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Hiber Radio Exclusive Interview with Major Dawit Weldgiorgis | Must Listen

Ethiopia: Hiber Radio Exclusive Interview with Major Dawit Weldgiorgis | Must Listen


  1. Ethiopians should look for men with statesmanship personalities like this man from among themselves either within their respective divided camps or at national level and follow their words like the words of Bible for a guide.

    If not we will end up going everywhere by following foxes who are determined to divide and mislead us for their own selfish end.

    I believe lack of such unifying visionary personalities is the main problem plaguing our politics since the politics of division took hold of it.

    I have every reason to agree with his every word, opinion and views here. Because he speaks from knowledge and experience in our politics as well as a wide range of national and international perspective which few among our political leadership can claim to have.

    Either we follow their advice like what this man says here without any question and rise to shine or turn deaf ears at our peril and perish. The choice is yours.

  2. During the 1984 famine If Dawit Woldegiorgis fed us we northern Ethiopians would not have been so hurt and all this endless division with ethnicity would not have set roots like this as we see it right now. Dawit Woldegiorgis should have opposed Mengistu Hailemariam’s policy about starving the famine victims. Dawit should have made sure not a single person died in that minor 1984 famine by mobilizing the public to help like the public helped in feeding the Somalian war fighters but he didn’t . He is guilty for that.

    Compared to the 2016 famine the 1984 famine was a minor one but look the difference noone died from starvation in 2016 thanks to EPRDF while in 1984 millions died. This guy Dawit Woldegiorgis need to be asked why he didn’t feed the needy first of all ,talk is cheap. We don’t want to hear nothingelse from him. He talks the talk like he is an Ethiopian while he changed his citizenship decades ago to American.. Even before he changed his citizenship he didnot walk the walk to save the lives of the 1984 famine victims . We prefer someone who feed us over anyone who preaches day and night while we are starving to death. He should start singing a rap music and leave the politics alone because 1984 he failed in politics and he cannot redeem himself ever.

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