"In Politics, Being Deceived Is No Excuse!" Said Kolakowski to The Likes of Ethiopian Elites

By Belayneh Abate
The Polish philosopher, Leskzek Kolakowski, once said, “in politics, being deceived is no excuse.”* Kolakowski died in 2009, but his teachings about excuses are evergreen and describes the current gullible Ethiopian Elites, especially the credulous Amara intellectuals.
A year ago, the credulous Amara elites beat the drums behind the serpent Abiy Ahemed  forgetting what this serpent and his devil masters did to the Amaras in the Garden of Aden for three decades. The gullible Amara elites forgot that Abiy Ahmed’s criminal party, the Ethiopian Peoples Democratic Front (EPRDF), was established to franchise republics of nations and nationalities on the graves of Amaras.
The credulous Amara elites blamed only the Tigre Peoples Libration Front (TPLF), not the long time slaves  such as  Abiy Ahemed, for the massacre,  imprisonment, torture, displacement and sterilization of Amaras.
Despite his past wicked deeds, most Amara elites were completely blinded by  the serpent’s  cunning “Ethiopia” rhetoric when he was systematically installed to power by foreign agents last year. The credulous Amara elites forgot that the serpent was a high ranking spy director and official when Amaras were facing massacres, tortures, displacement and  ethnic cleansing in every corner of the nation.
Like immature and uncultured teenagers , the gullible Amara elites were terribly seduced by pastor Abiy Ahmed’s fake preaching  about love, unity, reconciliation and forgiveness. Most Amara elites did not want to recall that the serpent pastor was the leader of EPRDF that hanged water bottles on testicles  of Amara men, and administered unique birth control programs to sterilize Amara women.
In fact, many opportunist Amara elites considered him as the Mosses of the biblical Exudes forgetting the surmountable crimes he and his masters did to the Amaras. These opportunist Amara elites did not want to admit that the fake preacher served  like a jack ass to the ruthless EPRDF, a front established  to break the backs and the hips of Amaras. The Gullible Amara elites failed to acknowledge that their preacher pastor built an ugly breast monument based on fire-place folktales  to separate permanently the Amaras from the people the pastor claims to represent.
Most Amara elites forgot that the architect of the anti-Amara EPRDF,  Legesess Zenawi, never ordained cadres, spy agents or high ranking officials unless they exhibit  deep hate for Amaras or  strong love affair to their voracious large stomachs.  The gullible Amara elites failed to predict that the pastor was preaching phony love and unity to buy time and strengthen his power to control Amaras.
Like Kolakowsk’s soul,  Timothy Snyder ‘s heart is saddened by the gullible nature of most amara elites because they failed to see his red-warning sign, which reads “anticipatory obedience is a political tragedy”*. Like the fools who anticipate eggs of doves from the wombs of serpents, the gullible Amara elites  expected a glitter of hope from the spy agents and cadres of the Legesse Zenawi’s EPRDF, who were chasing, killing, sterilizing and starving Amaras for decades. In fact, some Amara elites bowed like arcs below the knees of these criminals, and others became their full time cadres and propagandists.
How difficult was it to comprehend that Legesse Zewai’s EPRDF committed mass murders and national treason using spy agents and cadres such as Abiy as effective tools? How hard was it to understand that these tools lack conscience, morality, self-confidence, vision, courage and pride like any other tools?
The gullible Amara elites forgot their brilliant forefathers’ teachings that empty love words come  from the mouths of monsters  that snatch believers from the hands of God. They failed to follow the teachings of the holy books, which warn people to identify  fiends  by their past and current deeds, not by their empty words.
Beyond the understandings of the suffering Amara people,  some dupe Amara elites are still following the serpent’s swinging tail even at a time the serpent is chasing, stinging and killing the Amara leaders to weaken the strength of Amara and materialize the dream of building the republics of nations and nationalist on the graves of Amaras.
Many fool and HODAM Amara elites are licking the serpent’s  tail even at this juncture when the serpent is turning every possible rock to make the Amara people leaderless while allowing his brutal kin to do whatever they want including killing, displacing, incarcerating, and robbing others.
It is unfortunate and sickening to see  the gullible Amara elites contributing to the suffering and demise of Amara by committing political tragedy of anticipatory obedience, and by fabricating excuses of  blaming the forbidden trees around the serpent instead of the serpent.
It was the serpent, not  the forbidden trees, the unholy  Adam and Eve cooked as an excuse at the beginning of genesis. Even Adam and Eve who directly blamed the serpent did not escape punishment because they keep cooking excuses and failed to repent their sins. Worse than Adam and evil, the gullible Amara elites have miserably failed even to identify the serpent that misleads and stings the Amara people. The fools keep cooking excuses and blame the trees where the serpent resides.
The Amara elites should understand that the serpents are causing existential threats to the people of Amara, its beautiful Amaric Language and Scripts. For the survival of  the well- cultured and God fearing Amara people, the gullible elites shall repent and stand united against the serpents.  Thank you.
*Leszek Kolakowski & the anatomy of totalitarianism:  https://www.newcriterion.com/issues/2005/6/leszek-kolakowski-the-anatomy-of-totalitarianism
** Timothy Snyder, on Tyranny 2017: page 18
July, 2019
The writer can be reached at abatebelai@yahoo.com
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  1. When I read well written articles by dear countrymen/women, far many times I find this tread, this obsession with anything, everything with the proven bankrupt philosophy of Marxism/Leninism. You name any ‘prominent’ leader of a political group, you see them referring to so-called philosophers of the derided school of thought. Just read articles and listen to their speeches and interviews of any leader be it ethnic ‘liberation’ fronts or other groups, you see this unabated and hell bent loyalty to this demented philosophy which created nothing but a mess to that delicately founded society of the old country. You hear them saying like as ‘Marx wrote’, as Mao said’, as ‘Trotsky one said’ and sometimes as ‘Stalin explained’. I guess it is an affliction, call it addiction that refuses to leave us alone. This affliction goes back to the 1960’s when committed communists found their way and secured teaching positions at the only higher education institution of the old country. They had found a clean slate to plant this poison on the ‘should-know better’ minds of the young students there. I had the chance to attend one of the lectures conducted by those commies. One of my warraa chercher friends had taken me to one of those ‘sessions of diatribe’. The professor was a foreigner and intentionally brought the issue of self governance and independence fronts in Africa. Then one of the students got up and delivered a speech so steeped with raw emotion that the class turned into chants and slogans. Almost every student was expressing a willing to join those ‘brothers’ in the deserts of Eritrea. I had also noticed that the professor knew those ‘activists’ by name.
    Some of those so-called foreigner professors had written books about their exploits there in literature steeped with that demonic philosophy of Marxism/Leninism. Some of them have lately resorted to writing books with nothing more than bigotry. That is what happening with very many of those Marxist/Leninists. They have gone rogue and have become the most virulent bigots you can find on this earth. They seem not being poor of audience. In our case, they have become very popular with ethnic extremists lately.
    Just look at some of the most hard line so-called conservatives even here in the USA. You find many of them being former sworn communists who called for the overthrow the government of USA by all means necessary. Some of them used to campaign for the prosecution of USA at The Hague for crimes against humanity. But now they are the staunchest conservatives. Overseas, one of the former founders of the dreaded Baader Meinhof(Red Army) Horst Mahler is now a leader of the neo-Nazi group that wants everyone who is not an ‘Aryan’ race to leave Germany. His contemporary in Italy wants the same thing.
    For me the ‘dear breaker’ was what one of those most zealous pushers of this philosophy of the brutes told me about the main objection which was overthrowing the then feudal emperor and found the ‘proletariat dictatorship’ in his place. Ummm… You mean to throw one ruler and replace it with a dictatorship? Then I uttered what seemed to be the vilest phrase in his philosophy, ‘Reforming the system’. Hell broke loose on that one and that was it for me. Every student union had become a testing ground for the future ‘proletariat dictatorship’. You dared not mention a word about ‘reformation’. Myth about the Chinese revolution was rampant. I still remember how one of those Marxist zealots told me about the Chinese achievements. He told me(as he was told by his foreigner professor), that during a five year drought and famine in China there was not one citizen/child that went hungry with everyone of them having three meals a day. What he did not know was the fact that when I lived in the former British Protectorate of Aden I used to read horror stories smuggled out of that country into Hong Kong about a famine that killed more than 25 million Chinese in just a span of less than 5 years during Mao’s ‘great leap forward’ and later another 10-15 million Chinese who perished during ‘Let the thousand flowers bloom’ or whatever Mao chose to call it. By all estimates more than 50 million Chinese might have perished of starvation between 1949-1974. The problem with this philosophy is it creates a society where everyone is dirt poor except the connected very few. Mao was said to even complain about the amount he was paid for the ‘Red Book’ he penned. Marx almost 100 years before him used to complain how much some of US newspapers paid him for the demented articles he posted on those papers.
    Now this is for our young people here or in the old country. Do not lend your ears to this demonic philosophy. Marxism/Leninism/Maoism has cost the lives of more than a million of our young people like you. Its proponents among you have gone so stubborn and are still hell-bent on it. They have gone the worst kinds of bigots and are busy pitching you against the youths of your neighbors. Do not surrender your emotion to them. They are working day and night to march you to your deaths from their comfy homes and protected by heavily armed security. If you are dead then the whole society will be left lifeless. Do not fall for their scheme because they are connivers of the third kind!!! If you are an Amhara that Oromo youth, at the end of the day, his needs and wants are just the same as yours. The same goes for you from my own Oromia. Every youth’s need is to have a secured means of making a living and stable society where he can have/raise a family in peace in pursuit of happiness. Just like you he/she wants to be free from fear. Nothing different!!! Do not fall for these smart alecks and bamboozlers. As always I have you in my prayers!!!!

  2. Ethiopia had only 66 Billions of Birrs in circulation printed by the National Bank just a decade ago.
    Now a decade later Ethiopia has a total of 789 Billion Birrs printed in “circulation” meaning on average the National Bank of Ethiopia had been printing 72.3 billion Birrs each year for the last ten years.
    In the last ten years the government of Ethiopia had printed 723 billion Birrs totally with most of the money ending up in pockets of senior government officials.
    The justice scale in Ethiopia is still standing diagonal rather than horizontal as it should, due to the tremendously uneven power distribution.

  3. “demonic philosophy” and satanic deeds are just words used here to describe view points the writer despises. If this guy wants to debate against the Marxist teachings, well go ahead and present the argument. Do not try to score points just because some Ethiopians abuse Marxist thinking.

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