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Indian Professor in Ethiopia: An Appeal to the International Community about Human Rights Situation

An appeal to International community on the pathetic situation of human rights violation against Ethiopian Oromo people.

I am an Indian, worked as a professor for about 5 years since 2011. All these days, I never felt that Ethiopia is a democratic country. I never saw any kind of freedom to the public in Ethiopia. The government is running against the principles of democracy. I felt it as totally dictatorship government with autocratic policies.


They conduct elections for name sake to elect their nominees only. For name sake that is for the sake of international funds from UN, UNDP, US and EU. They named their constitution as Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, but it is totally autocratic government. As senior professor, I was surprised to note that how the US, UN, EU and UNDP are kept silent where there is no freedom for the people, killing the people who ever raise their voice for freedom, no transparent news media, control over internet and telecom media and no support from the government to protect public against hunger and poverty, but brutal killings that to massacre killings. Public are living similar to the refugee camp of some other enemy country.

When public protest in a peaceful and democratic way, no warnings, no lotty charge, no water shelling, no tear gas, but directly shooting by the police of government on the chest or head of the public. I wonder how the government kills its own people?

It is certainly racist government or fascist government where TPLF police are brutally killing the Oromo people. Under the cover of so many hidden and pseudo reasons, the Ethiopia Government is misleading the entire international community, I believe.

When people were brutally killed by the Ethiopia government, like a Hitler govt, why the international Humanitarian organizations are keeping silent. The international community and Human right organisations must come forward to assess the facts without any prejudices. It is very hard to know that how the human beings are killed by other human beings on political revenge, that too how the government kills its own people brutally.

As an economist, well known to White House and Obama governance bureau, I have a question how the international community praises the growth of the GDP in Ethiopia, by ignoring the extent of free funds received by the Ethiopia from international community, that too when there is no transparent performance assessment of any kind at any level across the Ethiopian governance.

It is very clear that all the funds received from the international community are diverted to maintain the excessive police force rather than to the public welfare. I saw the people at rural areas who are suffering for piece of bread and piece of cloth, where there are no incidences of visiting to those areas by the government and its representatives.

I saw at several government offices in Ethiopia saying that ” Ethiopia need not answer to any foreign country”. I am surprised, how they can say like that when they are enjoying huge foreign funds for the development of their country. Definitely every foreign country giving funds to Ethiopia in any manner has a right to ask its performance on the development of people and related human rights.

I expect that an independent investigation is to be counseled immediately and all kinds of funds to Ethiopia
government from international community must be stopped until the investigation reports are analyzed on the facts.
Thank you
Prof PC Reddy
Ex-Faculty in Ethiopia
e-mail: nggs.bnglr2016@gmail.com
Mob: +91-8790471108


  1. Oromo are fighting for their freedom and against the wayani oppression , however the oromo started to oppress others before they get into power, how would you allow yourself to claim lands that are not belong to you, believe me the Benishangull people will never allow you to take one inch of its land. If the world has to witness another genocide, I expect to be in Ethiopia, and the reason will be OLF greedy policy and selfishness

    • Nelson! you are again at the same old demagogue. Why don’t you focus on the main issue that the professor tried to illuminate, instead of resorting to old and tired demagogue of demonizing the oromo people by seemingly attacking OLF. The country is run by TPLF and not OLF, so where is your proportionality? I think the professor did observe and wrote about very profound issues that why the west continue to fund the regime when they(the west) are witnessing the wholesale massacre of its own citizens? Not only that all the funds they provided did little to help the people in alleviating poverty and hunger, instead it is being used to operate the machinery of oppression, that is the police. the agazi, and the secret services. Some officials became millionaires over night by embezzling these funds. This the truth and you(Nelson) conveniently ignored it.
      Nelson, do you agree with what the government is doing onto its citizens or are you willing to condemn it?

  2. Dear Proffessor the international community do not care about black people. Even though the international community know very well that tplf murderd and are murdering the peace full people with stalin or hitler like style, they do not care about such a crime on us. Why? Because we are black.

  3. Dear Professor PC Reddy, it is hard to imagine in the 21 century the White House’s duplicity and hypocrisy is bewildering, they preach Democracy and rule of law but in reality they are jackals in sheep’s skin, US has never been a friend of the poor particularly to black people, President Obama came promising Hope and change but the only change I see in him is pocketing dollars while black American males are a practice target so are the poor Africans.
    President Obama, you African history is written on innocent peoples blood and misery and we will never forget!!!

  4. Thank you Professor PC REDDY,

    you summarized and pointed out all TPLF Ethno dictatorial rule,in clear and detailed simplify style ,Unlike most Ethiopian elites who compete with each other on How to write s paper that will not be understood Majority of Ethiopians

    Thank you




    Please join the March to happy days by reading and contemplating what is mentioned

    Nitin varia

    To convene International conference where all opposition parties, civic organisations, religious institutions, respected elders, trade unions and responsible organisations to draw road map for the transitions and come up with “Transitional Charter” for the transition government.
    2. Strong emphasis on national reconciliation and resolution through peaceful means which would avoid further bloodshed and pave for the matured transition.
    3. A council made of all political parties, civic organisations, respected elders, religious leaders, intellectuals, trade union, higher educational institutions representative to be formed.
    4. To avoid further internal struggle and potential bloodshed among these parties, the executive branch of this council which will replace the TPLF ministerial cabinet should be non political aligned respected elders, intellectuals, activists and technocrats.
    The main responsibility of the council and its cabinet should be first and foremost,
    • ensure peace and stability in the country.
    • national reconciliation and peaceful resolution of conflicts and differences.
    • establish commission to investigate the atrocities made by TPLF on the massacres and human right abuses it made in the last 25 years with International organization participation.
    • release of all political prisoners.
    • ensure free press, media and peaceful demonstration
    • establish independent court free from political interference.
    • establish new apolitical police and army. For the time being the current army and police force ( excluding TPLF members and those above the rank of Major) can be considered with addition of opposition armed members to form transitional government police and army forces.
    • bring to justice those who are responsible for the crime committed by the TPLF/ EPRDF.
    • nationalise the economic mafia organisations that belongs to TPLF and its branches …(like EFFORT and others).
    • to compensate those who lost their family members, land and businesses due to TPLF atrocities
    • maintain Ethiopian sovereign territory and continue the developmental works that are of national interest including projects started by previous regime.
    • to create new constitution which treats every citizen equally and ensure the fundamental human right respected and grantee full citizenships with its right and responsibilities.
    • to organise genuine election with in 2 years.
    • to make sure first past the post and also proportional representation election outcome in the new parliament ( ideal for country with different ethnicities and political views, it will deny one party full or 100% control like TPLF))
    • Handover of power to elected government and resolve the council.
    We need the international bodies (UN, OAU, EU, USA, UK and other organisation like Amnesty international, Human Rights and other relevant organisations) to help us during this transition which is also in their best interest.
    For the implementation of such, we need every parties and Ethiopians to be far sighted and work for the better to make TPLF’s regime the last oppressive regime in the history of our country. We have to stand together and treat each other as brothers and sisters of one mother land. We need to be not deflected by selfish motives of ethnicity or religion which we belong to define our common country and future. We need to build a common country responsibly where we all are treated as equals. we need to build a country of peace and equality of which we will be proud of.
    “..Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God”

    Nitin N Varia

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