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“I’m not nervous” – Feyisa Lilesa | “The crowds are crazy” – Kenenisa Bekele ahead of Virgin Money London Marathon

“The crowds are crazy” – Kenenisa Bekele ahead of Virgin Money London Marathon


  1. Both these gallant athletes are Oromos. Oromos are the only ones who have been bringing medals that the neftegnas always claim. Everything great over there was achieved by Oromos when everyone else was standing there and just watching. The victory at Adwa was a victory by the Oromos and their Gondarite and Gojjamian comrades. Everyone else was at home just lazying it up. So lately I ran the following idea by different ethnic groups here and the response was overwhelmingly affirmative. This is the way I put it to them.

    I have something else to suggest to you. By now, you should know that the word ‘Ethiopia’ is a myth. Right? Our benefactor and brother-in-arms President Isaias Afewerki has recently confirmed that. So I am suggesting to you stubborn neftegnas is after my Oromia becomes an independent nation yo’ll come under my beautiful Oromia’s jurisdiction as minorities. That is except the Ammaro Sayyontes. We will repatriate them where they came from in 1890, central Yemen. Can you see the beautiful picture? The myth Ethiopia is gone for ever. Gojjamians, Gondarites, Afars, Issas(Issas are not Somalis but Issas), Sidamos and all other ethnic tribes are living in peace and harmony as minorities in the Greater Oromia with their rights etched in stone, in un-erasable constitution. I suggested this idea to every ethnic group here and they all have found the idea excellent and extremely appealing except those from Ammaro Sayyontes. Figures, right?

  2. Dear Hordofaa
    Please don’t turn everything into dirty politics. It makes you a fool. Creating havoc and separation may be your day job. It may be too difficult for you to understand, However Success always comes from working together and involving so many things together i.e. Getting opportunity to participate in the competition, getting advisory team, resources for training etc. The problem is that your brain can not comprehend the whole process as you are focused only eat and die after creating havoc. Please have a little shame. I wonder where you live?

  3. Dear my lovely Turinafa:

    The destiny of Ormoia will be decided by all the Ethiopian people, not by you!

    your excellency, would you mind to give me answers for my questions which are listed below?

    1. Don’t you know that Oromia shares borders with the Gambella, Benshangul, Somalia, Afar, Amhara, and the Southern nations? So how you are going to resolve the likely border disputes with these six nations?

    2. What about the destiny of Kemise Oromos and Kenyan-Oromos? do you have any unification plan with keneyan-Oromos?

    3. Somalia is the best example for your tribal ideology: we know that all of them are Somalis and Muslims. However there is no peace and stability in the country.

    4. Did you learn any good lessons from our neighbors, south Sudan and Eritrea? if so would you tell us please?

    5. How about the destiny of half-Oromos?

    6. Who is going rule Oromia: Welega? arisi? Selale? Borena? Kemisie?

    There is only one race, the human race. “In this century of knowledge being racist only proves how low in society you really are”

    Stop racism! Stop racism! Stop racism!Stop racism!Stop racism!Stop racism!Stop racism!Stop racism!Stop racism!Stop racism!Stop racism!

    Your main problem is Inferiority complex:-

    An inferiority complex is a lack of self-worth, a doubt and uncertainty about the self, and feelings of not measuring up to standards. It is often subconscious, and is thought to drive afflicted individuals to overcompensate, resulting either in spectacular achievement or extreme asocial behavior. In modern literature, the preferred terminology is “lack of covert self-esteem”. For many, it is developed through a combination of genetic personality characteristics and personal experiences.

    Causes of Inferiority Complex

    An inferiority complex occurs when the feelings of inferiority are intensified in the individual through discouragement or failure. Those who are at risk for developing a complex include people who: show signs of low self-esteem or self-worth, have low socioeconomic status, or have a history of depression symptoms. Children reared in households where they were constantly criticized or did not live up to parents’ expectations may also develop an inferiority complex. Many times there are warning signs to someone who may be more prone to developing an inferiority complex. For example, someone who is prone to attention and approval-seeking behaviors may be more susceptible. Also, children raised in families where everything is done for them, who have developed what Adler called a “pampered lifestyle”. These individuals have developed a form of learned helplessness and are unable to overcome the problems of life without assistance.


  4. Please see a Dr. soon. Because your own illusion is trying to creating a parallel world that doesn`t exist in your head and experts call that optical illusion basically it is a perception, that represents what is perceived in a way different from the way it is in reality. If you don`t get it fixed, then you might end up in Amanuel.

  5. bantuu oromo, what have u been smoking? if isa clan is not somali, what are they then?
    is this how oromoo ugly people thinking?

    allso forget oromo going to be indepedent nation, this dream never come true, why because you are slave people, slave people always slave people.

    you wil be slave for tigre amara of somalis, that is all,

    ugly crazy people

  6. The issue at hand and troublesome at the same time among EthIopians is know how to communicate and understanding of issues.Here the whole story is about two International athletes.How it become forame for ethnic carse and insalt is un imaginable.These are heroes whom names should be glorified with the people who understand what Warld sport is.The history and the contribution these two strong athletes can’t go beyond this.It can’t be part of unfiltered talk.Respect must be in order.
    We know in the name of Fayissa thousands of dallar has been collected when he selflessly exposed the criminal Wayane in front of the Warld Community at Rio.So those try to use the name of the two,I challenge you to put in print if the collected money was used for the purpose it was donated for?and specially the contribouteres are glad to know if it did it’s purpose.In this Warld to day we can’t day dream.It is inlongation of people’s sufferings and longevity for the demagogue Wayane.To day we have to stand side by side against common enemy that dent like all Ethiopians.It is also very important to think that the consequences of beig stand alone and left without claiming any thing at the end because we end up losers meaning we go back to clannish standard and religious sect.If we go that far there nothing left to be claimed as a nation.I understand from the way they explain themselves those who are against unity and struggle are scared of democratic Ethiopia though the people have more in common than what the provocateurs are after.So our unity is a treate to Wayane and its left over collectors.Our athletes will continue the domination and Ethiopia will over come the odds facing her.Long live Mother Ethiopia.

  7. You 0ikjhgtr,

    What do you mean by ‘you might end up in Amanuel’? Are you threatening me with violence? If you do, you better think about it real hard because I have a protector called the indomitable OLF/OLA.

    And you somali_man,

    Yes Issas are not Somalis. They are unadulterated full blooded Issas, period. My friend Buh has confirmed to me about that. They had their own republic until 1941 and that was when King Haile took it away from them with the help of the Ammaro Sayyontes and the British governor of Khartoum. That was dug up by one of my very talented Oromo professors currently teaching at a renowned university in Tennessee. If you doubt about the impending independence of Oromia, here is something to that effect for you. Oromia is coming! My Ever Beautiful Oromia Shall Be A Newly Inaugurated Sovereign Republic This Coming August!!! You Wanna Bet? No? That’s what I thought. You chicken!!!!

    You ali and Yet Hije Lifenda:

    I had warned you umpteen times before not to call me pejorative names. You just called me what is tantamount to be a ‘nigger’. And you are about to call me a galla. I am going to sue you for every red penny you own when my Oromia becomes and independent nation in just a few months. You losers!!!!

  8. Allie Allie allie iyalachihu Debre Zeit
    Horra Lake semexachihu. Lemin almeketachihum
    Hizbu be Stampede ( Teregagxo new ) Hiywotachw
    yalefew .

  9. Hi guys,

    Ethiopia is a resilient state that cannot be undone by the wishful thinking of individuals like Hordofaa or anybody else.

    Harold G. Marcus in his book “A history of Ethiopia” says the following:

    “As I watched the intellectual mayhem and continued an analytical truth validating my decision to consider Ethiopia’s wider geographic limits as my canvas from time to time, the nation had disintegrated into component parts, but it never disappeared as an idea and always reappeared in fact.”

    Wherever it comes from, from a tiny states like Eritrea or bigger force like Egypt or any state across the Red Sea, Europe or North America, Ethiopia might be weakened but never disintegrate and disappear. Whatever is happening right now will give way to renewed national unity provided it is handled with a vision free from selfish motives.

    Hordofaa’s comment above is an empty bravado but let us teach him rather than ignore him so that he can reflect hard and long before he writes any other time.

    Pesrsonally, I suggest that Hordofaa reads and re-reads the Ethiopian constitution. The constitution, no matter how it was drafted and adopted, it is a document on which all parties including individuals like Hordofaa who claim to have stake in the future of Ethiopia can agree on to use it as a working document for the future. Amending it to deal with emerging problems of the country can be delayed for now.

    Most people like Hordofaa who reject the constitution have not read it or only know about specific provisions they do not approve. Again, my suggestion is to READ it and re-READ it looking for all its positive elements such as respect of democratic and human rights. If an agreement can be reached to use it by all who claim to be stake holders (the opposition, the government and individuals like Hordofaa) as a working document, there will be no need for a separation of Oromia or any other state.

    If the constitution is upheld by all parties, a government that ensures democratic rights (collective and individual rights) can take office via election making separatism irrelevant.

    The exisiting government should continue until the next election which is two years from now while talking to different stake holders and giving assurance both to the international community and the opposition that the next election will be truly free and fair.

    If that is done, the good works that were done by the exisitng government can be continued on and people will not lose their livelihood to irrisponsible acts of protesters. Governments – both federal and regional – will have to stay in office until the next election and enforce law and order including the state of emergencey. Without keeping the existing governments, there will be no law and order and the future usurped by armed gangs.

    If Eritrea’s Isaias and movements like Genbot 7 and the OLF that declared an all out war on Ethiopia with intent to dismember her and separate Oromia persists, then Ethiopian governments – both regioanl and federal – are justified to protect the territorial integrity of the country. If self-determination is the goal, the right is guaranteed by the constitution which can only be pursued by constitutional means.

    Stopping foreign governments such as Eritrea’s and eliminating movements working to dismember the Ethiopian state under the guise of democracy and self-determination is legal under international law including UN and AU charters.

    The right to democracy and self-determination is still secondary to ensuring territorial integrity of a state which international law considers sacrosanct. Long pracitices of the international community show that states that fail to keep their constitutent parts (district, province, region, state, etc.) are not upto expectations of the community. It is something the community disapproves of – without openly stating it, of course. That it does not openly state it might have given an impression to some that it is supported by the community. I say “dead wrong”.

    Since Hordofa’s point is about creating the state of Oromia, I will look closer into the possible future of movements working toards that goal. I will take the example of Tamil Tigers.

    As some might recall, the recent defeat of Tamil Tigers who fought for decades to separate Tamil from Sri Lanka was not condemned by the international community. The only concern raised by some states relates to violation of Geneva conventions relating the conduct of war and lack of respect of fundamental rights during the war. Simply said, use of force to stamp out separatisit war is a regular state duty supported by the international community which no one should be afraid to talk about. The message is to OLF which lately talks about going it alone by marshalling its own army and a separatist charter.

    What’s surprising is the talk about Oromia being a colony hoping that rules pertaining to keeping territorial integrity do not apply to Oromia. OLF Hordofaa cannot convince anyone on this issue.

    If, by some miracle Oromia separates from Ethiopia, it does not mean Oromia will be a state in the real sense of the term. It simply means one chapter is closed and another opened. Once Oromia separates, Ethiopia will be cut into its regions to the west, north, north-east, east-east on one side and its regions to the South on the other. After the separation, the west, north, north-east and east-east regions will be successors of the present Ethiopian state. These regions are Binshagul- Gumuz, Tigray, Amara, Harar, Afar and Somali regions. Gambella and the South will be cut by Oromia to the south to form part of the new Ethiopian successor state in the north. With this fact on the ground, a new protracted nd long struggle begins.

    Without the recogntion of the new successor Ethiopian state Oromia will not stand as an indepenedent state among the family of nations. Ethiopia and Sudan recognized Eritrea and South Sudan respectively to let them emerge as new states without which the latter would have remained as Puntland does in Somalia today. Despite de facto independence for over twenty years, the international community has denied de jure existence of puntland simply because recognition has to come from the state of Somalia. In fact, even if weak, lack of recognition of Puntland as an independent state by the exisiting governemnt in Somalia has effectively stopped Somalia’s disintegration.

    Like the government in Somalia, the new government in the Ethiopian state that succeeds after the separation of Oromia will stop Oromia from emerging as a state. This is for Hordofaa who aspires for indepnendent Oromoia.

    The future is rough than Hordofaa might think or expect.

    So, why rush Oromia to its demise?

  10. @Hordofa,
    That’s why i love Ethiopian Farmers than the so-called Oromo professors. They are professor of foolishness!!!

  11. I have appeal to all sane people who would like to see Ethiopia a better place to all citizens, have to say no to evil doers like Hordofa( the masked man paid for his evil deed) and others. Please don’t just read and ignor. Please comment on their evil behaviour. They think they are smart doing this dirty work I.e. To cause havoc and resentment among ordinary people of Ethiopia while they live in a country where people live in harmony. In Ethiopia, in the past there might be so many unfair things were done, but it was not by ordinary people. It was done by few elites from all of the tribes. What we need to do now is that those who are elites need to come up with a better governance system for all. This is what happen in every country in the whole world. Why should Ethiopia always become a laboratory for the evil idea of people like Hordofa etc? Thos of you who fear God, please don’t ignore the evil doers. Let them know that you don’t allow evil to prosper.

    • I strongly agree with you my beloved brother Ali. We need political parties which incorporates all the tribes and the religions in Ethiopia.

      As we can see a black man, a white man and an Asian in both the democratic and the republican party.

      As we have seen Muslims, Christians, Jewish and Pagans in both the democratic and the republican party!

      but, unfortunately people like Hordoffa are still leading their life as they are in the medieval period!!!

      Please wake up from your deep sleep Hordofaa, it’s the 21st century.

      Long Live Ethiopia!!!

  12. Dear readers,….the above comment is made by weyane cadres with fake oromo name. Please regard this kind of idea and be strong holding hand to hand and defeat common enemy altogether. Unity is power !

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