Hailemariam Desalegn speak at Paris climate change talks | Video

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Hailemariam Desalegn speak at Paris climate change talks | Video

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  1. PM, where is the drought and starvation in your country ? You should have asked food aid for the starving people of Ethiopia. Please, stop the denial. Tell the world the truth, that Ethiopia is starving and needs badly food aid.

  2. I think the PM challenged the greedy and wealthy nations to be more pro-active partners in seeking solutions for the alarming climate change. He offered a viable strategy as to how poorer nations like Ethiopia could contribute towards aleviating the global crisis. That peasants in Ethiopia are affording to plant trees, giving 30 days per year is a commendable example for other nations to follow. However, I would have loved if the PM could come up with the cost of repairing the global climate damage those industrialized nations have caused. It is fair to say that those who damaged should be responsible to clean up their mess. I commend the proactive remedial stance of the poorer nations like Ethiopia.
    The challenge should primarily be caught by developing nations in Africa, Asia and Latin America which are still suffering from the after-effects of European colonialism. This leads me to agree with the PM utilizing renewable energy sources such as solar, water, wind, etc. is the way forward. It is therefore, expected that indusrialized nations would take the lead in developing those energy sources globally without further delay.
    No wonder vulnerable nations like Ethiopia are facing recurrent drought and famine due mainly to the cumulative effects of global warming and bad governance, among other things. Seeking global solution for the global problem being the norm, the PM seems to be faced with the current alarming famine at home.

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