Hailemariam Desalegn responds to UK PM David Cameron on the Andargachew Tsege case

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Late Friday, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn gave a brief response to UK prime minister David cameron who pleaded for the life of imprisoned rebel leader Andargachew Tsege.
Mr. Cameron has reportedly “written personally” to Desalegn requesting that Mr Tsege be saved from death penalty. In response to local media questions, Mr Desalegn said he can not “interfere with the legal proceedings” facing Tsege in Ethiopia.
Mr Desalegn also revealed that the prosecution has received “new and updated evidence” that Mr Tsege and his Ginbot7 organization is actively engaged in terrorist activities against the Ethiopian government. He is reportedly referring to a recent article by US based website “Ethiomedia” which interviewed Ginbot7 Chairman Berhanu Nega this week. Mr Berhanu told Ethiomedia that Ginbot7 is training its militia in Eritrea in order to fight the Ethiopian government.
Desalegn said Tsege has been given a defense lawyer, though his chances of winning are “very low.” But Mr Desalegn advised London to “review its policy” of giving asylum and rewarding citizenship to individuals and groups engaged in violent anti-goverment activities in Africa. He mentioned the ONLF rebel group example, whose leadership resides in the city suburbs of London. In 2007, ONLF rebels in southeast Ethiopia admitted murdering over 70 Ethiopian and chinese mine workers. Over the years, the ONLF rebels have also been accused of assassinating many somali-Ethiopians and bombings that killed civilians, including children. The Ogaden-Somali community in London provides most of the funding for ONLF rebels.
Mr Desalegn said Mr Tsege might still become eligible for reduced prison sentence (presidential pardon) in 2015 if the court decides to convict him.


  1. I suspect in Mr. Cameron’s mind it is never about asking (demanding) about the freedom, and unconditional realize of Andargachew. I have come to the conclusion that he does not care if Mr. Tisge is free or not! in fact he does not care if more Ethiopians with UK passport are imprisoned or not!
    He wrote that “personal” letter to “prime minister Desalegen” simply because he is pressured from inside out!
    As far as I am concerned it’s better that he did not write the letter in the first place! This will only puff up the criminal Weyanes with acknowledgment that they have done right! And this will also put bumper on the protest that is going on, making us think that the government is really taking action!! Four months after Andargachew is detained unlawfully and criminally by lawless Weyanes (the curse of the nation), that all the UK government was able to do is write a letter!
    No matter how much the UK government (Mr. Cameron) attempt to mask their intentions in political deception their silence all this long reveals the magintude of their evil intent to ignore the poor and the needy! As far as I am concerned such policy is not by accident! This is their intent all along since they helped these rebels (the Weyanes) come to power!
    Sad! so sad! here is a government that the world looks upon as defender of those who are oppressed and persecuted, yet they wink at and turn a blind eye even upon a matter which is supposed to be personal to them.
    ” we are concerned for his life.” so they say! Don’t worry, the Weyanes will guarantee that he is alive in their notorious prison for as long as his life lasts. But don’t you know that those prisons of Weyanes are worse than death?? How many in those prisons wish that they were dead!?
    We don’t get our freedom, and our nation will not come out of the clutches of the weyanes by the help and support of anyone, but by our own blood!!
    Of course everyone knows the Weyanes can’t go on forever! Weyane and Ethiopia can not coexist one of them must perish! It is like the body that is attacked by cancer! Either the body cells must fight and remove the cancer from their system, or succumb to it!! They are doing all they can to dismantle that country from inside out!
    The truth is on our side! We fight in Victory! and we will prevail!

  2. Mr. Desalegn pretends as if he is in power to refuse order from PM of England Mr.. Cameron. Clearly Mr. Cameron is forcing his employee to take responsibility for the action kidnapping in public to strategically ease up public pressure that he is facing in England. PM Cameron is expected to tremble in fear before Mr. Desaleng, beg for his forgiveness, to save the life of Briton citizens.

  3. deros Ke berhanu min yitebeqal…andargachewen asasere….ahun degmo tinish tesfa endaynorew argo berasu lay mesekerebet….yasazenal!!!

  4. I am happy to hear that this father of three angelic children will not be sent to the gallows. That is even though I totally disagree with the G7’s romance with a known despot in Asmara who gets high in any bloodshed he foresees among our peaceful and harmonious people.
    The children of this prisoner have been in my daily prayers that they will be able to see their father alive in the not distant future. Once again, I all upon the policy makers of the regime in Ethiopia to refrain from condemned methods of interrogation and behavior of a ‘victor’s revenge’. For his children’s sake, be magnanimous because that will be considered a courageous act on your behalf.

  5. Dear Editors:
    I had posted a comment after reading this article few days ago but I don’t see it. Is there something I said deemed derogatory?

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