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Hiber News Analysis February 07, 2018

Hiber News Analysis February 07, 2018

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  1. What a poor simplistic one tribe perspective of seeing the country. Haile is a hero for you simply cause of his tribe background. No mention of Wollo starvation, one culture, one religion, one language ruler.
    What a joke!
    You want forgive Mengistu fascist communist.
    What a tribe! Nostalgia. you want old system to come back.
    The Tigrians also follow old northern rigid narrow system. you scolded only this regime.
    How come you wish democracy for the countr when your mentality stuck with feudal religious fanatic system of rule.
    Fear for disintegration if you don’t act like a normal human beings.
    Ghanaian president Nicruma change from one national language of one tribe (one tribe that compromise 73%) to English. Now everybody feel Ghanaians.

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