How cursed is the womb that conceived the weyyanes!? 

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by Achamyeleh Tamiru


Fascist weyyanes have never ceased to amuse Ethiopians with their jungle mentality. We have heard the arrest of the Ethiopian prominent opposition political leader and the chairman of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) Pr. Merera Gudina by the security forces of a regime that is undergoing deep renaissance. So sad!

Merera Gudina
Pr. Merera is know for his sharp and witty notes critical of the ruling fascist weyyane regime. Pr. Merera has been a lone, fearless voice in a society that has been tormented by the TPLF regime.

Fascist weyyane have arrived to Addis Ababa 25 years ago – each of them with single fire arm and famous slippers locally known as ‘Berebasso’ and pediculosis infested unhygienic Afro hair have already looted Ethiopia to accumulate multibillion dollars; to build multi-story buildings in various cities and towns of the country and in Europe and America, exclusively rule over the entire country with iron feast, evade tax to keep multi billion dollars in foreign countries and further create hundreds of business companies under various pretexts.

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Yet this is not enough for them. They are not satisfied with what they have looted and plundered us. They are not still satisfied with the number of arrests and killings they have conducted so far. Their sadist instincts are not yet satisfied with the lives they have taken so far. Their followers and surrogates are blaming the victims for what is happening upon us. ALL this is done in the name of TIGRAY!

Over the past 25 years, they have eliminated millions of Ethiopians. Over the last 25 years fascist misrule, thousands of opposition supporters have disappeared. In this past year alone, they have arrested ten thousands of Ethiopias and languished them in their hellish death chambers. In one year alone they have murdered thousands of innocent Amhara and Oromo children with impunity and do indeed make Ethiopia the killing field of Amharas and Oromos.

After committing all the adumbrated crimes above, fascist weyyane is still seen by the West as a partner in the war on terror while it is an oppressive, savage, blood-sucking and bone—gnawing regime of its own people worse than what Al-Shabaab did to the people they captured in the Westgate shopping mall attack in Kenya.

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Over the past month alone they have arrested more than 30,000 Amhara and Oromos teenagers from their homes in the middle of the night. How is cursed is the womb that conceived these Tigray heinous wild animals, the lunatic called weyyanes, and How cursed are all the evil hands that raised them. Sardonic sadist grin womb!

Nationwide crackdown and indiscriminate arrest of thousands of Amharas and Oromos in Ethiopia is still going unnoticed by the rest of the world. Fascsit TPLF does want to conceal its consternation at the audacity of the groups compunctionless wanting to extend their misrule after all the carnage and devastation they have caused upon the Amharas and Oromos.

The Tigrian barbaric and fascist regime has to be removed not just tomorrow, but today! The whole world is not safe until the last weyyane is buried. This responsibility is a heavier one than it may seem. But if the Amhara and Oromo youth come up with scenarios of reasonable, just, tenable and mutually acceptable alternatives for the near and distant just, peaceful and prosperous future for the Ethiopians, yes we can, because from our history we know that the coalition of Amharas and Oromos have defeated the master fascist- fascist Italy, let alone their spirituals sons, the fascist the weyyanes!

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  1. Achamyeleh, I love your whole analysis of the current situation and historical perspectives of the Amhara freedom movement as part of the national struggle to make woyane’s neo nazi attrocities history in the darkest page of Ethiopia’s survival as a nation. Unlike few who departed course to curse national forces for their shallow agenda, you have become a personality to reckon with and we respect you for your moves to recognize the Amhara Resistance as a force of synergy within the context of the national struggle . keep up with your decent approach to issues – decency and Amhara are inseparable. The pseudo politicians running money making machine in the name of Amhara voice are just after their livelihood and care less about Amhara sufferings. “Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice,shame on me”.We stand not to be fooled by Bete A,Moresh and their mouth piece with no journalistic skill or integrity at all

    Prof Merara might be physically in jail now. His political agenda and solutions he struggled for years still remain in the minds of millions who are determined to advance the struggle to the next step – victory. Amhara/Oromo Resistance in solidarity with patriotic forces from north will set every Ethiopian FREE

  2. He is pretending prisoner so he can deliver a letter from Birhanu Nega to Andargachew Tsige. But the delivery boy is going to be roommate with Andi the Candy!

  3. If you plant a cactus you won’t harvest sweet dates. What did the Amhara expect the tigrayans to be. Be proud you have been indeed a great teacher. This is the result of hundred years of your savagery, enjoy and take it like a like man. Stop reaching out to oromo and fight your own battles. Everyman is for himself. No more crocodile tears.

    Viva oromia
    Viva Somali galbeed
    Viva afaria
    Viva sidamo

  4. As long as the ethiopian people unit them selves and eliminate these backward tigrean libration front the suffer of ethiopian people will continue. Thanks to oromo elite who work to destabilize ethiopia instead of fighting tplf aggressively

  5. Achamyeleh very true to your name

    Instead of vilifying woy-ane by pen and paper, organise your people and take to the streets of the west as well as organise mass disobedient in Ethiopia, FREDDOM and JSUTICE are not cheap that come by writing tones of garbage!!!

  6. Guys!! Dr.Mererra should live in the country with the respect and diginity; above all, no noe is above the law. The laws and regulations should be respect by all citizens. If it is broken the citizens are obaying the laws. Should they ask any demands if the citizens are not behaving as a proper citizens? Mererra broke these!! As if he shouts and stands and fights for people’s right democracy but in practical way he is out of the law. Mererra is deserves legal punishment, because the country is in emergency situations. He is not above the laws.

  7. Dr. Mererra broke the country’s emergency laws!! He couldn’t be above the laws!! If he wants to live in the laws should be respected by the citizens! He was supposed to be an example!!!Since he has an organization and the leader, Medrek should condemn the guy!!!

  8. Merera is a brave man. He does not give a hoot to the laws of these inferior breed of mercenaries who have occupied his country.

    It is the duty of any self-respecting citizen to break every unjust law imposed by these alien entities.

    The Woyane operative under the guise of an Amara (his name), Mulugeta Andarge, does not seem to know that.
    The enemy Woyanes will be shredded as scrap papers when their time is up. Indeed, it is very true that pride goes before destruction. The hallmark of Woyanes’ destruction is evident.

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