Immediate Press Release: URGENT – Ethiopian troops into South Sudan – East Africa

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May 12, 2016
Immediate Press Release
URGENT – Ethiopian troops into South Sudan – East Africa
Gambella, Ethiopia (May 12, 2016) Ethiopian troops entered South Sudan on May 2, 2016. We cannot say for sure it is an invasion, but the military buildup is large enough to characterize it as the invasion. An eyewitness estimated over thirty (30) thousand Ethiopian soldiers crossed borders to South Sudan. They are well equipped with Tanks, heavy weaponry, Armored Personnel Carriers, helicopters, fuel tankers, and food supplies. The troops entered through three main areas – Pochalla, Raad, and Akobo – on the Ethiopian-South Sudanese borders. Currently they are operating in three locations in Pochalla area, Pochalla town, Omila and Otalo villages and about 30 Tanks are stationed in Pochalla.

Ethiopian Army crossing Gilo River from Pinyudo, Gambella Region May 2, 2016 (Photo credit to freedom lovers, Pinyudo).
Ethiopian Army crossing Gilo River from Pinyudo, Gambella Region
May 2, 2016 (Photo credit to freedom lovers, Pinyudo).

Today, May 12, 2016 the information coming out Pochalla, South Sudan is worrying some of intense situation which might escalate at any time because the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) are misbehaving, have no respect for the sovereignty of South Sudan by becoming patrol officers while the South Sudanese Pochalla police and South Sudanese National Army known as SPLA are there. The SPLA lead commander is very uncomfortable with the behaviors of ENDF.  There haven’t been tensions or clashes between the two countries troops at the entrances but the situation is very alarming and needs immediate attention.
ENDF entered to South Sudan to recover abducted children of Nuer. Nuer have settled in the Gambella region mostly during SPLA armed struggle then they turned citizens. In April 2016, Murle gunmen conducted reprisal attack on Nuer because in February 2016, Nuer went and attacked Murle in their own territory taking an estimate of 4 (thousands) cattle unfortunately it was not published on any news outlets. It’s usual to have news like that goes unreported in that isolated region whereas Nuer have so much propaganda resources where they spread unsubstantiated news daily.  For Murle to recover their livestock, they trailed the stolen cattle to the Gambella region side of the border to Nuer villages where they carried out raid and took back about 2000 cattle and kidnapped about 100 children 5 of which were Murle kids that were abducted by Nuer prior. The best solution to recover the kidnapped children is not by military power instead through peaceful negation with the Murle.
In the previous years, Nuer had carried out series of genocidal attacks against the Murle people in 2009, 2010, and 2013 in Pibor area and again in 2016. Nuer are the most problematic tribe that create major security threats to South Sudan and Ethiopia that might soon escalate to regional conflict if both governments do not act right. Each year Nuer raid Dinka in places Duk, county of Jongolei,  Anyuak, and Murle areas. Nuer refugees in the Gambella region of Ethiopia carry out attacks on the Anyuak frequently and the government of Ethiopia sits around and watch without disarming them. Even Nuer who claimed to be Ethiopian citizens have been killings the Anyuak who are the indigenous of the Gambella region in order to take over the land. From October 2015 to March 2016 Nuer attacked Anyuak villages in Itang County (Woreda) weekly and Gambella town in January 2016 where they killed 9 Anyuak and Habesha (highlander) and injuring scores in the prison known as Gambella Regional State Correctional Facility. Again, in April 2016 Nuer refugees killed Ethiopians in the refugee camps.  They mutilated bodies, even inserted foreign objects into female private parts and  due to this barbaric killing, Ethiopian citizens have finally fed up with Nuer violence culture and demanded that all Nuer be repatriated to South Sudan. To this point, situation between Ethiopian mainstream and Nuer remained very tense.
We call on the South Sudanese government to pressure the ENDF to withdraw immediately and allow the Murle leadership to find the children. Ethiopian government must call on Nuer to cease violent behavior wherever they are.

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  1. Nuer naturally can not and will never take any child or abduct by mistake atles for savety if they get it lost but they fifgt well, if it happen that there must be fight to be foght the claim of my brother from another mother is basiless excually. Yes there was a fighting between lou nuer and murle not event others nuer of S.sudan sine befor crisis ,it was not one day happen to Ethiopia Nuer and murle ,let the murle high ligh thier target.

    • My friend Nuer have taken children even Anyuak children Itang last year, in Gilo area where they blame it on Murle. So what are you talking about? Nuer have attacked Murle in February 2016 and have taken cattle right so if Murle followed their cattle to Jakaw then what are you refuting that Nuer have never attacked Murle? Nuer do the same violent stuffs and they are all violent oriented who don’t know peace. They are liars.

  2. Whoever wrote this letter is dumb of all dumbs. The Naath Nuer never attack Merle tribe but Merle always like to kill innocent Nuer.

    • Nuer are animals for sure that’s why they used the word naath to sound humans. You’re the most ugly human on earth as well as violent lovers and liars. You’re the must stupid human kind we haven’t witness. You have raided Murle many times, you regularly raid Dinka in Duk county of Jongolie, the same as to Chollo, Anyuak without any reason so what you’re talking about here? You’re son of an ugly bitch for real. Time for your lies are coming to an end…just wait.

  3. A message to this website Editor. It is your duty as an Ethiopian to Put the Ethiopian Lives First. You may not be aware with the history of Gambella and the people it composes of. But for sure you would be aware with Our defense force which crossed the Ethiopian Soil in search of the Ethiopian kids abducted by these human like animals.You know whoever submit this article to your website writes out of Jealousy. The Nuer people of Gambella are true Ethiopians and so cannot be compared with the Nuer that are in South Sudan. To do that we are kind of saying that the Tigreans of Mekele are Eritreans or the Somali people in Harar, Dire Dawa or in Somali National regional State are Somalians and not Ethiopians. Could it happen?? Definitely not. Nuer Ethiopians are Ethiopians by birth. We lived there for centuries since God Created Ethiopia. Please as a web master we do not have to accept publishing rubbish information like that. I do not know if you live in the west as you would be aware that to attack a tribe or a community like it is in that article, you could be sued. You cannot say it was not me. I am my self an editor of the Gambella Vision and we don’t allow publishing unfounded articles like that.
    Just to refute this claim even more, in Derg era, you may be aware of Ato Thowath Pal who was the governor of the Illubabor. his area was the one attcked last months and the kids who were taken. Is till would you say he is not an Ethiopian? Again you knew Bil Puk at our war against the Eritreans. Many Gambella children from Nuer wereda remains are still in Northern Ethiopia. So whe it comes to Ethiopia being attacked from our zone, why is it that the defense force cannot go after the criminals. To do that we making our strong military weak. Lastly, those who hate the Nuer in Gambella or in the whole of Ethiopia must be dealt with the same way acted upon the Eritrean rogue regime, OLF and Ogaden. They must be consider terrorist and an enemy of the state.. Long Live Ethiopia. Ethiopia Le Zelalem Inur

    • Very interesting. You Nuer you’re talking as if marks on your ugly foreheads have reached into your ill brains. The article speaks the truth. You’re not Gambella natives but refugees who kill people each day in Gambella. What part of the article are you refuting? You Nuer and your dirty minds, you think people are not learning about your ill motives. Interestingly enough, you have no shame that’s why you Nuer always behave like animals worse than cows. Your judgement day is coming! Just wait…

    • Mr. Gambella Vision editor in-chief, you’re a mere born liar Nuer. There is no Nuer of Ethiopia. You live on occupied Anyuak land from Nasier to Gambella town so what are you talking about here? Nuer of South Sudan and the Nuer refugees in Gambella are the same and behave the same marks, violent lovers, and all stupids…current Gambella governor is a refugee who was once lived in Dima refugee camps so is he different from Nuer in Gambella other refugee camps? Unless you say so. You comparison doesn’t make sense. Look at this article you have published back then which is full of lies is it comparable to this one full of facts?
      You’re also married to an Anyuak lady because Nuer women are the most ugly and don’t know good manners just like Nuer mens. Please stop your idiotism and go back to S. Sudan!

  4. Ethiopian soldiers should go ahead with their operations against those animals. They understand nothing, but the bullet. After they finish those animals called Murle, they should also kill the Nuers and push them back to their country. Both of these tribes are barbaric and therefore should be taught by bullets.
    The world knows that hhe writer here supports the Murle. He is one of the stupid Anyuaks who live in the USA. God is watching, the blood of the Anyuaks and other Ethiopians poured down by these two barbaric tribes will curse you [the writer of this article] and your family.
    God bless Ethiopia and the peace loving Anywaa people!

    • Are you serious? Why do you think like Nuer too? Do you know that the people who were killed on Gilo villages where killed by Nuer who went from Pinyudo refugee camps? One of the attack took place near my village there and all of those coordinated attacks were by Nuer, my friend. Please, it seems you’re assuming and targeting an Anyuak you hate in the USA which really wrong of you. Why not comparing and contrasting how attacks were carried out first before turning against those who want to shed light on the issue?

  5. The writer of this post is biased. How can you call for government entervention while you article based on tribal line fitting the Nuer as a problem to the region? You must be Anyuak’s puppet who is against the existence of Nuer in Ethiopia. How can these jungle beast lost their way and rush to Ethiopian border leaving their maintain target the Lou Nuer next to your door and dashed to Gambella?
    Mr writer put your argument based on the facts.

  6. All the accusations against Nuer in this News article are unfounded and completely baseless. The writer seems to be a fashionable enemy to Nuer – my guess here is this must be an Anyuak. The Nuer have always been trustworthy Ethiopian citizens. They are not like Anyuaks who, given all privileges by EPRDF, have always maintained their alliance to illegible EPRDF opponents in the region. Be reminded that Ethiopia is led by a government with constitution – Ethiopia cannot rush to unreasonable war against diplomatically good neighbour like South Sudan. The armed Murle who attacked Gambella Nuer speaking people were there for a combined mission of OLD, Thowat Pal’s groups, Anyuak diaspora rebel party, and top SPLA commanders elements.
    Ethiopia demonstrates that she stands for protection of all Ethiopian citizens. This is upheld for all Ethiopian ethnicities. This terror act of abducting children is not applicable to Ethiopia; Murle need to try this in Nigeria or else they need to do this only in South Sudan and wait for the dangers from South Sudanese Nuer attacks – which the Murle are well aware of

    • My surprised me is that the so-called Nuer are the world worse liars and violent lovers.In South Sudan the number 1 security problem is Nuer. Look at the comment you made here just doesn’t make sense at all but lies. Nuer live on occupied Anyuak land from Naiser to Gambella city. So where’s your connection to Ethiopia? Look this article written by Nuer-just robulish as Nuer,ugly and full of lies…

  7. The article published by so call freedom lovers is unfounded allegations. As it mentioned by Dobuol that “Nuer never abduct children” This propaganda from Nuer enemy. The people whom attacked Gambella region were influenced, and equipped by government of South Sudan that Pagak is a strong hold of Nuer that be targeted in order that Nuer will have no where to stay. However, the attackers missed the target and unfortunately felt under territory of Ethiopia. Now, the attackers regret that they attacked wrong place, and the government that instructed them to do so sit-back and watching because things are getting heat between South Sudan and Ethiopian government. If was mentioned by writer that “the Nuer took 4 thousand herd of cattle from Murle” it is not true because no media report that when it happened.

  8. I don’t care what the incompetent leadeship of s.sudan govegovernment does or don’t do, regarding this matter. The truth is, there is no difference b/n Murle and nure, they all are cut from the same fabric. Most of these tribes if not all, are wild and very egnorant. Their only difference is, like nuers, Murle doesn’t not live in fantasy land and cook up some pathetic lies about who they are. If you’re a human being, in his / her right mind, why would you call yourself “Naath”. Why would you want to affirm to people that you’re human? unless you have problem with self-esteem. Even though Murles are better fighters,like nuers they don’t go around telling people how good of a worriors they are…..
    The aricle is right, Murle were also the victims of this kind of atrocities done by none other than those who claim to be worriors. The only difference is no one reported the killing b/c Murle is one of the minority tribes and in S.Sudan minority tribes have no voice.

    • YES! The difference is, Murle do listen to their leaders unlike Nuer who don’t follow any leadership order. Nuer are the most vicious animals in South Sudan and sadly they are now in Gambella. The boast about being warriors which is very stupid of them. Good job for educating our readers about Nuer. Murle will soon change if they get good leader unlike those Nuer with college education yet their brains function the same!

  9. The moral of my story is, as far as Murle and Nure are concerned I honestly don’t care who does what to who, as long as their doing it to each other. With mind set like Murle and Nure s.sudan will never be peaceful nor will never move forward.

  10. Anyone can write an article, but to put things to fact, nationality can be earned by birth or other means. However, if we are just talking of originality and the natives of Gambela, Nuers just came to Gambella as refugees not even long ago and that is not a problem, people flee to different countries in search for peace, stability, food… and it is a fact. Not even in the 1950 were there Nuers in Gambella, today the first land given to Nuer refugees in Gambela is called New Land until today, because it was a new land given to refugees to settle. During those times the Anyuaks, Majang and Opuos were already the citizens of Gambela for centuries.
    The writer of this article maybe bias or not, but here I am just laying the facts that you can search anywhere, go to the oxford or search other books and you’ll see that the Nuers came to Gambella as refugees one by one. The same thing as of the Nuers who fled the Dinka war that happened recently, almost a majority of 300,000 of Nuers, maybe 15% of them will be going back to Sudan, and then after years they will have children in Gambela who will be citizens of Gambela/ Ethiopia. The most important thing is accept the fact that the Nuers came as refugee to Gambela, and please let’s all live in peace. People of different ethnicity live and work in peace in the US and people get along.
    May God Bless Gambella and the whole Ethiopia!

    • You did a great job. You must have lived in Gambella or taught in Gambella. This Nuer just came to Gambella yesterday even after the Oromos have lived in Gambella town with the Anyuak for over a century-trading tobaccos, Anyuak go to Oromo areas to work in coffee plantation, etc…Nuer love to take over soft target. They are fear of Dinka in South Sudan and are now claiming Gambella belong to them. When they count Gambella ethnics or tribes they don’t feel ashame to list themselves last but they start from themselves. They are simply rats. They must be dealt with…also they are making OLF or Oromos as their enemies. Who are they to hate OLF? Even the Anyuak don’t hate OLF. You see how Nuer always align themselves with those they see as their masters? They once misled OLF to wrong direction in 2001 in the Gambella region where number of the OLF were captured or killed by the ENDF. That was because of Nuer called Thwat Pal Chai whom you know…he lied to the OLF that we know the way so we are going to lead you through Gambella to Oromiya then what happened? We have to deal with Nuer in order to restore Gambella peace and unity.

  11. Mr. Ojulu Omot,
    Please provide us with evidence against those you have accused. How did you come to that conclusion and so how do we believe you?

  12. I am a Nuer Ethiopian and to put all your argument at Bay that Nuer are not Ethiopians or are in fact refugee in Ethiopia, Please take time to watch this film edited in 1945 well before my father was Born in Lare Wereda, an area which was attacked last month by the Barbaric tribe of Murle.
    I believe you would be satisfied that you were guided by hatred that we are not Ethiopians. Otherwise you would be completely insane if you do not agree with the fact.

    • Pel,there is no Ethiopian Nuer leave alone Gambella nuer. Quit lying to yourself and to the world. You live on occupied Anyuak land, 2ndly, it was colonial Briton who convinced King Haile Selassie to give Nuer Ethiopian citizen in 1940s. At that time there were only very few Nuer who moved to Jakaw and were few/minority so where did the majority of Nuer who inhabited Jakaw today came from where? Plus have acquired woreda (3 new ones) Akobo and shamelessly you contested and killed Anyuak to take Itang. You don’t feel shame? What kind of humans are you? Your violent behavior will one day teach you good lesson. Keep on with your violent culture and lying.

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