonable unity of nations’ for harmonious co-existence. Also their attempt to distort history is never paralleled. Many of them often forge 3000 years of biblical Ethiopian history. But if they are asked where in the bible Ethiopia is mentioned before 4th century AD, they withdraw and say bible is not reference for history but to worship. When we reference them to many books and literatures of history, they say forget! It is what the whites (necha cheba ferenji) wrote. Even based on their ancient debtera (magician clergies) sources and mythology, they don’t want to be convinced. As well, if they might be interviewed of their identity, they might give irrelevant response of their birth place. Probably, I relate their character to linseed packed in a sesame bag. If you shut their mouth, they find other opening and try to protrude in other side. They simply need to make the history of Ethiopia a taboo and want elites of other nations remain their fiduciary. For the fighters for freedom, it is hardly possible to have even contingency plan to work with this group.

Before switch to the final category of habesha based classification of elites, I would like to state my reservation to conclude TPLF is strategically twisted away from its initial goal of establishing republic of Tigray. As differed from Prof. Ezekiel’s assumption, in this case, I have inconvenience to assume TPLF’s   policy of developmental state would serve them as function to predict national question is irrelevant undercurrent status quo. The developmental state approach is simple tactical tool of TPLF for economic and political domination before they leave Oromia for good. The statement by the developmental state policy engineer, the late Zenawi, in clip I recently heard him saying – if Oromo say enough is enough to TPLF, we have to go home (Tigrai) could justify my thought.

TPLF will never be strategically twisted by the hybrid pan-Ethiopianists’ emotional deal and unpredictable partnership. As a matter of minority based party which fears eventual domination, remembering the previous regimes’ heavy hands on their people, to do away with the cultural and religious domination between Amhara and Tigre, caught by the time bob of Wolkayet and other boundary they share would be unfolding limit for TPLF to revise their goal. As for me, TPLF is only effectively using the pan-Ethiopianists to pause the revolt by the subjugated people and is exercising the power vacuum before implementing their ultimatum goal. To this end, one among other signal is the recently triggered identity claim of nationalities such as Kemant and Agaw. The TPLF led regime’s underground provocation of such claims seem to make sure that Amhara wouldn’t be a real threat to Republic of Tigrai but remain miniature and appeased neighbour state. Likewise, the recent rudimentary move of the hybrid pan-Ethiopianists’ category reflect their desperate perception of TPLF’s move is not promising their will.

  1. Elites of pure or composite blood of other than Amhara nation but humiliated by the Amhara hegemony’s propaganda [speculator pan-Ethiopianists]. This category of elites might comprise individuals born to southern nations and to non-Amhara nations in the current boundary of Amhara regional state. This category comprises individuals at varying degree of concern and dedication to struggle for freedom of nations. They might not be effectively working politicians but usually join Ethio-prefixed organizations. The fact of this category of elites seems that they are never allowed to be nucleus of the political organization they tended to join. The elites in this category, too, never pursue the organization’s ultimatum goal seriously but join it as sideline activity. Nevertheless, they are often cowardly caught in and count themselves as opportunist pro-Ethiopians unless the near future seem to prove the otherwise. An interest to work with such group of elites requires consistent refreshment on the progressive achievement, creation of opportunity and frequently soliciting them around own goal.
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Once I briefly state my notion in relation to the groups within the so called pan-Ethiopianists, let us examine the pros and cons of the political motto both habesha and Oromo elites are caught by.

Prof. Ezekiel mentions three themes against which the pan-Ethiopianists criticize Oromo nationalists and elucidates the fallacy of the accusation. I highly appreciate the intellectual approach and evidence based justification he followed to help others understand our just cause. Unfortunately, the pan-Ethiopianists Prof. Ezekiel considered are essentially the second category in the list who never hesitate to find issue against which to accuse Oromo nationalists and the Oromo nation. Nor they seem to abstain from their divisive and tricky politics. At this junction, instead, I prefer to ask why we are expected to confess, justify and declare our political position where pan-Ethiopianists seem not to be required to do so. Implicitly, it seem, for them no long way to go for justification but suffice if they simply hint us. Nevertheless, what if we ask explicit feature of their pan-Ethiopiansm? When they advocate pan-Ethiopianism, what extra benefit and right they will bring us beyond what we would have when regain Oromia? Or are they the ones who have nowhere to go and tend to benefit from us in Oromia? If then, are they going to ask our favor toward co-existence or do they have the capacity to make it for us a willy-nilly type of co-existence? How come they assume every of their political move is blessed while ours attributed to sinful? Why are we asked to denounce our identity of Oromoness and cloth their Ethiopian identity?

Obviously, no one in the above category of habesha elite groups would try to intellectually approach to justify their need to promote unblemished pan-Ethiopianism. They seem to have no logical fact to justify their pan-Ethiopianism nether they can invalidate Oromo cause based on Oromummaa. Instead they might keep their traditional insult politics, agitate hate petition and start to shout for no reason, hide themselves in their taboo, and simply wonder here and there to remain out focus. For instance, as a plan to effectively use of their capacity, the best tactic EPRP used was to establish the then shouting committee in the cities. They knew their inherent nature and thus tried to use it effectively. Anyways, such era has gone and shouting for unadorned reason become obsolete tactic. In terms of us, nothing went bad but we need to know that they are of that sort. Likewise undercurrents are their shout about the so called Adwa and Maychew victories to tell us Oromo is part and parcel of it. Yes, Oromo effectively defended the habesha kings but it doesn’t mean that Oromo fought for self-cause. The loudly shouters as owners of the victory, hybrid pan-Ethiopianists might not have a single hero of their own habesha forefathers as ‘patriotic’ in the list of the then defenders. Even habesha kings such as Menelek never fought the enemy but at the backyard to negotiate while Haileselasie was runaway. Paradoxically, as part of their tradition to historical larceny, they wanna use it as a trap on our way to the next victory of getting rid of the colonial regime.

Agatha Christie once wrote traditional mysteries are parables. I believe, too, that the pan-Ethiopianist’s mystery replenish readers an opportunity to question habesha’s own attitude and demand their responses to their theory of Ethiopianism. So, paralleling Prof. Ezekiel’s scholarly approach to defend Oromo cause, I rather state that we have no obligation to confess our goal at every step we move toward. Instead it must the camp of pan-Ethiopianists that need to justify why they need to keep obsolete empire in place. Why are we dictated to think and act as per the colonial pan-Ethiopianists’ mind set only? What would go wrong if the Ethiopian empire system will be uprooted and replaced by democratic nations? They have to explicitly tell us the benefit we could expect out of their forefather’s strict colonial empire relative to re-gaining Oromia! We need to know the reason why they tend to reverse the current status quo where peoples of Ethiopia are apparently and in principle enjoying equal and democratic political rights for co-existence. There is no reason to presume Oromo and other subjugated southern nations are required to confess about their will to keep the obsolete Ethiopia, the strict dungeon of nations. Therefore we are delighted to see the taboo of hybrid pan-Ethipianists’ broken, their reason specifically stated and their cause scholarly justified.

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For the Oromo and other colonial subjects of the south, unity is indispensible. We were crushed by the most poor and least developed nation kings of habesha and hence we need to get rid of the system by joint effort. We need to get away with the cheap and divisive propaganda of ubiquitous hybrid pan-Ethiopianists. No doubt that our strategic plans as subjugated nations are compatible in its complete sense. The tactical moves we employee are also synergetic to propel us toward our common goal to leave as free nations. We need to be alert with empty cry and backward scenario of hybrid pan-Ethiopianists such as the one recently dominating their media. We would be foolish if we are expecting green light button pressed by residuals of colonial masters for us to run to our destination. They have always blocked and continue to do so any independent political step toward breaking yoke of slavery. Their standing ego is to keep us under the colonial yoke so that they mount on the saddle to freely ride us.

In connection to the shout by the hybrid pan-Ethiopianists, I would like to briefly re-assess the recently fabricated propaganda campaign they are exerting on us. What is wrong if Oromo or any other nations would have consultations within for whatsoever reason they deem it necessary? Who cares about the boundary some colonial resides are setting for us? What will happen if, even without reasoning, we just don’t abide by their set limit? Hebesha elites (the hybrid pan-Ethiopianists and TPLF based ones) are yelling on us for the consultation conference Oromos held in London. They seem to be extremely worried about the forthcoming in Atlanta. However, they fail to imagine it is gonna be non-stopping until we reach our destiny. One interviewee on DW radio from the so called Vision Ethiopia characterized our effort as aftermath, backward, weak idea, extremist idea and anti-Ethiopia. He wants to censure our agendum, too. Should he be scholar, he could have justified the process of formation of Ethiopia by other than colonial means and showed us our belongingness. Should he be on behalf of neutral organization, he would have remained independent of other’s motto instead of fiercely condemning the just effort. He simply don’t even remember his previous interview on VOA where he responded saying he is not politically neutral as such.

Therefore, my appeal to elites of subjugated nations and peoples of southern Ethiopia in general and the OLF as well as Oromo conference coordinators in particular are the following.

  1. We need to exercise our right to determine our destiny. We need to say no to any sort of willy-nilly type collaboration with habesha.
  2. OLF must be mindful more than ever of the hint by the person of Vision Ethiopia on the issue of infiltrators of the sort of hybrid pan-Ethiopians. Take your torch, find them out and discharge them away.
  3. With due thanks to the London Oromo conference organizers, I highly appreciate the forthcoming conference organizers in Atlanta. Apart from the basic objective of brining all hero Oromo political forces, we need to gear the intention of the conference toward disposing not only the Oromo infiltrator agents of pan-Ethiopiansm but also their organization. A simple logic I successfully used so far is, a political organization most hated by habesha elites is the best for the Oromo. So is the OLF, our hero front.

In response to empty crying and yelling of mostly diaspora based hybrid pan-Ethiopianists let us stand more than ever to determine our destiny only by ourselves. We have the right to vividly run the philosophy of uprooting Ethiopian empire as long it doesn’t serve our purpose. I thank you obbo Leben Wako of London Oromo conference for your wisdom of expression. You did great job, and I will follow your foot step! Should we need collaboration with pan-Ethiopianists, it would only have to be with native pan-Ethiopianists and contingent to the speculator pan-Ethiopianists. No cooperation is desirable with hybrid pan-Ethiopianists. Because they have nothing they say is theirs to bring to negotiation table. So, why do we need to spend our time with them? Fellow Oromos: we were free and we need to regain our freedom. I see no reason why Oromo is considered fiduciary to habesha and required to regularly confess its political strategy.


  1. thank you very much and i am happy and fully agree with you and prof Eskel as well.we expect more from such hero Oromo scholar like you.Hora bula

  2. I will say you are TPLF agent. You are Not an Oromo or any kind of Ethiopian but a TPLF agent.
    The good news is that this type 30 or more years of covert TPLF hate and divide plot that lead to the deaths, torture and exile or hundreds and thousands of Oromos has fallen on its face. It is only good for TPLFIt is exposed, dead and gone.

    I will say this, A simple logic I successfully used so far is, a political organization most hated by TPLF agent posed as Oromo elites like you is the best for the Oromos.

  3. Heok Alemayehu:

    You are a very difficult person to understand. On one hand, you say you are standing for the unity of Ethiopians and Ethiopia, while on the other hand, in the name of press freedom, you are posting articles scribbled by ignorant and narrow anti-Ethiopia morons.

    What is most astonishing to me the attempt by the write to classify Ethiopians living in the Southern part of the country as natives and non-natives and the proposal that the non-natives should live there only with the will of the natives. This is laughable given that the writer most likely would be from Minnesota where he enjoys the same democratic rights like any other Minnesotan without being named a non-native. Is it not a double standard? That is why I said the writer does not have an iota of logic and reasoning.


  4. Henok Alemayehu:

    You are a very difficult person to understand. On one hand, you say you are standing for the unity of Ethiopians and Ethiopia, while on the other hand, in the name of press freedom, you are posting articles scribbled by ignorant and narrow anti-Ethiopia morons.

    What is most astonishing to me is the attempt by the writer to classify Ethiopians living in the Southern part of the country as natives and non-natives and the proposal that the non-natives should live there only with the will of the natives. This is laughable given that the writer most likely would be from Minnesota where he enjoys the same democratic rights like any other Minnesotan without being named a non-native. Is it not a double standard? That is why I said the writer does not have an iota of logic and reasoning.


    • Native meaning Native. ok. Abyssinian are not native and are not cushites. Im assuming Your ignorant Habesha , So let me help you who the Native cushites are Oromo, Somali, Sidamo, Saho, Afar… oookay.. Absynia babtised as Ethiopia is Dead. DEAD DEAD.. We this generation will see 2 it. Long Live OLF, ONLF, SDLF.. Absynian Rats

      • Idiot stupid- you are not Oromo with me. Oromos respect others and value others. Hoope you learned Gudifecha… People like you are evils and an insult to Oromos. There is no Cushite, semites, abysinia etc. this is your evil knowledge taught by your demons. Stop preaching us hatred. We Oromos will never listen to people like you who have identity crisis. I am Oromo, I am Proud Ethiopian.

  5. A man of your education level is not supposed to use words without it’s pace (high bread).?If you want to indicate who are born from Oromo and any Ethiopian Nationalities that includes Gojame,Gondore and others,find another word.For your spaggeti writing you have the right to say what you want to say as an individual like Liban Wako whom we personally know though it is a surprise for many for him to go to London to talk like that.
    the fact is ,it is not the matter of high or low bread but solving problame.Think about it the talk like that of you and your likes is be littling the cause our young fighters are in.You rather join the fight with young now or don’t try to swing what you don’t have.40yrs is gone by.The young generation is going to do it their own way.You faile and failed them!!!!!!!! .

  6. Well fed, WOYANE servant, Ethiopians are Ethiopians your futile assessment and contempt about Ethiopian nationals reveals your inferiority complex. I wish your PHD gave our people some clean water, food on their table, treatment for the sick. Lost mind, lost body, I assure your dream will remain and ETHIOPIA and Ethiopians will live together for years and years to come.

  7. Kkkkkkkk….Oromos are addicted to talking about Amhara. woyane is systematically blood sucking poor oromo people shipping everything to Mekelle, the so called PhD hiding behind fake names like Gashe Tsegaye, obsessed with Amhara. [Ahiyawen Ferto Mechagnawin Alu]… your PhD is useless counting categories of Amharas, you could have contributed a lot better if you focused on Oromumma or Oromoness. Oromos are divided even by language itself, I speak Afan oromo more than you lots. How about focusing on Oromoness, why you have to talk about Amhara in every meeting, in every subject? it shows weakness, it is embarrassing for somebody educated to PhD level talking about kitchen utensils.

  8. Dr Falmata,
    Please remember this, I am from south and I know the oppression the southern Ethiopia people went through for decades,(by the way most of our blood suckers were Oromos)you can also call us with ready made names created by sick minds like yourself, but We will Not accept this twisted Oromo Hegemony for a second!!
    Please continue running your mouth and you will stand lonely with your delusional great oromia. All will be witnessed when the time comes,you may jump all over the Amharas/Habeshas which is your PHD dissertation I guess,but to invent any Kind of moronic classification of the intellectuals from the southern part of Ethiopia will cost you too much.No one will accept a hegemony run by deep rooted inferiority complex and hate to fellow human beings if you are one so to say

  9. The Oromos willingly integrated themselves by expanding to the central and North part of Ethiopia during the 16th to 19th centuries until they become rulers of Ethiopia during the end of 19th century until emperor Tedrows destroyed their dynasty in Gondar. Even after that they have been politically active in Wello and in Showa and they fought as part of the Menilik army to creat the present day Ethiopia. Under EPRDF the federal system gave them significant rights (same to other nations and nationalities)and as of today some of their elites felt arrogance they have to dominate and rule other Ethiopians claiming that they are majority(which is totally false as they constitute only 30pct of the population) or to disintegrate Ethiopia if they fail to dominate.Let us wait and see what this arrogance will bring to them.The majority of Oromos are peaceful and are willing to participate in building equitable Ethiopia.

  10. I think he is secret agent. iF YOU ARE Helpless OLF who is angry with the confident couragous OROMO Youth who have no inferiority to live in democracy with all Ethiopians. Learn from the confident Oromo generation.

  11. Bravo, you have seen them for what they are.Their dream of Ethiopia as an empire.
    and Oromo as second class citizens.Keep up the fight for free Oromia nation.

  12. There is earful for Falmataa Sabaa from a learned historian who has seriously studied Ethiopian history. Tell him to listen to Dr. Haile Larebo’s analysis on Ethiopian history in an interview with SBS Australia Amharic radio service released today. It is available on this same website. I hope Falmataa Sabaa will have the patience to listen to analysis that relates to the Oromo and other Ethiopins even if it is in Amharic. Personally, I found Dr. Haile’s analyis deep, comprehensive and educational which every Ethiopian should enjoy listening, learn from and reflecting on. It is my expectation that Sabaa would learn a lot from it. If he has qualms with what he hears, I suggest to him to contact SBS Australia Amharic radio service to debate Dr. Haile on his analysis. I know SBS Australia radio will be more than delighted to host such a debate, but I doubt if Sabaa would venture to face a learned historian like Dr. Haile. So, he keep writing his inflamatory false history to infurate Oromos and non-Oromo Ethiopians. Sooner or later, his naked lie will be in the open for all to know. Many have been misled until now; it is not likely to continue as the tide is changing towards togetherness of Oromos and non-Oromo Ethiopias as the long journey has tied a note on their destination.

  13. Sabaa

    Do not worry. The new Amhara map is is in the making. It includes the whole of Shewa, Arsi and the hihg lands of Bale and harar.So we will see.

  14. Brother Jaalata Jaafaro,
    It seems that ZeHabesha website has been ordered to remove the video of historian Dr Haile Larebo. I know they are not prepared to hear the truth. Interesting… the writer accuses others not willing to submit to Oromo nationalism. My question is why he doesn’t want to admit to the truth? I don’t mind if they build Oromo nationalism based on the facts, I am neither politician nor historian but I am logical, nobody can brainwash me. It doesn’t make sense to me because I was born and lived it, inside the core of Oromoness, when you observe what is on the ground, is different from what is lectured among Oromo elites, some of whom are delusional never been out of big cities for decades.

    The writer divided what he calls Amhara or Habesha elites into three categories. It seems that he is happy with category 1, what he calls [full time Amhara]… basically those Amharas inside the current Amhara region who are fighting for their rights like the Welkaiet case. He wants them to feel proud of Abyssinia as long as they stay in the north which would facilitates his agenda. He is also happy with TPLF [minus Looting and oppressing].
    He seems to be ok with category 3, what he calls Habeshas or Amharas who were born different part of the south but on condition of submitting to Oromos, he said this group of people need constant refreshment, meaning… give them little sweet to make them feel better, like telling them bedtime story to encourage them part of the new republic of Oromia.
    The one he hates the most is category 2, what he calls [hybrid] pan Ethiopians, basically mainly Shewans/Addisians, he doesn’t care about bloodline, those descendants of former regimes and associates, basically anybody who has the mindset of one Ethiopianism agenda, he even mentioned [Vision Ethiopia], he is bitter against organizers such as Dawit W/G for attracting some Oromo political organizations such as ODF, he thinks that they are enemy number one for weakening Oromo struggle.

    The writer is on the same line as Dr Ezekiel, on the mission of creating Oromo nation by any means necessary, fake propaganda history is part of the tool, hating Habesha/Amhara is part of the tool to keep the momentum going, Gadaa is part of the tool to hold together lose different background of [Oromoness].
    They are prepared to work with any organization who accept their agenda, basically they want Oromo nation to be recognized, based on that.. Oromos to rule federal Ethiopia, similar to woyane structure but different in details, otherwise separate way if that means by destroying everything, the writer supported the speaker in the London Oromos conference who advocated destroying the entire country into pieces, restart again to build republic of Oromo nation.

  15. I read this article not once but carefully twice just to make sure I am not missing any important matter or I am not misreading it. I noticed that most of those who commented on the article have gotten it very well. Therefore I won’t repeat their opinion worthy of a praise. But I want to say something, something that was uttered by one of the operatives of Al-Toweel Isaias right after his hound dogs marched into Addis(Finfine) in May 1991. That was a hastily arranged discussion on one of the shortwave radio stations. He was part of a panel of western experts and ‘well informed’ individuals from what was then Ethiopia. They were talking about a few things that they thought were the main issues that led to the bloody civil wars and eventually leading to the downfall of the Derg. National issue was the center of the discussion and it was alleged that all other nationalities were ready to come to a peaceful agreement. And according to that Isaias operative the main stumbling block is the Amhara way of thinking. He suggested that everything about the Amhara way of thinking must be eradicated. This is the same message I am getting from this article. Some of you may say to me ‘Come on man, he is not talking about the entire people of Amharas but only the elites in its midst’. Well, I will ask you this. When did the census of Amhara elites was taken and the opinion poll conducted and where? Nothing, right? I take it rather a re-declaration of war by OLF on our Amhara brothers and sisters. During the years leading up to the early 1990’s the battle cry of this front was ‘down with Neftegnas’. And that meant cold blooded massacre of innocent poor farmers. I felt ashamed by it then and still seething with anger because the massacre was conducted in the name of my proud and harmonious Oromo people. It is the theory-put-in-practice of old Al-Toweel ideology that the only way of eradicating the ‘carriers’ of that evil way of thinking is eliminating the entire population. It is sad to see these hate mongers are given the platform to spew around their poison. I have said this and I am going to continue saying it. The national question in the old country has been amicably answered(addressed). That child in Oromia does not have to go through the agonizing experience I had faced on my very first day at school in the very early 1950’s after finding out that everything was conducted in the language I did not really understand. If any right is denied in Oromia now, it is also denied in Amhara, Afar, Somalia and every region of the country. There is nothing that was custom made for Oromia only. If there is corruption in Oromia its peddlers are none other than the products of Oromia. So is the case in all other regions. When you hear Jawar telling an international media network that speaking in Oromifaa will land you in prison, that would tell the modus operandi of these hate peddlers. The level of hate these ‘shame’ of my proud Oromos is so deep seated that they may start blowing themselves up soon. They want every head of the ‘Amhara way of thinking’ on a silver platter. Nothing less. They are being financed by elements of Wahhabis and factories of hate from Asmara, Cairo and Doha. I am sure you have recognized the fact that I am not only writing about it. I am out there talking about these demons. Those of you who still hold every common man/woman of the old country dearest to your heart, I urge you to come out and face these deranged elements of hate. Don’t worry about being called a neftegna because you are already are and don’t worry about being called a neo-Gobena because you have already been deemed as such in their book. And rest assured that these demons are not that as dauntless as they sound in their writings but rather namby-pamby blabbermouth stooges. You know what they did in 1993. Didn’t they cut and ran at the first sound of a real gunshot in 1992-3 leaving more than 20,000 of their well armed and well trained ‘liberation army’ at the mercy of Meles’ ragtag militias? 20,000!!! That is right, 20,000 well trained guerillas who were told that their leaders had to leave for overseas on diplomatic missions. They were telling me and million others about all the big guns they were capturing and amassing in secret places when those ‘poor’ guerillas were being massacred as if there was no tomorrow and nobody shed tears for them because of what barbaric killing some of them unleashed on innocent people. It did not even make news on any international media because their leaders were busy munching down missionary cakes overseas. So I call on every concerned compatriot in the Diaspora to come together and gang up on these Eyal Al Souqs. I will continue to show up on every platform including in person to say my feelings about these bigots. So let’s hold hands together and right on!!!!!

  16. Garbage. I bet you get your Phd (if you really have one) from Strayer, Devry, Walden, Capella, or Azuza university. Let alone the content, the title of your article shows you are stupid.

  17. Ittu Aba Farda is a TPLF cadre.
    Awonabaj sewuye, why you call your self an Oromo name “Ittu Aba Farda” ?

    Everybody can easily know who you are by reading the following from your writeup.

    – They are being financed by elements of Wahhabis and factories of hate from Asmara, Cairo and Doha.
    – If there is corruption in Oromia its peddlers are none other than the products of Oromia.

  18. Hey Ittu Aba Farda and Jaalata Jaafaro,
    From your comments, I can guess you are internal crackers of Oromo. Your comments seem irrelevant to the article you were thinking you commented on. I hope like pop corn politicians of habesha (Amhara) group, and the taboo hybrid pan-Ethiopianists as applied by Dr. Falmataa, you never help us effective plan and action.

  19. Dear Obbo Galataw:

    I can’t speak for Obbo Jaalata but I will try to respond to your comment. First of all how did you come up with such demographic grouping as ‘habesha-Amhara? Is that genetic or just generic cooked up somewhere nobody knows? You see. To those halawa gulping Wahhabis and demented Africa hating mongrels in Cairo, whether you are an Amhara or Oromo you are an Habash. Habash wa al-hanash alsewaa they said. That means nigger is a nigger according to their anthropology. That is no matter how you may dance up and down in Cairo telling El-Sisi that you are not a Habesha but rather an Oromo. I guarantee you are always al-abd or al-kadam to them. That is a dead giveaway. No matter you slice or dice it. Who told you my ever glorious Oromos are not Oromos but Cushites? Who told you that? You have to tell me that because that is very important to me. And you better not make western anthropologists as your source or mentors. Don’t even think about it.

    And I have another question for you. Why the current ‘Oromo conference is forbidden to our Afar, Somali, Amhara and all other brothers and sisters? Is that because there is going to be something to be devised that they should not know? If so, what it that? You see. When we complain about these demonic elements amid our Tigrayan brothers and sisters who are holding meetings well sealed of to others we can see it why. They do not want the mass Tigrayans to come out and hold hands with their Oromo, Amhara, Afar, Somali and other neighbors in the struggle for a just society. Meles and his hideous gangs have left that narrow mindedness deep rooted in them. They have made every average Tigrayan fear or be every suspicious of other ethnic groups. I have attended the Atlanta conference and honestly found nothing to be hidden from other ethnic groups.

    I don’t usually respond to those who come out slinging insults at me. I am responding to you because:
    1) You did not do just that.
    2) I thought you may not be one of those who are scavenging at the dump sites in Asmara, Cairo, Riyadh or Doha.

    I long for the day when my beloved Oromos living in a democratic and prosperous environment but not alone. I want them to live such a life just as the same as our dear Afar, Somali, Amhara and all other brothers and sisters. This notion of Oromos must struggle alone to get to the Promised Land of democracy, prosperity and peaceful is none sense and a hoax. It is hoax being concocted by those who have an ulterior motive to carve out a territory so to claim it their own fiefdom. What they are doing is hatching up unnecessary and destructive hatred toward my ever harmonious and peaceful Oromos from many surrounding ethnic territories. If you are from some joint in Wolega or Western Shewa you may not see this or understand this. My innocent Oromos are being exposed to hatred. Their youth has just been gunned down by the despotic regime forces and the living are being isolated from their centuries old neighbors by these dimwit so called ‘front’ and ‘youth’ leaders.

  20. Galataw
    We are so many millions-Oromos who strongly stand against you and your irrelevant political agendas. We know you are too minor. Leave with Your inferiority blaming Amhara, Habesha bla bla. This is unacceptable to many of us Oromos who have palying leading roles in building up Ethiopia and continuing to do so. Your hatred and bitterness will kill you.

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