Hundreds of angry Ethiopians in Stockholm demonstrated against Ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia

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by Theodros Arega
Stockholm, Sweden

Hundreds of Ethiopians and origins of Ethiopia who reside in Stockholm and its surroundings went to the street this afternoon to express their anger over the on-going camping which targets the displacement of Amharic speaking Ethiopians from different parts of the country.

The protesters condemned the eviction of Amharic language speaking innocent Ethiopians from Southern and Benishangula gumuz regions which they alleges is masterminded and geared by the ruling TPLF party.

Religious representatives of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and the Ethiopian Muslims on the occasion also expressed their disappointment over this unconstitutional, racist and illegal practice perpetrated against one ethnic group. They demand victims of this crime who are displaced from their lands should be returned immediately and call up on all the perpetrators to be brought to justice.

Organizers of the rally on the other hand urged the government to release Eskinder Nega, Reeyot Alemu, Woubshet Taye and thousands of other Ethiopian prisoners of conscious immediately and unconditionally. They say, they went to the street to express their outrage over TPLF’s regime unconstitutional policy of evicting hardworking Ethiopians and their families from various parts of the country.

The protesters also urged the government to release all leaders and followers of their Ethiopian Muslim compatriots and to stop its interference in religious matters. In a letter they submitted the Swedish Parliament, he organizers urged the Swedish government and the European Union to pressure on TPLF regime to respect its citizens’ rights enshrined in the constitution. The demonstrators say they will continue their solidarity with the on-going struggle at home and abroad against the dictatorial regime until the regime transferred its power to the government elected by the people. The two hours rally is concluded down town in Stockholm.

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  1. I liked the news and was almost to share it on my Facebook. But I found the news divisive of the opposition group. For God sake why we are not able to name respected leaders like Bekele Gerba and Olana Lelisa?

    Need correction for demonstration of other cities. We will hold such demonstration in Calgary and for sure we will call the name of Bekele Gerba and Olana Lelisa alongside with Eskinder Nega.

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