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Hidden Truth About Workneh Gebeyehu | TOP SECRET

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  1. It seems like this TPLF facists still they did.not Understand the Public request for the rule of law to Implement and the constitution to be respected to be ruled by the People they voted for,In General Ethiopian People detested and rejected TPLF Ethnic-Apartheid rule and it’s misery
    OPDO is still OPDO,TPLF’S Trust worthy toy No more and No less,whether the individual CADRE picked by TPLF name is Workineh or.Hussein or Gemechu
    The Oromo People rejected TPLF and it’s hand picked Cadres Period

  2. Zehabesha
    You are idots too. It is not true. I know Him. He is oromo. I was born in Shahemene.
    But what is your motivation? What is surprising me is that you spend such time for something evil.

    People are losing credibility. you can see no body cares to read your blog

  3. I know the person who wrote and read this and workineh gebeyehu as well. Both happen to be my friends. This low level ‘journalism’ is the mother of all evils. Kinfu please stop being an ass hole. We all tend to find the way to survive and went different directions. Some of us succeed unfortunately some not. We have common friends who passed away. Be happy to be alive to tell the truth not to disiminate nonsense attack. Your one time friend.

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