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Hiber Radio Presents Attorney Teklemichael Abebe

Hiber Radio Presents Attorney Teklemichael Abebe

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  1. Tekle is a misunderstood guy, a bit odd but fair. Most people view the world black and white either with us or against us. On the issue of refugees, Tekle gave honest advice. However, most habesha lawyers don’t care except their pocket, all they care about is making people sign for legal aid, they don’t care how much sacrifices the client made to get to this stage, they don’t care if the case is winnable or not. White lawyers or jews are more sympathetic and more effective, avoid Pakistani, Indians, Arabs and Africans. Having said that, there are few good Habesha lawyers or caseworkers, but in general I would not recommend unless the client is vulnerable and language barrier. Ethiopian refugees are peaceful people compared with Somalis or other countries, but you find few Bozenes who spit on democracy. Our problem is, we came from abuse culture where beating up children or wives is normal as punishment, the regime is part of that culture abusing people, children grow up in fear, they fear to ask their rights in case of suspicion, this fear follow them everywhere they go, fear of deportation, they fear everything, even some public figures are camera shy. Do you remember the girl in Lebanon dragged in the street of Beirut committed suicide the following day, because of the fear of deportation failing the expectation and the hope to come out of poverty, really painful. Somalis are wild don’t care, they help one another, Somalis don’t mind sharing one house 20 people using each other papers.

  2. The lawyer was having an interview in Amharic supposedly to Ethiopian audience.
    His use of English words for which perfect Amharic abounds, has made the essence of his message less relevant.

    Equally, the interviewer is guilty for having allowed the hyphenated lawyer besmirch the language needlessly. As the radio programme was meant among others to educate and entertain, the necessary remedial intervention should have been put in place. Trusting, this will never happen again, I urge the broadcaster to heed the advice.

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