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Hiber Radio Daily Ethiopian News February 19, 2018

Hiber Radio Daily Ethiopian News February 19, 2018

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  1. Well… If does not work for them and the protest continues unabated(That is for sure), the deep-pocketed despots will pack and leave. And they will leave an inferno behind. They will deliberately leave a vacuum so every bigoted tribalists can come in and carve out a personal fiefdom. As it is evident now over there, they and their predecessor equally demonic Mengistu have successfully weakened to the brink of eradication the aura of level head individuals in every community. You can see it here in the Diaspora also. There are numerous groups roaming around among us that are not ready to accommodate and compromise. Just start counting them and you run out of breath just counting. This has been going on since the 1960’s. I have seen; you have seen it. The despots know this reality pretty well. So they will pack up and leave with their deep pockets. They will kiss and make up with Al-Toweel Isaias. Then they will run coordinated raids into a mess they left behind to loot. Why not? Everyone is busy killing and pillaging each other. Just like the Congo-Kinshasa. They will continue arming bigoted groups they already know very well. They will watch from a distance when my own Oromos and Somalis duking it out with each other and their marshal plan of all my Oromos in constant war-footing with our noble neighbors Amharas. Now nobody is watching therefore perfect scenario where they can send in convoys after convoys of semi-trailers to haul away every natural resources they know extremely well. What the heck, they may even be talking about building a wall between them and the rest of the inferno. Do you think this is impossible? Well…just look around. Read around. Take a glimpse at their diatribes and what they are chicken-scratching on their website. The blood from Korum all the way to Asmara is thick with the same blood, we are being told. We are being told that the recreation of an Agazian Nation is on the Horizon. But first, along with next of kin Al-Toweel, they will make sure that a raging inferno is well lit up where people are busing murdering each other like rival beasts. They hear thing like I do that a heated arguments have already erupted to determine where should be the capital city of a new republic. Some are saying Finfine and others are adamant about it to be at the birth place of Irreechaa, Bishoftu. Then we will be witnessing and the entire 100 plus million people on the move, internally displaced with no chance of returning. If such carnage needs to be averted, the responsibility is in the hands of all those in the opposition. They need to call for a convention of all opposition groups. Those who declined to participate should be called out so they will be known. Who should be given the task of calling for such a convention? I on my part I had deputized the dear editors of this website which we have been holding dear to our hearts as our waterhole to call and egg every group known to come to a convention at a designated place. I mean every opposition with no discrimination. Then we will know unequivocally who is for the people and who is for himself. This is not the time sling insults at others. It is not funny, okay. The gallant youth of my own Oromo and its equally gallant youth of Amhara are showing ingenuity in coordinating their tooth and nail peaceful bout with the despots. They have scored victory number one. They have forced the demonic Marxists to call in their military’s assistance. This has been acknowledged by the US Embassy and the EU. Way you go my Oromo youth!!! Way you go my Amhara youth!!! You will share the same podium with those South Korean students of the 1970’s and 80, who brought down the Park juggernaut. You deserve to be noted by historians.

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