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Has Christos ever Negotiated or Reconciled with Satan?

Belayneh Abate
July 30. 2021

TPLF 2The Tigre Peoples Libation Front (TPLF) wiped out the prestigious social and religious assets such as the national conscience, yilugnita, shimglina, forgiveness, repentance, confession, witness, friendship, neighborhood, nationalism, unity and so on using the Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) as a trojan horse. The TPLF  went beyond what Satan did to the Serpent, Adam and  Eve to detach even their ethnic patriarchs from God and make them work for TPLF. These very people whose hands are drenched in the blood of the unborn fetus, infants, children, young, adult, elderly, women are talking about negotiation and mediation as if they are the  people of promise and trustworthiness. It is a billion times better to trust Satan than to believe the EPRDF rulers in general and the TPLF leaders, in particular.  Negotiation and reconciliation will never transform Satan to Angle, but it could transform the Angle to Satan.

If you doubt the existence of Satan, look at the leader of Tigre People Liberation Front (TPLF). No one has seen Satan as no one has seen God. Satan is known through his evil deeds as God is known through his good wills. Scriptures teach Satan steals, robs, cheats, lies and breaks his words. The holly books preach Satan worships money, spreads hate and enjoys bloodsheds. These satanic deeds have been the ritual of the TPLF leaders since they started annihilating the Wolkait Amaras 45 years ago.

One of the main architects of the wolkait master plan, Legese Zenawi, once boasted that his first step in the struggle for power was robbing public banks. His disciples, just like their prophet, robbed the wealth of Ethiopians including the six- thousand meters long mountains. The Ethiopian proverb goes: The Satan that ordained an individual as deacon will never leave him until he promotes the individual to priesthood. Satan ordained Legese Zenawi as deacon of bank robbery and stayed with him until he promoted him to priest of life robbery.


The priest of life robbery, Legese, his comrades and his disciples have massacred, tortured, disabled, jailed, displaced and sterilized hundreds of thousands of Amaras guided by the deddeb manifesto of establishing Tigre Republic at the graves of Amaras. This kind of manifesto is the work of Satan: No human being designs and practices annihilating one ethnic group to establish the republic of another ethnic group.

The graves of Amaras were not enough to establish the Tigre Republic as originally planned. Therefore, TPLF amended the deddeb manifesto to expand the graves to Ambo, Wolega, Jimma, Gambella, Arisi, Bale, Harergae, Sidamo, Afar and other regions. Based on this amended manifesto, TPLF has massacred the people living in these regions  since the victims realized the barbaric nature of TPLF and resisted the daylight robbery of their lands and other resources.

The TPLF victims started to rise up in unison to root out the devil that kept them apart for twenty-seven years. However,  TPLF reacted swiftly portraying the metaphor of fire and straw. TPLF swore that it will continue to spray benzene among ethnic groups to compel them burn each other as straw and fire. This type of ritual again is the ritual of Satan: No human being works hard to compel people burn each other.

Having seen all these satanic deeds and leaving justice aside, the shameless power seekers are demanding reconciliation with lifelong murderers and life burners. The preachers of negotiation and reconciliation please look at the pictures of the massacred children and parents  thrown over the streets, rivers, cliffs, mountains, jungles, valleys, mosques and monasteries of Ethiopia! Pay attention to the blood-soaked clothes, the fractured skulls, the disfigured faces, the deformed chests, the perforated bellies and amputated extremities.

What types of conscience, heart, and gut you have to sit down and reconcile with these kinds of murderers?  Who in the universe gave you the mandate to reconcile with Satan on the behalf of the annihilated Amaras, massacred Oromos,  slaughtered Anguaks, butchered Sidamas and decimated Ogadens?

Do you know any disciple of Christos or prophet of Allah, who has ever negotiated or reconciled with Satan except Judah, Gebremedihin, some Sheikhs, Mathias and some of his bishops?  Has Christos ever negotiated or reconciled with Satan? Has Christos, Allah, Truth or Justice commanded you to negotiate or reconcile with Satan? Or don’t you believe the rituals of TPLF are the rituals of Satan?

The writer can be reached at abatebelai@yahoo.com

This Article the second time released in September, 2016


  1. Do you know Christ ? do Amhara elites have moral to talk about religious aspects when killing Immams and Priests ?

    Children attackinbg you and you are complaining about it ?? kidding you are referring to the mighty TDF forces that you cannot defeat ::

    Tigray is the cradle of ethiopi’s civilization and creator of Ethiopia. How many children and their mothers were massacred by Fano ? Abiy is chief of Amhara !Demeku mekonenen is his satanic servant .

  2. Well, it is self- evidently clear that TPLF’ elites have done and continued to do a static or evil – guided politics. However , 1) the other faction or part of it which controls the Arat Kilo palace politics have been and continued to be actors of a satanic or evil -driven political action 2) I truly believe that though the way these two groups of the same criminal political system (EPRDF) have played and keep playing their criminal political game in a much more worse manner , there may be some members or cadres who need a chance to be parts of a national dialogue and consequently reconciliation . It is possible to put a significant pressure on them to come to the discussion table in order to minimize the loss of lives and waste of human and material resources . The pressure must include the need let them know that as they are badly infected with a satanic or evil – driven political thinking and behavior, they cannot and do not have either political or moral capacity to continue as leading forces of democratic process . In other words, the dialogue and reconciliation cannot be practical without transitional political body or government that is desperately needed to end the political culture of hypocrisy and brutality once and for all!
    I strongly argue that calling those bad guys of Arat Kilo and Mekele satanic or demons and the like without doing our own home-works timely and effectively does not make sense at all!

  3. Deara Oromo intelektuals

    Thancks to TPLF,People of Tigray, you are now able to experess yurselves in a foreign tongue , but I curse those days on your behalf when you were ashamed of speaking with your own langage. What Abbo IRkoo, Abba Salon and Obbo Ibrahim Hassen Gagale look like a statement declared by the entire Oromo Liberation league and Parties kolectivalley. How come your right dawn and respondde to oe person like that. I am humbled and felt supperrior to you when I read a leter like that to me.
    Who wrottite it dawn to you Obbo Irkoo? I believe it was written Obbo Tsegaye Ararsa , or some other erudite among Oromos. I assure yo it is not you ignorant man . How long did you spent in schoools and lived in englich speakingge cowntry ?? I knew many oromos lectureres who cannot even speak and right a single sentence without an enorous and nasty error !!!
    Thanks to TPLF you are now able to speak a bit of englsh and hold masters phds etc many of you were cursed to stay 11gradeer for decades and work as guardman in private amhara landlords for your enture life. yoiu were going to witchmen and voodoos to plead for healing and get your problems solved. Now TPLF introduced you to modern hospitals instead of የመንደር ጠንቋይ ሂዳቹ ጎፍታ ኪያ ማሎ ማሎ ከማለት ሆስፒታል ሄዳቹ እድከሙ እድሉን አገኛቹ፥፥የትግራይና አማራን ሕዝብ አመስግኑ ስትሳደብ መልሶ ወዳንተ እንደሚፈናጠር አስም ማሰቢያህ የሚሰራ ከሆነ: We thought you to lead a decent life and eanjoy enjeraa you claim you migranted from Saudi Arabia why donot you go there ? We didn’t evan now that there is “spell cheker website ” it is you who tell could send us the link ? does someone showed you when you were unable to write “Onomatopoeia” “Acquiesce”, “Scurrilous” we know all your dizaertaion and thesis was written by someonelese or purchased at shop kwown to retail academic papers . You and Abiy amhed, afrucan genoiciders of orom origin, are nominal intelektuals. What did you do for your people with your phd and msters ? apart from bragging and inciting violence and massacring people you are usless to oromos.
    you are consuming with multipe knives: some of you oromos massacre Amhara, Somalia , Tigray along with Abiy and Eritreans, your masters, and hundreds of thousands of Oromo soldiers were sent to Tigray and Afar to expand your territory and capture Kobo, Raya and Mekelle. Many of the Abiy Army belong to Oromos; And you claim to be massacred while massacring our people. I read many of your articles by your expansonsits who claim most part of Tigray, Wollo and north shoa belong to Oromia. If you are successful you want control the entire Tigray but luckily defeated by galant and indomitable TDF.Since Emperor Hailesillasie and until derge regime the highest crime rate i the holy land of Ethiopia is in Oromia. Bcause you taught to your ordinary people corruption, theft, killings , etc
    Donot brag here but you could conformt yourself telling that Abiy the globally known multi degree murderer , genocider, rapist and destroyed a couwntry with over 30000 years history come from , Jimma, Oromia. You must overthrow and uprooted him because he is a weed and cancer eating out the people who lived for centuries in harmony. We never had people to people hostility in our history but your people who sowed, cultivated and promoted it. Stop Killing Amhara, Tigray and other nations . Why dodnot you go and raise cliams to own land in Saudi Arabia, Kenya, South Afriuca, Lybia, egypt , US etc because your people were living in all those countries long time ago and some may still be discovered there . I read your article writen to claim KObo, Raya, Mekkele to be the land of Oromia. As you stated” you find a letter in US written by Aste Yohaness attesting the fakkt that Oromos were in Tigray . They were sold by local rulers as slaves to work in Tigray as they were sent to certain african cowntries as slaves.

    you claim “TPLF’s Expansionist, Murderous Agenda AND the Agenda of the Nefxagna Amhara Elites which the TPLF is vying to REPLACE,Sidama, the Somalis, the Afars, the Rendille, the Wolayitas, the Kembatas, so on and so forth, than with you” We donot need ties with ignorant men like you !!it is you known for expansion and claiming everything to be yours , TIgray, Amhara region and even including Minnesota . I read your article writen to claim KObo, Raya, Mekkele to be the land of Oromia. As you stated” you find a letter in US written by Aste Yohaness attesting the fakkt that Oromos were in Tigray . They were sold by local rulers as slaves to work in Tigray as they were sent to certain african cowntries as slaves. How come a migrant claim to own a land after hundred years in a land where his ancestors were living as day laborers and slaves ? Are you reminding your descedants to cliam a land or even march to capture a land in US, UK, etc in the future , perhaps after 200 years ? Yo could write a book to remind your people to go t o any other country where you are living now !! it is the same way that you are claiming tha land in Amhara, Tigray and land in ,Sidama, the Somalis, the Afars, the Rendille, the Wolayitas, the Kembatas, by saying you have teh same blood with these people. What were you doing when over 500 million Oromos were considered as minorities and ashmaed of speaking your langage ? It is te People of Tigray who emanicipated you from Derge regime , sent you to school, open hospitals instead of wichtes , voodoos etc You must bless TPLF, son of Tigray, and people ofg Tigray. You are killing Tegarus with Abiy and killing Amhara and other etnics with OLA : eating with multiple knives !!Goood luck

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