Hirut Bekele: Recalling the Legendary vocalist

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by Eduardo Byrono
At the conclusion of her music career, the one thing that remained as intact as it has always been is that Artist Hirut Bekele is still the love of her fans and millions of admirers around the world, even myself now I can openly say that, I don’t think if I will ever love any artist as much as I have loved this stunningly gifted vocalist, who is simply as remarkable as a lone “ጽጌረዳ” in the garden.
hirut bekele
You can trace the journey of Hirut Bekele in the music field all the way down to five decades or more and still find her as one of the most dynamically famous artist of all time and surprisingly her songs remained as fresh as they were back in the days, and it appears that, nothing has ever changed since then, except she is no longer in the crowd.
Off course, like most Ethiopian public figures of her time, even Hirut Bekele herself has taken a long road to fame which was full of unexpected setbacks and missteps along the way but manged to be counted among the greatest contributors in Ethiopian history,
Plus the countless unforgettable songs that she left behind in the care of her fans across the continent, will forever keep her in the heart of millions.
May God bless the remaining journey of the legendary vocalis.


  1. Herut Bekele is my best fimale vocalist. As my best male singer was Tilahun Gessesse. She is my best fimale singer. May God keep her healthy and give her a long, long, long life.

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