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Interview with Brigadier General Hailu Gonfa – SBS Amharic (Audio)

B/G Hailu Gonfa, Head of Political Affairs for the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), talks about the importance of building strong unity in particular within the Oromo political groups.

Interview with Brigadier General  Hailu Gonfa – SBS Amharic (Audio)

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    General Hailu Gonfa had spoken the truth, that Ethiopias national language should be changed from Amhara minority language (Amharic) to Ethiopias Oromos majority language (Oromoffiaa).
    Voiding and cancelling Amhara’s minority language as Ethiopias national language is logical and democratic move.

    • Do you know the number of people speaking Amharic only, Afaan Oromo only, both Amharic and, affan Oromo? It is not based on the trib/ethnic density so come out from the dwindled inferiority complex which is imposed on yourself by yourself. Match-box mind and mentality didn’t and even will not take your interest an inch.

  2. I strongly believe whoever counts the so called Kamal Galtu group with followers not more than 7 or 8 persons from the entire 40 + million population as formidable group or organization has two motives in mind.
    1. To portray the Oromo struggle particularly the OLF as heavily divided organization
    2. To insult people’s intelligence as if their knowledge about the Ethiopian empire politics is very shallow and easily maneuverable.

    I would like to say, to the audience of this radio interview and others who may be fooled by the cheap full of lie propaganda disseminated by Kamal Galtu and Hailu Gonfa, It’s only anti Oromo forces that try to give publicity to this cheap club (Kamal and co.). It has been close to 2 years since Oromos back home and in Diaspora have forgotten about them. It was true back then that they were a topic of discussion–when Oromos were outraged by the action of these incompetent and morons . That was back in early 2012 when they first announced their act of treason in a hotel conference room in St. Paul, MN. subsequent to that, they were used by anti Oromo forces with sort of like honey moon travel from city to city where they spoke to non-oromo audiences. That was it! Now the ones in Diaspora are ashamed of their action and wouldn’t even mix with the community and isolated themselves unable to look their own people in the eye.

    My message to the anti Oromo forces be it the woyane regime or other remnants of the chauvinist groups, get use to it!!! especially the chavinists should know this: THERE IS NO FOOLING OTHERS IN THE NAME OF “one ethiopia”. ANY MORE!!!

    I basically laughed on what Hailu Gonfa has said on this interview. To me it sounds like he’s good on copy/paste act. He tried to imitate other Oromo politician when he tries to utter words such as …. putting Oromo and Afaan Oromo speaking individuals in Ethiopian government “higher” level positions does not that Oromo has power to rule itself…..etc. You know what? He forgot he was one of those he tries to point his finger at. Wasn’t he Waayyanne’s “general” ?

  3. Wollega,

    You are a TPLF cadre or a far right Neftegna (MORESH) puppet trying to write what is not written in Oromo politics. As far as we know Oromo poltical organizations never asked to cancel Amharic language, but they insist that Afan Oromo must be enlisted as a national language sooner than later. It is a rational quest. We know that the TPLF is playing the language card as we speak, but it must be clear that language is one of the driving force in Ethiopian poltics today. It is not only in Ethiopia, it is happening in Ukraine, Catalonia, Scotland, Shetland and many places in the universe. We do not want to follow the routes of others, but we will not rule out that language conflict is just at the corner in Ethiopia.

  4. Mr or Miss Wollegaa – Narrow minded idiots like you are the problem of our people. The language and the Amharas are not the enemy. What is needed is a united country and people with respect to each others culture and language. It is obvious, your goal is to stir up a spirit of hostility and resentment among us. You maybe a paid agent of TPLF to stir up the pot that should be left alone.

  5. Birgadier General? Who bestowed such a high ranking military ranking on him? It is a very hard military ranking to come by. Any regime back home, the current one or others before it, have had rigid criteria to ‘ordain’ a member of their military such a title. One of the requirements is your achievement that your performance in implementing its policies is deemed outstanding. As always, I demand explanation right here on this public so everyone has the opportunity to see not at carefully planned speakeasies at some secluded quarters. Or in Asmara for that matter!!! So let it rip. Let us hear it from the horse’s mouth.

  6. At least they are alive until now since they left that country, 8 years ago. Eritrea is playing with these guys.

  7. Ittu

    A neftegna son complaining about the qualifications of an Oromo military brass is shameful at best. Disrespectful and arrogant. Come out of your wild barbarian character.

  8. @wolega,
    It make sense, why should we Oromos speak amara minority language ? Amharic language was imposed on Oromos by the previous oppressors Amhara dominated governments (Menilike and Haileselassie), it is time to overthrough Amhara domination and Amhara oppression for once and forever.

  9. To Mr. wolega,

    Amharic is Ethiopias official language since our Amhara language is superior and most advance unlike the uncivilized oromo language and Tigre language. Thus Amharic language is here to stay as Ethiopias official language, If you do not like it, then you guys must move to where you came from (rewanda).

  10. Obbo Molla:

    I thought I should not respond to your rant. It shows that you are one of those foot-soldiers of some coward bigots now congregated in the city of Asmara gulping down lasagna as if there is no tomorrow. Your leaders know me for quite a while now. You are really very loyal to your group because you are stuck at the same spot just like them when everything around you has moved along. The era of Neftegnas is long gone since 1975 thanks for the bravery of the children of my gallant Oromo in a united struggle with the children of the Amhara, Tigray, Eritrea, Afar, Somali and many other ethnic group. The price they paid for such noble struggle was very enormous. Most of them died agonizing and gruesome deaths in the hands of those who ruled over them. If you scratch the surface and look at the list of those who were ruthlessly murdered by the Derg Regime, it won’t take too long to find out they were Oromos, Amharas, Afars, Somalis, Tigrayans, Eritreans, and many children of every ethnic group who had sent his precious youths to schools. For you and your company, those Amahra gallant martyrs are still ‘Neftegnas’ and deserve to die usually horrible deaths. You know what? Some of those ruthless killers who teamed up with the ghoulish Derg regime were some scabs from my own Oromo nation. They worked hand and gloves with Mengistu until he did not need their service. Then they came here, went to Somalia and ran to their former missionary mess hall to wage a ‘liberation’ war. They are calling for a war on a long gone ‘Negtegnas’ and massacred poor farmers including toddlers, pregnant mothers and the elderly. You may be one those murderers. You see. That is not an Oromo value. My clan is a warrior clan. When they raided their nemesis villages they never killed innocent people. In fact, I remember children of the Afars and Issas who were adopted by my clan after their village was over run. And I will tell you another story that I heard my father talking during one of those afternoon chats he used to have with his friends including Amahras. During the Italian occupation in the 1930’s, the Italian governor intentionally planted officials of Albanian Muslims and Libyans. Those were ruthless killers gripped with religious extremism. When they could not find any obvious reasons to do it, they started telling my father to arouse my clan and massacre every Amahara resident in the area. My clan answer was a resolute ‘No!!!’ because those were poor farmers who toiled day in and day out tilling the field to make a living. Their wives fetch water and firewood just like our women. My father and my uncle found the suggestion barbaric and that is who is an Oromo is, a gallant fighter when his pride and survival are violated and a man of righteous values. I have told this story to some of your leaders on several occasions in the past and the response I got was so callous that made me question their ‘Oromoness’. They go like ‘If your father, uncle and clan did what those Albanians and Libyans told them to do, we would not have the “neftegnas’ problem now’. That is cold and absolutely not an Oromo value. I tell you this for sure. What you are dreaming is an Oromia tailored to your size as your personal fiefdom. I can assure you that you gonna get a wicked kicking on your laurels from my proud Ittu Alga-e` and Warra Babbu clans just thinking about such garbage.
    Sorry for interrupting your scrumptious spaghetti dinner being given to by another demon in Asmara.

  11. True polticians must folow the history .no matter for gangsters,the dimand of ethnic nationalism is the dimand of suppermacy for its culture .if we make tigragn oromiffa or amahric .do our ethnic extrimist take part of the agreement ? No they never.
    The solution not easy but we have to look at our ancient history.once more we did and we came through national dialog.this means we had an expriance to organize one language from tigre oromo amara extract.this the most peaceful transformation.It is not dificult ,the dificult is our ego or hegomony

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