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Irreecha Massacre Candlelight Vigil

Press Release: Irreecha Massacre Candlelight Vigil — Charlotte, NC
CHARLOTTE, NC – October 10, 2016

The Ethiopian-American Community in the Greater Charlotte, Triad, and Triangle Regions hosted a Candlelight Vigil for the hundreds of Oromo Ethiopians killed by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (Ethiopian Ruling Party). A crow of around 200 people attended the Candlelight Vigil. Guest speakers included Ethiopian activists as well as representatives from Senate Candidate Deborah Ross and U.S. House of Representative candidate Leon Threat. In attendance were also representative of N.C. Hillary Victory campaign. This massacre occurred on October 2, 2016 while the Oromos were celebrating Irreecha which is equivalent to the American Thanksgiving holiday. The Irreecha Massacre Candlelight Vigil is to demonstrate the communities condolences and sympathy to the families who have lost their loved once, celebrate the lives of these individuals, and bring comfort and healing to the community.









Read Aloud:   ESAT Radio October 4, 2013






The Irreecha Massacre Candlelight Vigil was held at Marshall Park this past Sunday, October 09, 2016 starting at 6:00 pm.


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    Please join the March to happy days by reading and contemplating what is mentioned

    Nitin varia

    To convene International conference where all opposition parties, civic organisations, religious institutions, respected elders, trade unions and responsible organisations to draw road map for the transitions and come up with “Transitional Charter” for the transition government.
    2. Strong emphasis on national reconciliation and resolution through peaceful means which would avoid further bloodshed and pave for the matured transition.
    3. A council made of all political parties, civic organisations, respected elders, religious leaders, intellectuals, trade union, higher educational institutions representative to be formed.
    4. To avoid further internal struggle and potential bloodshed among these parties, the executive branch of this council which will replace the TPLF ministerial cabinet should be non political aligned respected elders, intellectuals, activists and technocrats.
    The main responsibility of the council and its cabinet should be first and foremost,
    • ensure peace and stability in the country.
    • national reconciliation and peaceful resolution of conflicts and differences.
    • establish commission to investigate the atrocities made by TPLF on the massacres and human right abuses it made in the last 25 years with International organization participation.
    • release of all political prisoners.
    • ensure free press, media and peaceful demonstration
    • establish independent court free from political interference.
    • establish new apolitical police and army. For the time being the current army and police force ( excluding TPLF members and those above the rank of Major) can be considered with addition of opposition armed members to form transitional government police and army forces.
    • bring to justice those who are responsible for the crime committed by the TPLF/ EPRDF.
    • nationalise the economic mafia organisations that belongs to TPLF and its branches …(like EFFORT and others).
    • to compensate those who lost their family members, land and businesses due to TPLF atrocities
    • maintain Ethiopian sovereign territory and continue the developmental works that are of national interest including projects started by previous regime.
    • to create new constitution which treats every citizen equally and ensure the fundamental human right respected and grantee full citizenships with its right and responsibilities.
    • to organise genuine election with in 2 years.
    • to make sure first past the post and also proportional representation election outcome in the new parliament ( ideal for country with different ethnicities and political views, it will deny one party full or 100% control like TPLF))
    • Handover of power to elected government and resolve the council.
    We need the international bodies (UN, OAU, EU, USA, UK and other organisation like Amnesty international, Human Rights and other relevant organisations) to help us during this transition which is also in their best interest.
    For the implementation of such, we need every parties and Ethiopians to be far sighted and work for the better to make TPLF’s regime the last oppressive regime in the history of our country. We have to stand together and treat each other as brothers and sisters of one mother land. We need to be not deflected by selfish motives of ethnicity or religion which we belong to define our common country and future. We need to build a common country responsibly where we all are treated as equals. we need to build a country of peace and equality of which we will be proud of.
    “..Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God”

    Nitin N Varia

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