Human remains littered site of Ethiopia crash one month after disaster, grieving relative claims

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uman remains and personal belongings were still scattered across the site of the Ethiopian Airlines crash a month after it happened, a relative of one of the victims has claimed.

The London-based relative, whose sister died in the crash, told The Telegraph she was “horrified” to discover “what appeared to be an arm and a fragment of bone” when she visited the spot where 157 people lost their lives in March.

She shared photographs showing children’s shoes and other personal effects lying uncollected on the ground, taken 28 days after the tragedy, she said.

‘Pitch up, pitch up’: Final moments of Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max jet before crash

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  1. I can see the dilemma the airline officials are facing there. We all remember how one hero-wannabe loose lip from a certain country was hopping mad for no reason right after the accident when his group were denied unsupervised access to the site. If his group was allowed to poke and digs looking for two or three among 157 victims just imagine what others would have said. Boeing would say all the evidence was compromised and critical evidence tainted. The burden for the green light should rest upon FAA and Boeing. You remember what that blubber mouth was saying then? He was telling the world how heartless we are in desecrating the dead without any corroborating evidence. He might be saying like ‘black people, you know. What’s new?’

    Again, the EAL officials are doing everything right so far denying others who are itching to shift the blame wholly on their very capable pilots. The fact of the matter is those young and skilled pilots were given a runaway missile to fly. No ifs or buts about it. And it was a matter of time for the terrible accident to happen.

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