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“‘Hilina Desalegn, Hero For All Season” Ambassador Imru Zelleke

96 years old former ambassador Imru Zelleke, son of a minister in Emperor Haile Selassie’s first cabinet praises Ethiopia’s young poet Hilina Desalegn for her recent popular poetry. (Below more about Ambassador Imru Zelleke)

In Year 2011 Ethiopian Calendar, 105 million Ethiopians produced 1 (one) hero: HILINA DESALEGN.

A courageous young lady that has defied and denounced openly the racist tribal gangs that are ruling the country into a corrupt and ruinous blind future.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for HER extraordinary courage, intellectual integrity and grace, I name her “EMEBET” an Ethiopian heroine in tradition of her predecessor like Empresss Taitu and Shewareged Gedle.

I salute you Emebet Hilina Desalegn.

Amazon Editorial Review of Ambassador Imru Zelleke

Former ambassador Imru Zelleke, son of a minister in Emperor Haile Selassie’s first cabinet, grandson of a founder of Addis Ababa and a warrior for Menelik at Adwa.

Born in Addis Ababa in 1923, Imru Zelleke served in the Ethiopian government from 1941 to 1956 in various capacities, notably in the Foreign Service. He participated in the first UN General Assembly and the Paris Peace Conference in 1946. He served as Special Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, then Chief of Protocol and Director General of the European and United Nations Departments. He was Chargé d’Affaires in Stockholm and Paris and Ambassador to Germany.

After managing his own import-export business, Zelleke rejoined the government in 1967 as Ambassador to Ghana followed by an ambassadorship to Scandinavia. He was Minister of State for Commerce and Industry when the military coup d’état broke out in 1974. Zelleke immigrated to the United States in 1975 and held executive positions in business and banking. He is now retired and lives in Arlington, Virginia. He continues his engagement in Ethiopian public affairs.

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