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Hiber Radio Interview with Jawar Mohamed and Journalist Sadiq Ahemed on Oromo protest Dec, 2015 | Audio

Jawar and Sadik

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  1. I have not even read a single word. What makes Jawar different from the ethnic cleansers Woyane? Jawar is a true potential and Woyane a tested actual.

  2. What was that news I was told by one of Jawaar’s diehard fans that his in now the midst of the action back in the old country leading and coordinating the current region wide protest by the youths and their parents of Oromia? Is this just a work of cult building? The other one of his idols has been telling us that he was once poisoned by none other than the ruthless murderer Mengistu in the 1980’s. In fact, he had one of his foot soldiers ink that in his biography. After he defied poisoning, he escaped and returned with a well trained brigade of indomitable fighters and routed an entire division of the Neftegna army of Mengistu. And his prodigy has been on many occasions telling Ethiopia to get out of Oromia. What does that mean? Everyone else will be butchered, maimed or when possible will be chased out of Oromia. The funny thing about this is that right after his finished with that nonsense, some of the Oromos who were there reciting come back to tell me how they see him. They tell me that he is trying very hard to ascertain himself to be as ‘100%’ Oromo like them. They tell me that he had to say that from the top of his lungs to prove that he is an Oromo. They see him as an imposter just as some these politicians who are doing their best to look, sound and act just to woo the support/votes of a section of a society, the angry ones. It is hilarious. That ‘I defied potent poison’ is so funny it is like those comedic lines by The Greatest Mohammed Ali. It goes:
    I’ve wrestled with alligators,
    I’ve tussled with a whale.
    I done handcuffed lightning
    And throw thunder in jail.
    You know I’m bad.
    just last week, I murdered a rock,
    Injured a stone, Hospitalized a brick.
    I’m so mean, I make medicine sick.
    Case closed!!!!

  3. And this impostor is telling the reporter that a coalition is in the works and he does not want to give anymore information about it. Which coalition? With other similar bigots? Wait a minute!!! May be in Asmara!!! Bingo!!!! But the reporter should have told him that the hatred he and his look alike cobbers have been fomenting is producing results where innocent poor farmers are falling victims to the unruly wrath of a riled up youths. And he should have known better. May be not. I guess to some religious extremists, it is not what you learn at college that should matter most but the way you talk when come home sugar drunk with all beer gut in all!!! Where are you Ossie Davis when we need you to ‘Purlie’ up some bigots among us!!!

  4. What is important at this time is to see the current movement for what it is. Just because it has an ethnic base it does not mean it is not democratic. The choices we make today can have a long standing impact. Do we agree that Oromos should not be evicted from the land they lived on for generations just to give it to the Tigrians? The buildings that are being built by TPLF cadres who themselves are peasnts can be developed by Oromo peasants themselves. We have to understand that these buildings are being financed by the Ethiopian banks. The money is being lent to tigrians and once the buildings are finished the government would some times lease them for four or five years. That is how a peasant from Tigrai could come to Addis and become a millionaire without investing a penny of his money which he or she does not have any way. If this is okay for some people just because it is against the Oromos, then we have a problem. If it is okay for some of us to oppose the annexation of some Gondar land to Tigrai but it is not okay for Oromos to oppose the eviction from their lands then we really have a huge problem. This narrative needs to be changed. By the way this issue is not about Jawar, this issue is much bigger than an individual however big our egos may be.

  5. By commensense ,the oromo should not have evicted from thier ancestors land.the place they lived farmed harvested lived thier lively hood.the only thing they left with is thier land.it is natural to any one to protest.had it been in tigray region same way people protests.let see things beyond a single ethnic nation.
    Oromos have natural birth right to fight for thier land and freedom.Jawar is an educated human right activist.he choose to serve his people.doing great job.nothing beyond that.just my openion.
    Let all wotk togethor for freedm democracy and justice for all.

  6. I think jwahar and his voice man are not real Ethiopian why are there in the media till now who is financing these guys you can not represent us in any way if someone has to talk about Ethiopia it should not be you period. I always think you could have some agenda. Please out from our issues.

  7. There is not such thing as Oromo land. All Ethiopians died for this land which was under Ethiopian rule long before Ormos migrated to the land. Oromos migrated in the late 14th century. Before that it was the land of other Ethiopian ethnic groups. If Oromos(I am referring those who are trying to create an Oromo state), should know that the land belong to all Ethiopians. The majority Oromos, I believe would like to live in a democratic Ethiopia along with all other Ethiopians. All Ethiopians have a right to live and work any where in Ethiopia without approval from any one. Unless all Ethiopians united and work together for common interest, Woyanne will continue their divide-and-rule tactics. The young generations should create a future that discard the backward ethnic ideology and should stand together to fight the common enemy of all Ethiopian-a genocidal TPLF.

  8. By the way, what is that smudge on the forehead of that ‘journalist’? A showoff for recognition as a devout religious man? That is not a required ‘sacrifice’. It is rather used by fanatic non-Saudi Muslims adherents of the Wahhabism. These knuckleheads have no idea that the skeletons of millions of our African brothers and sisters in buried under the scorching sands of that peninsula. Those Wahhabis had been taking thousands of Africans since at least the 9th century. You can easily extrapolate that into tens of millions have been taken there as slaves. So that begs the question: Where are their descendants now? We know that those Africans who were taken as slaves to the New World have descendants now in every locality they landed and in many of them are the majority. Many Caribbean island and in US state of Mississippi are the majority. So where are the descendants of those taken to the Arabian Peninsula? What had they done with them? I have been to most of those countries in that joint. Where are my Oromo ancestors who were taken as slaves there? Now they try to woo people like me by saying ‘neehna Muslims’. My foot!!! Tell me what happened to those millions of slaves. I can tell you what happened. A holocaust of unmatched proportions had been committed on every color person by these demons. This journalist can keep smudging his forehead until it bleeds but that will never count. Our Almighty Creator Will Not Go By The Color of Your Forehead But the Purity of Your Heart!!! Read The Holy Scripture!!! If you have read it already, re-read it until it starts to sink in. The Almighty does not like show-offs. You see folks such as this one are the people who go among people and do everything in their means to stir up violence. These two are telling us that there is a dialogue in progress with other groups. I can tell you with whom they are having conversations. Al-Shabaab? May be. Al-Toweel Isaias? Close to 100%? Al-Sisi? Close to 50%. Halawa drunk Wahhabis? close to 100%. These bold-faced liars!!! A disgrace!!!!

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