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October 13th, 2016
It has been almost a year, the situation in Ethiopia has been very disturbing. The vast ongoing human rights violation by the regime in Ethiopia has urged the EHSNA, to speak and condemn the ongoing onslaught on Ethiopian citizens. The level of instability in the country has also never been more apparent than ever before. The current regime gross human rights violation and divisive character has put into question the very fabric of Ethiopian identity and the future prospect of the country.

Largely, peaceful unarmed people from every corner have been demanding basic freedom, individual justice, land ownership, unwarranted identity labeling and in general protesting against the injustice and crimes against humanity. Instead of the addressing the issue peacefully with protestors, the regime in Ethiopia prompted the savage federal police to use live ammunition at unarmed protestors killing and leaving several thousand causalities. According to human rights watch the regime is, “showing increasing intolerance of any criticism of the government and further restrictions on the rights to freedom of expression and association.” Thousands of civilians have been so far killed, severely injured, imprisoned and expelled in relations with the protests. What is more shocking and outrageous is in a span of minutes the regime army and air forces massacred hundreds of unarmed civilians in particular Oromo tribes attending Irreecha religious cultural festival, one of the largest outdoor cultural event attended by millions of visitors at Bishofutuu Debreziet about a few days ago. When the regime gangs engaged in such act of extrajudicial killings and beatings without any recourse; we will not stand silently at this time and age when our citizens are beaten to death on the street, including children, young girls and women thousands beaten and arrested. We shall work with other in bringing justice for the innocent, poor, defenseless Ethiopians. As a society that believes in preserving and promoting Ethiopia’s heritage, we also understand that without the stability of Ethiopia, there would be nothing to preserve. The EHSNA does not advocate any extremists’ ideologies or align itself with any political groups; however, the question of human rights is a universal obligation where every citizen and organization must stand guard diligently. As a result, our society believes every Ethiopians have the right to peacefully protest and be heard whatever their question would be. The people’s spirits should not dampened by the mass killings. Thus, EHSNA condemns and hereby demands an immediate stop to the cruel unjustified killings, arrests, torture, and imprisonments by the savage regime gangs. We call upon all Ethiopian based and human rights organizations to put pressure and condemn the mass killings and genocide in Ethiopia. EHSNA Public Relations pr@ehsna.org ETHIOPIAN HERITAGE SOCIETY IN NORTH AMERICA የኢትዮጵያዊነት ውርስና ቅርስ ማኅበረሰብ በሰሜን አሜሪካ 1001- 4th Avenue, Plaza Suite #3200, Seattle, WA 98154 Phone: 202-466-1964 Web: http://www.ehsna.org P.O Box 56425 Washington D.C 20040-6415

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