Happy New Year with Ethiopianism (Professor Mammo Muchie)

Happy new year 2013. All of you deserve a gift of Ethiopianism. Let Ethiopia become green, integrated, creative, sustainable, inventive and innovative free from the ethnic corona virus that the politicians selfishly promote and hurt the people and the Ethiopia with whose name we have the 1829 and 1896 Manifestos recognised globally as the spiritual public good feeder to Africans and all the colonially oppressed humanity in the universe!!!Please read and share  the new year gift  for all to learn the unknown knowledge on Ethiopianism  translated into Oromoffia, Arabic, French from the original English version.

The 3rd Ethiopia Manifesto must inspire the world with the following:

  1. The green, yellow and red flag that was waived at the Adwa great African victory should be approved without any delay  to become the African Unity flag

2 The Ethiopic Ge’ez alphabet has to be the writing system for African languages. Ethiopic Ge’ez is recommended to save and digitalize the 2700 African languages. The writing system has been started to convert the alphabet from Latin to Ge’ez already for a number of African languages. All  the languages need to use the Ethiopic writing system. With digital technology all Africans can openly use as many languages as they wish.

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3.Amharic has been recommended as the working language of the African Union.

  1. The Universal Ethiopia Anthem should be adopted as the Africa Union Anthem

5.The Ethiopian calendar should become also the African Union calendar  and not depend on the Gregorian calendar.


Afan Oromo









  1. Subject: “Happy New Year with Ethiopianism (Professor Mammo Muchie)” by ZeHabesha
    September 12, 2020

    My Reaction, 12 Sep 2020 [European Calendar]
    I had to re-read the news item a number of times before the Article started to sink into me. I will still re-read it again . To help me understand the Article I summarized it as follows.
    1. The Ethiopian Flag to become the African Unity Flag
    2. The Ethiopian Ge’ez writing to be used as African Writing Language
    3. Amharic to be working language for the African Union
    4. Ethiopian Anthem to be adopted as the African Union Anthem
    5. Ethiopian Calendar to become African Union calendar — not Gregorian Calendar

    This announcement is made in Oromo, Arabixc, English French

    Just to be sure, I also checked my Calendar whether it is April Fools DAY

    For sure, I will re-read the Article after six hours — even though I am SOBER as any can be SOBER.
    I swear to Dear Readers, I didn’t have a drop of liquore .

    Sincerely Yours
    Sober, as ice cold, rezone

  2. Dear Prof Mammo

    Thank you for the new year gift. I also wish you a happy new year!

    Now, as an Ethiopian, of course I’m thrilled of the Manifesto. But whose manifesto is this? I wonder why our African brothers would accept the “should be..”, “should become…”, “has to be…” propositions.
    There is such a big gap between the two manifestos (of 1829 and 1896) and the third (2019/20?). What happened in between?

    I ask this, because to turn the proposals in the manifesto to reality require lots or research, soul searching, education, debate, commitment, political will, and above all money!

    Excuse my ignorance, you indicated there have been things done in this direction but these are largely not publicised. E.g. which universities in Africa have centres that research and teach Geez and related literature? Which internationally reputed publications and which forums debate these / such proposals? Above all, where would the finance come from? (Anglophone, Francophone, Arabic sources? ha! ha!)

    The key area of action, in my humble opinion is to interest, convince, and collaborate with African compatriots (intellectuals, politicians, business people, opinion leaders, the youth, etc.) including African Americans and black people in the diaspora. It is also better to position it as a Pan-African project, not necessarily Ethiopian.

    By the way, I was thrilled to read recently about the collaboration of Dr Abera Molla with an African American, Mr Mark Powell, on works along this line (in the development of Ethiopics, I think). That shows the way.

  3. Professor Mammo Muche, I am Proud of you as an Ethiopian and as an African Citizen!! Thank you! Ethiopianism was and is Africanism !!

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