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Heavy fighting Broke Out Between ONLA and Ethiopian Regime Soldiers in Jaleelo Village in Shillabo District.

The latest news from the Ogaden reports that there has been clashes between Ogaden National Liberation Army and the Ethiopian regime’s army in Jaleelo village in Shillabo district yesterday on the 8th of January.

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A senior member of the Ogaden National Liberation Army confirmed today to Ogaden news agency (ONA ) that fierce fighting took place between ONLA and Ethiopian soldiers In Jaleelo village.

The ONLA has killed many soldiers and wounded unknown numbers of government troops.

The report also added that The ONLA has captured weapons, ammunition and communication equipment.

Stay tuned for further news from Ogaden News Agency in Ogaden.

ONA, Kabridahar,


Source: Ogaden News Agency in Ogaden


  1. Heavy fighting, weapons captured, the whole area liberated….yada yada yada!!!! Just something to keep Al-Toweel in good mood. One of my Issa friends used to tell me that Radio Mogadishu used to put out daily military communique during the Ogaden war of the 1970’s in which it published the number of enemy Ethiopian soldiers killed(or put out of action). He told me that at one point the total number of soldiers killed ended up being more that population of Ethiopia. Their favorite form of expression of triumphs on the battlefield was like ‘wiped out’ ‘heavy fighting’, ‘put out of action’, ‘chased the rest out of Ogadenia’ etc… They did all that to keep Barre in good mood then. Get outta here!!!!

  2. YOU have no business in Ogaden I thought your adopted criminal iley did your bidding and dirty work .. Separation is the solution .. I love this new Ethiopia where KOS reign no Amhara elites no TIgree ,,,, oromo daabub orgoba oromo afar Gambela Sidamo BNeshegul etc I can smell the freedom . Thing will never be the same Oppression gulag torture dehumanizing people ,,, See ya Ethiopia no one will miss you ah all the hate and anger is about to explode

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