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“I will no more be a Tutsi!”

by Teshale Mengistu

(teshalem1@gmail.com )

This small article shall be dedicated to:

1. the little Rwandan girl who lost her life in an atrocious manner I will remind you here below;

2. all Ethiopians who lost their lives by the Tigrian Hegemony led by His Excellency Devil Incarnate Meles Zenawi;

3. all Ethiopians who are currently suffering from the vampires of the Tigrian Regime, in or out of the country, in various ways;


“Oh! Dear our Redeemer TPLF, have mercy on us, we will no more be Ethiopians!”

It is to be recalled that some 17 years back, in Rwanda, there was a ferocious genocidal incidence which demanded the lives of some eight hundred thousand Tutsis within one hundred days of ethnic cleansing, like that of ours which officially took nearly twenty years to enslave or kill or at least to dehumanize some eighty million people and transform an otherwise historically renowned country into a nonentity. In those dark days of Rwanda, and of all human beings on earth for that matter if you think of it in relation to the entire humanity, many atrocities had been registered in human history.

TPLF Leaders3

One of them is this: The Hutus were intoxicated with the euphoria of drinking the blood of the Tutsis, like the chicken head Tigrian Hegemony is intoxicated with the notion of eliminating Ethiopians in Ethiopia and worldwide. One day, in those one hundred bloody days in Rwanda, there happened this real story; the Hutus were chasing after and indiscriminately killing the Tutsis with whatever killing apparatus they had. While doing their daily activity of the killing spree, the Hutus happened to chase after a kid, just a small girl of nine years of age. She ran, ran, and ran to the capacity her adrenalin could possibly offer her. But she was unable to push a certain wall which awaited her in front of the race to save her life. She stopped there. She had no choice. Her pursuers easily captured her. They had the machete, the panga in Kiswahili. She shouted these words: “Please don’t kill me, I will no more be a Tutsi!” Cry my beloved countrymen! Look how humanity is full of cruelty. She was heard neither by the Hutu ignoramuses nor by any God. Her shouting and her prayer were not able to penetrate even the thinnest volume of the nearest cloud, leave alone reaching one of the seven skies in one of which the Almighty is said to be residing to “justly” rule the Universe.

In Ethiopia, there is an ethnic cleansing. In Ethiopia there is genocide. In Ethiopia there is apartheid. But all these anti-human manmade cancers are not indicated in the constitution of the country. The constitution of Ethiopia is rather one of the best in the world, save article 39 which was formulated to give way to Eritrea, the former province of Ethiopia which was later seceded from mother land on the behest of Meles Zenawi whose 50% of his blood is from that piece of land.

The ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia is manifested in various ways. There have been state sponsored manslaughters among ethnic groups. The military of the regime, whose composition is mainly from the ruling junta, have been engaged in killing innocent citizens. The state machinery is always involved in exacerbating the living condition of the public so that the population gets immersed in hunger and absolute poverty. The state organs have been spiking the price of goods and other commercial items beyond the purchasing capacity of the majority. It was done intentionally for two purposes: one to enrich the TPLF’s people; two to impoverish ordinary citizens and thereby take revenge for the defeat TPLF faced during the 2005 national election which was thwarted openly. All in all, it is wise to understand that the genocide or ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia is systematic, not in an official manner like what the foolish Hitler had done on the Jews. TPLF as a fascist and racist group has been systematic and clever enough to deceive those who want to be deceived for the realization of their vested interest.

“Oh! The Most Reverend TPLF, please have mercy on us, we will no more be Amhara and Oromo Ethiopians!”


There was genocide in Rwanda. The world knows that. The history of the world knows that as well. And there was apartheid in South Africa. The world knows that. The history of the world knows that as well. There was ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia during the process of the disintegration of this historic country of Marshal Tito. The history of the world knows that as well. There were so many tyrant hegemonies in the world, like Nazism in Germany and Fascism in Italy. There were and still are autocratic and totalitarian regimes in the world, like the Libyan Muammar al-Qaddafi and the Ivorian “Doctor” Laurent Gbagbo. These and other black sheep of our planet are well known by the history of human kind on earth. But, again BUT, the Tigirian Hegemony of the Meles Zenawi ethnocentric administration is not known by the “world” may be due to its neo-systemic approach to the politics of the modern [imperialistic] globalization. Frankly speaking, by now, Ethiopia is not represented in the politics of the world in a sense of real politics, not in terms of the fake politics that is run by the pseudo-humanistic fictitious nature of the current western politicians who are happiest when they see peoples of Africa suffering most probably due to their own inside job. We know all the conspiracy going on from the Middle East to the Latinos, even from the northern pole to southern one. They are led by greed and selfishness whose epicenter is corporatocracy, like the ones which are engaged in Iraq’s “reconstruction” and security [cf. Blackwater]. Why TPLF is given the ‘go ahead’ sign to dismantle Ethiopia? Why were/are USSR, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Georgia, Lebanon, Iran, N. Korea, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Pakistan, Grenada, Cuba, East Europe, Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, … ‘allowed’ to have the blessing of the cartels and syndicates of the gigantic corporatocracies of this temporal world? Of all the things known or unknown, how Ethiopia, one of the pioneers of civilization in this universe, could be forgotten by the ones which have come into existence some hundreds of years back? Is it not enigmatic to see the mother being led by the daughters, to see the first become the last? What a puzzling state of being it is!

“Oh! Dear the Almighty TPLF, have mercy on us, we will no more be sensible Tigrians and lovers of old Ethiopianism!”


The “International Community” well knows the suffering being enhanced in Ethiopia upon the over trodden citizens. But that so called international community, which most often is synonymous to one of the notoriously renowned megalomaniac nation nowadays, the whore with eleven horns according to the Revelation, an exemplar complexion which serves as a sanctuary to a number of colorful and colorless beings, a parody of Platonic democracy and a failed instance of Paradise on Earth, has completely forgotten Ethiopia. Rather, this international community, which is expected to do its own most difficult homework in the near future, is dancing samba with this crooked ethnic gubernatorial system of TPLF.

“Oh! Dear Conscientious and Humane TPLF, please have mercy on us, your oppressed subjects, we will no more be Oromos and Amharas!”


Is it biologically wrong to be born among this or that family of this or that ethnic group? What is wrong if one gets his/her birth among the Amharic or Oromiffa or Tigrigna or other family of any Ethiopian languages as far as he or she is human being born within the territory of Ethiopia?

Judge us, the international community, as to why we Ethiopians are discriminated by ‘our own’ government based on the ethnic affiliation we belong to. Almost all people in ‘our government’ are from one ethnic group known as Tigre which constitutes about six percent out of the entire population. Knowing the fact that this Tigre ethnic group is the minority especially when compared to the Oromos’ and The Amharas’, the shrewd individuals who usurped the reins of the leadership misusing the historical gap created some twenty years back have been playing the game hazardously to sustain their power for ever. They know that they cannot survive in power through any legal democratic procedure. Therefore, the only way they maintain their illegal political power is force and intrigue. To that end, they have been sowing dangerous seeds of ethnocentric divisive wedges to create commotions and pyrrhic skirmishes among other ethnic groups and as a result they have been misappropriating every thing for their own advantage since they came to power in 1991. This behavior of the narrow-minded

Tigrian Hegemony is not unknown by all its international stake holders, but the ring leader of this ethnic junta, i.e., Meles Zenawi, the spiritual brother of Paul Kagame, has been clever enough either to cheat them through his empty rhetoric or they have purposely been willing to be bamboozled by his magical spells. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to accept the fact that they are eternally deaf not to listen to the plight of the people of Ethiopia.

“Oh! The Most Democrat Tigray People’s Liberation Front, please have mercy on us, Ethiopians, we shall never be real Ethiopians any more!”

Ethiopia is by now under the colony of her own children who have tried to get themselves metamorphosed into some alien being. This alienation is neither Ethiopian nor celestial; it is simply amorphous. The objective of this Tigrian Regime is not yet known clearly. It acts like Ethiopian when it assumes this methodology working. And all of a sudden, it changes its fictitious Ethiopianness into something unidentifiable. The people in the government are said to have no identity; they rather believe in money, sex, and power. Their creed or motto seems to be “Live the day at hand luxuriously, for you may not know your fate for tomorrow.” They don’t have any idea about what a country is or a people of that country are. As long as they fill their tummy, they bother not about anything else. Seemingly, currently, they have outsourced almost all essential political and economic activities of the country to China and some other amoral countries. The security is out rightly given to China, and we consider as if we are Chinese with respect to information deprivation, especially in the case of jamming the free media and blocking the internet. In this regard, we are indebted to the Republic of China for its meddling in our internal affairs, and we are praying to God to give her a special homework from any direction in the world. We understand that any entity that feels a sense of supremacy will face the counterbalancing phenomenon through time and time has proved the inevitability of the universal truth which endorses: “The forerunners will involuntarily give way to the hind runners.”

“Oh! Dear Friend of the Civilized Democratic World, TPLF, please have mercy on us, we won’t be Ethiopians any further!”

You can go to any government office in Ethiopia. There you will see Ethiopian names like Hagos, Fitwi, Gidey, Amlest, Abrehet, Goitom, Geza’ei and other names of Tigrians. It is seldom that you get names like Sinshaw and Dechassa or Amakelech and Chaltu. These names usually are taboo to be available in government offices due to their “untrustworthiness” for the cause of the TPLF led Tigrian Hegemony. The country is literally under absolute monopoly of few Tigrians. All other tribes and ethnic groups are alien to their own country. Those shameless Tigrians led by His Swineness Meles Zenawi, are acting like gods and goddesses. They may go to the extent of thinking as if they are creators of other people in Ethiopia. If you, for example, go to Signal, a large compound set aside as a residence to military officers, you will get almost none other than Tigrians. If you perhaps happen to talk in any Ethiopian languages other than Tigrigna in that compound, the residents of that compound may jeer at you and get surprised as a result you may be confounded by the reactions of those narrow minded Tigrians who may ridicule you for your failure not to be Tigrian in that special place of the TPLF’s Pentagon. In most cases, the lingua franca of almost all state owned offices is Tigrigna, though certain pretension is visible here and there to give it a cover. All other Ethiopians don’t have any confidence to have even a say about their own country while any Tigrian can boldly do any adventure. Almost all the authorities of this regime, save few ones who have earned the paper through correspondence and forgery, are graduates of literacy program; that is why they are adamantly shameless when blindly obeying their crooked master, His Luciferian Advocate Meles Zenawi. I am not telling a lie. I don’t have any reason to lie too. Why would I lie after all? I know the consequence of lying. It is a sin and punishable according to the Ten Commandments in the canon of my religion. Telling lies is rather the intrinsic behavior of TPLF; it cannot live without lying. Lying is the lifeline of this psychopathic banditry. Basically, lying is a component of people with little brains without which they cannot survive. Truth to them is something utterly bitter, and truth to them is rather meant eating, drinking, sleeping and telling any lie as far as it is important for the continuation of wealth appropriation and power sustenance.

“Oh! Dear Abyssinian TPLF, please have mercy on us, we will no more be liberal

Tigrians and fanatic Ethiopians!”

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