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International Community: No more policy of appeasement

Sileshie k. Michael

The International Community should not be silent as an alarming atrocities are occurring each day. The situation in Gonder is degenerating into a war of attrition against the demonstrators with a magnitude loss of civilians. The regime is deliberately campaigning negatively to taint the peaceful demonstration as an ethnic confrontation between the Tigrians and Amhara people. But the fact on the ground is different. It remains a fight against tyranny. In Gonder, the people have rose against mass killings, arbitrary detention and ethnic cleansing against the Wolkeite Amhara. The uprooting of the people, which triggered the demonstration in the Gonder have been carried out for more than quarter of century.

The regime which is held in the tight grips of popular discontent by the two largest ethnic groups in the country is showing its true nature through killings and incarcerating thousands. It’s defiance against all International conventions and charters on human rights is a result of the appeasement policies followed by the major donors other than anything else.

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All the protests started as a peaceful demand has been transformed into popular uprising as the regime intensified its repression. Worse of all, the regime still continues its firing live bullets with the aim to cow demonstrators.

In its media presenting the demonstrations as attempt of regime change instigated by the Eritrean regime in Asmara is neither plausible nor political sound. It is only a strategy to externalize legitimate domestic grievances as a subversive. This shows an absolute lack of political wills to admit the demonstrations are legitimate and answer political demands according to the constitution. A government alleges that it was voted into office by 100 percent unprecedented turnout are abysmally sinking into ethnic disintegration as a result of riots by the same people who voted for. Such paradox is only possible in Ethiopia. The electoral frauds and diplomatic deceptions to convince the international community that Ethiopia is a democracy could not hold a grain of truth as such massive protests are under way.

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The minority regime, by controlling the economy and security apparatus Tigrian ethnic hegemony has effectively marginalized the nation’s various ethnic groups in the political decision making. Such polarization is clear from the recent demonstrations by the Oromo and Amhara, the two largest ethnic groups who demanded more freedom and change. Therefore, any development which left out the two dominant nations are neither politically feasible nor sustainable not only to Ethiopia but also the entire sub-region, to say the least.

The Interantional Community should in an unambiguous terms condemned the cold blooded mass killings and brutal crackdowns on dissent. The level of human right abuses needs an independent commission to be established by the international community to deter the regime further spilling innocent bloods in Ethiopia.


  1. Why should the West muddle in Ethiopia after a stark reminder that its interventions have led to disaster after disaster in a number of Middle Eastern and African countries lately? Syria and Libya are examples.

    I don’t think the West as block came together to take position on intervention in Syria and Libya. Spontanious peoples’ uprisings began in the countries and governments attacked the people rather than address demands. When it became evident that the governments do not want to forgo power, the West gave a hand to the people. With the support of the West, the governments were toppled.

    The irony is without any thought as to what will happen once the governments are toppled, the people were caught off guard by the new development: a country without a government. The case in point is Libya.

    Both in Libya nad Syria and many others of dubbed as the Spring revolution the overthrow of governments failed to result in democracy and peace. Except in Tunisia, the outcome of the revolutuin is unparalled human misery.

    Given this lesson the West learned, do you expect it to intervene in Ethiopia? I don’t think so. Not at least military intervention unless there is a total breakdown of law and order in the country . In that situation, they might jump from Djibouti and reach Addis in a day ot two. But we are far from that kind of intervation now.

    If you ask me my personal opinion on the issue, I will say “better if they do not muddle the way they did in some of the Middle East countries”. This is not to say they should be out of the picture entirely; that’s not possible because of their interests. But, they can tell the government to hear the people and find peaceful means to the uprising before it reaches a complete crisis stage. They can also talk to the inflamatory opposition in the diasora and their media outlets to show some responsibility in their reporting.

    The good news is perhaps the West is already working behind the scene.

    Addis Standard published a report under the title “Ethiopia braces for massive protest rally called by online Oromo protest activists.” Though the paper carried nothing new as far as calls for démonstrations is concerned, it had a paragraph suggesting that the government is looking for a peaceful means to resolve the problem.

    The paragraph reads as follows:

    “In a related news, reliable sources told Addis Standard that the government in Ethiopia is planning to call a meeting at the end of this month with opposition party representatives “both inside and outside the county” to be held at the African Union (AU) aimed at discussing the political impasse the country seems to be in. Titled “Peace Building and National Consensus”, the meeting is requested by the government and is expected to be facilitated by the AU, Addis standard learned. However our attempts to get official confirmation were to no avail.”

    There seems to be a contradiction regarding sources to this information. The “reliable sources” are not mentioned and an “official confirmation” is not available. At least, AU could have have said a word or two on such major issue. The uprising which seems to have reached Addis Abeba, the seat of AU and many international organizations should be a concern for the AU itself and many others. It appears, the government is also losing face as a host of AU, several embassies and many other organizations. In any case, if the news is not a wishful thing, it is a step in the right direction.

    (Click next to see the entire news: http://addisstandard.com/ethiopia-braces-massive-protest-rally-called-online-oromo-protest-activists/)

    But I wonder if the opposition both in and out of the country are the only and the right entities for the government to sit with and talk “peace and concensus”. Since the uprising is popular, some kind of direct representation of the people themselves in the talks might be necessary.

    Furthermore, the government should go public about its “peace and concensus” plan. It cannot release statments intended to trivialize and undermine the demands of the people and even attack and arrest them while it says it wants “peace and concensus” talks. As a good will gesture, it will have to reign on police and army actions. In the absence of such geste, the country is headed to collapse.

    On balance, the responsibility to create and nurture a climate of “peace and concensus” in the country falls on the government. If it is serious about it as the news above suggested, the country might be saved.

    I think there are signs that the West is working for a peaceful resolution of the uprising in the country. Ethiopia is a big country with huge population which they cannot afford to lost to terrorists from Somalia or Eritrea.

    Let’s hope for the bast

  2. Hanna’s sister,

    You are right experience tells that Western involvement brings chaos and deceleration.

    The righter is urging them to carb their involvement in Ethiopia. As you know, they are highly involved in owner affairs. This you know of course, unless you overlook or denay it. That is of course up to you, may be you are TPLF. But you can not discuss if you denay the facts and human values.

    Yes, it was/is the West namely UK/USA and some other EU states which installed & sustained TPLF in power. They also unjustly lionize it repeatedly for its alleged democratic and development records. They are also sponsoring most of its courses mostly in the name of development, containing migration, etc.

    They have to refrain from these. That is essentially the plea!

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