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Here is a video showing Girma Biru, TPLF’s ambassador to America, attacking young Oromos

by Jawar Mohammed

#OromoProtests Here is a video showing Girma Biru, TPLF’s ambassador to America, attacking young Oromos who went to his house to protest the ongoing mass killing Oromia. Note the two young people were let into the compound and inside the house , they did not illegally trespass. They did not physically threaten the ambassador or his family. The victimized youth are seeking legal remedy for the injury they sustained.

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  1. What a bunch of eyal-al-souks!! You just can not go in someone’s residence and scream. You just can not do that. This is a wrong tactic and extremely rude behavior. They are lucky the guards did not call for help. These kids could have been locked up and in very serious predicament. Where was Che Guevara Jawar? Is he going to send another youth with a vest explosive next time around? The opposition and vast members of the Diaspora should rein in such immature behavior. Otherwise, it is going to escalate and take different phase, destructively deadly one. You just can not rush in people’s homes and create unwanted incidence. It is illegal. They could have staged peaceful picket line in front of the embassy and being on public property. I am afraid these kids could be in deep creek. Kids, don’t do it again. Just don’t do it. Picket peacefully in stead. Yelling and lambasting from top of your lungs will not further your intended accord. In fact, you may end up messing up the efforts of others who are struggling to bring about a change for democratic governance for our Oromo people and other brothers and sisters in the country. Please wise up and use caution next time around.

  2. What a shame to teach our youth to disrespect and hate. Why are you disturbing and disrespecting your Embassy? You should study your history and who you are, then you can make comments on what is going on in Ethiopia. If you are concerned you should go back home and be part of the change. You are just following the people who are out there spreading hate and division, instead of working together to grow our beloved country. Our enemy is poverty not each other. We should thank God for what is going on in Ethiopia, please do not forget the Derg.

  3. Ittu, you don’t seem to have understood one thing: the difference between an act of protest and that of illegal intrusion into someone’s premises.
    Or maybe it is still possible that you understand the difference, but you would like to twist ideas, just like you see your masters do. Particularly, your innocent conjecturing that Mr. Jawar would next time send some youths with vests of explosives betrays only the little secret that you carry such a piece of stone on your neck. You also have thrown up at Jawar such words as are symptoms of a bile shaken inside you by a petty care. That, however, is the way of rude dogs. Hahaha…what a name you have picked to mask your pet person: Ittu Aba Farda! Really? These days, all your sorts have made it their rude wisdom to spoil words and names, and you do just the same. I bet you are rather a Farda. In every respect, one can be sure that you are such a botched pet, who knows not and can never know how to be ashamed of her mean stupidity, you mean dog!!! The next time your belly is distributed, please find another place to throw up, you zero gnat!

  4. They are not killers . killers are such people let’s say for example nurses that unplug life support machine from a patient . EPRDF is mass killer machine or a genocidal regime. The word killer does not even start to describe Girma Biru’s crimes. Girma Biru and Theodros Adanhom are one of the few ignorant people that are trying to bury Ethiopians alive. Ethiopia always got problems since we are poor they tell us. The question is Who made us poor ? the answer is people like Girma Biru did. Girma Biru is in a business of keeping Ethiopians poor , sick and with little self respect so he can continue to beg in their name and pocket the money. now since everyone is knowing his evil deeds with unrest everywhere among Ethiopians Girma Biru is once again in a business of pretending to be concerned Ethiopian the one dialing 911 to world leaders about famine , Acute watery dairhea , protest and so on but in actuality what he does is create miscommunication between Ethiopian people and American people to save his own dirty self . Theodros Adanhom and Girma Biru live to see Ethiopians suffer so they can beg in their name.

    The Ambassador is like those people that run over a person each day with their car then call 911 police and request reward to tell the nature of their emergency only to say the person run and slumed into my parked car once they collect the reward.

    Anyway what can anyone do in their turf? We know exactly where Woyane crawls in at night but we arenot able to get near their so called Golf Course (military camp) neighborhoods. Please click below to read where the main Woyanes live in Ethiopia.


  5. You Mul’atta:

    You must be one of those shameless individuals who are now busy scavenging at the dump sites in Asmara or a well versed operative of the goons who have camped out at Arat Kilo since 1991. You may not have asked your friends in Asmara or the speakeasies of Minnesota about me before you wrote such vile comment because they know me very well longer than the time you have been crawling on this good earth. Jjust tell the kids to stay at school and let more matured/principled individuals do the peaceful struggle. I tell you what. As long as you and your friends are stuck in the tactics and strategy you have adopted, you will continue to fail miserably and the goons at Arat Kilo will be able to continue to rule on the backs of my very cultured and proud people of Oromia. The Sebhat Negas and their ghoulish successors will keep on pillaging and killing whenever they feel like it. You see.. When you sling mud on this septuagenarian another youth from Oromia and Amhara regions is being shot dead or is dying from his gunshot wounds a few weeks ago. Another prisoner of conscience such as Obbo Bekele Gerba and Obbo Eskinder is languishing in a dungeon. You may find that very funny but it not funny at all. And finally, I highly suggest to you that you should try to read thru all my comments in the past. But consider yourself forewarned for the fact that you will find all of them too offensive to you if you are one those who have stooped down to the proven despot in Asmara or his proven cousins in Arat Kilo. I am out!!!!

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