Hailemariam Desalegn caught plagiarizing again

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By Abebe Gellaw

TPLF’s puppet Hailemariam Desalegn is probably the most incompetent and incoherent “leader” in the entire history of Ethiopia. His incompetence, shallowness and lack of originality is exposed whenever he meets journalists or goes to TPLF’s rubber stamp parliament for a routine Q & A. It is apparent that Prime Puppet Hailemariam (hereafter acronymed PPH) has no originality whatsoever. He is not only clueless but a master of miscommunication.

His latest interview with the BBC further exposed the fact that he is fake, clueless, predictable and mundane, to say the least. It is clear now that he is addicted to mimicking and plagiarizing from Meles Zenawi, the dead tyrant he slavishly followed and worshiped.

The Prime Puppet was once asked why the price of teff, Ethiopia’s most popular staple, was skyrocketing. He replied that it was because of “our development”. He said people who had never seen teff suddenly got the luxury of consuming it.

“This is the fruit of our speedy economic development,” he claimed with a bland tone. Unfortunately, both the language and the absurd logic was stolen from his dead predecessor.


The only difference was that Meles was talking about sugar. It was not only the answer that he copied but also the body language. The poor parrot was doing the same thing. It seems he overplayed Zenawi’s video during his rehearsal under the guidance of his TPLF masters.

When Zenawi was asked about the legality of the anti-terrorism proclamation, he said it was copied from the British. In his latest appearance on the BBC Africa, PPH was asked a similar question by journalist Emmanuel Igunza.

Iguza asked PPH: “Let us talk about the country’s anti-terror law. You said there is a distinction between opposition and terrorist elements. That law has been criticized by the international community for having a broad mandate. That is why the security forces have been accused of arbitrarily detaining, for example, opposition members.”

“That is not true’” PPH interjected. “We know that this accusation will come. So we said let us copy from the British law. If you compare the British terrorism law and that of ours it is almost similar.” In fact, the poorly scripted lie was also copied from Zenawi, whose ghost seems to be controlling the Prime Puppet. He cannot tell how many terrorist bloggers, journalists, critics and activists the Brits are jailing and torturing just like his regime.

Iguza challenged him with a simple follow-up. “But it is the implementation that is raising questions.”

“That is something different. That is something different,” the Prime Puppet said twice struggling to bring out a better idea. “We understand that while implementing, it is an exercise…,” he said without worrying about the meaning and the message. He confusedly added that the [Kangaroo] court judges interpret the law.

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Maybe Zenawi did not answer that question as he was not asked by the rubber stamp parliament or journalists. It was a difficult question for PPH as there was nothing to copy and paste for him.

One of the most embarrassing moment came in the last segment of the five-minute long interview. The BBC journalist asked: “Your country has been mentioned in the same breadth as the countries that have the highest number of journalists and opposition figures jailed. Just recently, Zone9 bloggers that have been arrested for more than two months now with no proper case brought against them.”

PPH gave an amazing answer that no sensible and sane person would say. “Look, I suggest that you also shouldn’t be connected with a terrorist. If you have any connection with terrorists don’t think that the Ethiopian government will let you free [sic].”

It was supposed to be an answer but ended up being a threat from a man with no real power as TPLF’s ceremonial Prime Minister. Unfortunately, PPH messed it up while trying to copy the dictatorial aura of Zenawi. Though the effort backfired in his face, this was another effort to wear the confidence and power of Zenawi. He has confessed recently that he always wishes to be his former master, whom he referred to as an “extraordinary personality” deserving eternal glory.

He did not even realize that Iguza should have been arrested on the spot. According to the absurd and unjust anti-terrorism law, no criminal act is needed to connect anyone with “terrorists”. Proclamation 652/2009 declares that “whomsoever writes, edits, prints, publishes, publicizes, disseminates statements deemed encouraging, supporting, or advancing” terrorist acts is a terrorist. The “terrorist” organizations are dissident groups like Ginbot 7 and OLF. But as the whole world knows, his TPLF masters are the real terrorists, who kill, maim, jail, torture and rob innocent civilians. The terrorists jailed are almost entirely journalists, bloggers, activists and dissidents for exposing the crimes and abuses of the regime.

BBC has given extensive coverage on the illegal abduction of Andargachew Tsege, whom the TPLF Trojan horse referred to as Eritrea’s stooge. Why doesn’t Hailemariam order the arrest of a few BBC journalists.

Under the broad interpretation of the unlawful proclamation that contradicts common sense and the so-called constitution, any media outlets, bloggers or journalists that raises issues related to the “terrorists” are committing acts of terrorism. The Kangaroo courts are not needed to interpret the law. Just like the Prime Puppet, the judges are hand picked and paid to take orders from the TPLF.

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Despite his best effort, it is abundantly clear that PPH is trying to play Zenawi. Psychologists attribute this extreme form of insecurity, lack of self-respect and self-confidence to Dissociative Personality Disorder (DDP). He vainly tries to convert himself into a dead tyrant. But unlike the Prime Puppet, Zenawi was undoubtedly smart, competent and articulate despite being a ruthless evil dictator.

Last February, PPH had convened journalists for a press conference and labored hard to answer various questions in English. Unfortunately, all the key answers were factually, lexically and grammatically wrong and full of errors.

He said, “There is an elected government in South Sudan. So we equivocally [sic] denounced that unconstitutional means of getting power is not allowed at all….Whenever one foreign diplomat talks especially the American diplomats talk about certain things, Eritrea associates that it is Ethiopia who lobbied these guys. Of course, you have seen the position of the Ethiopian government. We equivocally [sic] denounced that it is wrong…” It is very hard to understand what he wanted to mean as he was saying the opposite of what he wanted to tell the world.

He continued: “And by that time the government of Sudan was under the British proctor, ah proctorate [Forgive him, he wanted to mean protectorate]. So that agreement has been evaluated next to it by emperor Haile Sellassie and its regime. Again Emperor Haile Selassie equivocally [sic] agreed that this agreement has to be binding. Similarly during the Derg regime, the Derg also has tried to study by sending professors from university and other professionals and the Derg regime also equivocally [sic], you know, endorsed this agreement is binding,” As the saying goes, a little knowledge is dangerous,  especially if you are supposed to be the leader of a nation.

Hailemariam worked as a government official for so many years. He was also the puppet foreign minister before he became the Prime Puppet. Unfortunately, he was not given a proper chance to learn words very common international politics and diplomacy. He also claims to have done MA in global leadership from Azusa Pacific University, which has quietly decided to honor the poor parrot, a decision which is likely to put the university in hot water soon.

The dude doesn’t even know the difference between a proctor, someone appointed to supervise students, and a protectorate, a country controlled and protected by another. He even went on to coin a new word in his effort to correct his blunder. So to make matters worse he ‘corrected’ proctor with proctorate (but there is no such a word in the English language). It is quite obvious that every time he speaks in English, a language that seems too complex for him, he needs an interpreter or for that matter someone who can also lend him ideas. HIs communication skill in any language is substandard for that matter.

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How can you denounce something equivocally, unless you don’t know what you are talking about? Hailemariam did not know, after all these years in government and diplomacy, that equivocal does not mean unequivocal. He probably thought that the prefix un- doesn’t make any difference. Even in factual terms, none of the leaders he mentioned equivocally or unequivocally agree with Sudan on border demarcation and giving away a significant swathe of fertile land.

It was another lie he incompetently plagiarized from the dead tyrant, who could at least flawlessly articulate his lies, in three languages. TPLF trojan horse, Prime Puppet Hailemariam, is so incompetent that he is messing up even with the lies and deceptions of his predecessor. He cannot even copy competently, let alone generating and articulating his own ideas. TPLF should consider replacing PPH with Tesfaye Habiso, a man who has at least proven his skills in plagiarism.

After watching his excruciating “interview” on BBC, Matthew Payne-Funk, an American administrative director at the U.S. Senate, wrote the following comment on his Facebook page: “PM Hailemariam needs a better Press Secretary or the Information Ministry should be embarrassed at the poor quality of his answers. The evasion and equivocations are just too painfully obvious… I think it is pathetic and very frustrating that the government of Ethiopia allows this sort of self deceptive incompetence to be its face. I am feeling angry about what is happening to the truly courageous Ethiopians who are being detained by incompetent power mongers.”

In the service of his TPLF masters, Hailemariam, who is acting more like a slave than the prime minister, has betrayed not only his conscience but also his profession. He was trained as a sanitation engineer. Instead of designing and constructing toilets in Ethiopia, which has chronic shortage of sanitation, he is swimming in the cesspool of TPLF’s filthy, stinky and fascistic politics.

For the sake of his children, who will certainly regret being related to him, he should rather find a better job than making a fool of himself as a TPLF Trojan horse. TPLF power mongers should also consider letting him go as he is a liability and an embarrassing piece of work for the terrorist regime.

Ruled by incompetent thugs and clueless terrorists, Ethiopia is certainly in great trouble. We should unequivocally denounce and reject the incompetent tyrannical regime standing on its last leg after the demise of Meles Zenawi. Ethiopia shall never be a TPLF protectorate or colony. We need equality, freedom, dignity and justice. No puppets, oppressive thugs and terrorists please!


  1. hailemariam has now started threatening foreign journalists for asking him a question.this is a sign of a man who is confused and lost his direction, if he has any. his mind is messed up like his vision. he is totally insecure under the shadow of the Tplf thugs who are barking in his ear and seems like waiting to be unceremoniously damped into the cesspool.

  2. Am sorry I couldn’t figure out the mission of this article. The writer is trying to tell the reader that he is better in spoken language than the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam. I watched the last BBC interview, he was well focused & responding to the reporter without a hitch. May be Abebe could have missed the chance to scold him by destructing the conversation the way he did to the late PM Meles. For that he has to wait until the PM comes to USA to enable him display his shameful character in the name of democracy. By the way his act is an Arabian copied character similar the one who throw a shoe to George Bush. Disgraceful & immature character!!!!

    • Abebe is not the PM Hailemariam is. Hailemariam is set to be receiving orders from the fascist Tigrean and Ababa is an independent individual and speaks what is in his mind. I don’t blame Hailemariam for his gimmick role as PM to the racist and fascists TPLFs. He has no choice but to imitate his late god father who brought him as Yes man. I wonder where you will be hiding when Ethiopia’s freedom forces arrived.

      • Amal! You are very weak person. Do u know the word facist. Is ethiopia is rule by facist governmont? How do come across TPLF is racist? Do u mean that all nations have no right to exercise their languate for justis and to learn by there native language? Unless all people cominicate and speak Amharic are not Ethiopians? What u should understand is that the existing federal system will not be changed since there is no better poletical system for Ethiopia. You are stupid and norrow minded and have little knowledge of poletics

        • Nuru Abdella, Is Ethiopia ruled by fascist? That was your question, am I right? Then the answer is big YES. Ethiopia is lead by TPLF fascists. Are you Happy now? How comes TPLF is fascist? I am actually rewriting your questions correctly, TPLF is simply fascist, killers, and they are criminals. (languate for justis) too much misspelling, please go to school. About my stupidity hmmmm what can I say? Mr. Goitom….

    • This tplf donkey should immediately look for a different Job he doesn’t deseve to be even yewefcho bet kuli in my view lol.

  3. That interview was very painful to watch. His English was terrible. He was incohorent, nonsensical and unconvincing. I can only imagine how embarassed his bosses must have been. Very poor performance. He probably can’t wait until next election to be free, and may be, so are his bosses to replace him with a more assertive Tigre.

  4. Oh, yea. Here we are being ruled by a bunch of idiots. I am with you on the title you had given to the poor guy, PPM. What a pity it is to have that great country of Aklilu Habte and the like represented by such residuals like the PPM.
    Care should be taken not to post the below.
    I need not tell you how angry I am by seeing Andargachew falling in the hands of the TPLF tyrants. I just wanted to question how impermeable and reliable the Intelligence Unit of Ginbot7 is. Andargachew who is enemy #1, Eritrea another chronic enemy of TPLF, how could his travel got arranged to be through Yemen, a country that has no accountability to international rules. Due care has to be taken when planning travels.

  5. An aquentance who had worked with PPH in Awasa has told me how regionalist and anti Amhara PPH is. It is saddening to see Ethiopia the country of Eskinder Nega, Aklilu H/wold and the likes is represented by this incompetent person.

      Ye ager sewoch ante yemimeslu ” ALGA SILUT MERET NACHIHU”

  6. It surprises me that Abebe’s has formally recognized the extra-ordinary competence and smartness of Meles. Then what is wrong in copying an smart idea with full acknowlegement?

  7. ደሞ ኣያፍርም እንዴ የሄ ማሃይም? ኣንተ ገብር”ኤል ነግሮኝ ነው” ስትል የነበረክ መሃይም ጠቅላይ ምኒስትሩን ለመተችት በቃህ? ተብታባ!!

    • This conversation is in English, please go and ask a learned TPLF cadre to write to you before you insult a PHD candidate.

  8. Desaleg is the name given by woyane to one of its ass rather to its pack animal served relentlessely when woyane fighting its predessesor Derg by transporting the million dollar rob ed from axum and other Ethiopian banks. Thus for its great contribution ,Woyane has erected statue in Tigray. Time and again I was asking to find out the truth whether this stooge by the name Hailemariam Desalege is the son of the woyane ass which finally thrown to hyenas the moment woyane set his foot in Menelik palace. I think the fate of Hailemariam is inevitably similar to his father.

  9. My worry is not how the PM speaks the lanuguage. The substance Abebe Gelaw & his mates posting articles in different websites. No one is murdering the language as long as we communicate & understand each other. But we kill the honesty, integrity, the belief and expectation of the Ethiopian people. We are simply crying to fill our pocket in thre name of democracy by cheating the people and ourselves as if we represent them inside/outside.

  10. The fake pm was parroting what he was told by his woyane masters. the goons were the ones who were threatening the BBC journalist. it was so embarrassing to see this man’s performance in that interview. one can tell from that interview that the fake pm was trying to remember what he had memorized instead of giving answers to the questions from the journalist. what a sad scene. they probably decided what to say for him in his presence. he just did not know it because they were talking in tigringa. what a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Embarrassing Abebe-you will die making nonesense.
    your inferiority is killing you. Your comment on Ethiopia PM show clearly you have no respect to people. you are just too illiterate.

    • Dear TPLS cadres, before infesting your bugs here, get your fact straight. He is not illiterate he is a PHD candidate. Hailemariam is not our leader or the leader of the Ethiopian people, he is TPLF slave. We are disparate to free him from his captives.

  12. I am sure Abebe would not have brought up this as an issue had Hailemariam been some one of his liking. Abe must be idle and unfocused to think this is worth discussing.

  13. ailemariam is obsessed not just with copying the late meles but copying him precisely in line with the precept of being more catholic than the pope. The people of Ethiopia are long resigned to treating his interview as an irrelevant irritation. i am not sure of the size of the audience to HM’s interview but i am sure they are few and i am not one of them. The only time he tried to exercise some semblance of political independence in relation to peace with Eritrea at the very helm of his installment as PM, he was so rattled by the TPLF rank and file that he decided to muzzle himself up until and unless he is told to read Tplf’s script ad verbatim.. To those who viewed HM as a possibly precocious political talent since the time he was paraded by the power player Tplf so preciously, they must have now been awakened to the boring reality that HM is in fact the complete opposite at best an opportunist copy cat and at worst a shameless mouth piece to TPLF’s appalling brutality.

  14. Is this politics or hate? My brother Abebe Gelaw, this is not the way to go trust me. Hate or demeaning people, degrading people, violating people’s human dignity and integrity because you do not like them is a sign of weakness, this is not anathema of prime overs or revolutionaries. You are stuck in hate politics. Trust me, this will not change anything in Ethiopia. You can only defeat any human by being visionary, ideological and rationally driven, not by name calling and character assassination like this. Every human being deserves respect even those who do not know how to respect others.Being in America does not make you smarter than others. TPLF was never doing this to its enemies. TPLF captured and treated well derg soldiers and then made them join TPLF. This shows TPLF is better than you because you are engaged in petty personal attacks or character assassinations. You are only making many enemies for yourself. The bible says human tongue is the mistress of death, war, havoc, strife. The bible says if human man tongue is controlled, it can destroy nations. I brotherly advise you to be a man and do manly things than wasting your time swear on people whom you do not love or like. You can not prosper Ethiopia by loving some Ethiopian and hating other Ethiopian. You need to focus on the problem solving than chasing names. Eshi ? Grow up, learn from where you live. You can not remove EPRDF by character assassinating its leaders. I can you tell you from life experience that hate ideology will never liberate you leave alone to liberate to other Ethiopian. Muya belb new, I say a lot sometimes about EPRDF because I get frustrated by the wrong things they do. But disrespecting any human will not get us anywhere. This planet is not random. There is one above who see everything and give judgment. We are not random object on this planet. There is a creator or author of this universe. There is cosmic order. What you do or say to others will come back to your sooner or later regardless who you are. you are human status does not matter. There is paying back time for everything we do. I suggest you wise up and focus on real problem solving.

  15. This article sounds like monkey pointing at the monkey ahead of him ,about how ugly his rear.. abebe blasts pph English while his article sounds like he is speaking English in Amharic version. two dumbs don’t make right..

  16. Hailemariam is powerless man.these mafia group from Tigray didn’t give him a chance to practice his skills.he has no option.if he oppose them,they will send him to prison.these mafia group did collect enough wealth & they will try to do every thing in order to protect their weath.
    We want a good leader.it doesn’t matter ,if he speak a good English or not.English is not his mother language.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t speak good English,but he was a California governor.

    • Do not compare the chimp with Human.
      PM Hailemariam is powerful rules over 80 millions Ethiopians, on the other hand mediocre Mr.Talkative Abebe Gelebaw is nothing but attention starving chimp and screams like a chimp in every social gathering.

  17. I have long noticed HMD’s incompetence and utter lack of coherent-communication. Shortly after he was inaugurated as a PM, he was interviewed by an Indian journalist on the issue of slapping terrorism charge against legitimate opponents and that interview demonstrated that HMD is not capable of expressing his position in the english language unlike his eloquent predecessor (we have to agree on this) When HMD conducts interviews in the Amharic language half of it is english and when the interview is held in english no one knows what he is talking about. What a paradox! and therefore Abebe, you are right that HMD is a master of miscommunication. I even agree with the “dumber-than-door-knob” expression – nn expression that once angered Meles Zenawi to the point that he wrote a letter to Ethiomedia trying to explain that Hailemariam is such a “smart guy” but no, he is an embarrassment to the regime.

  18. Woyanes and the Woyane cyber army is out to insult Abebe an Ethiopian hero and recently the Woyane Cyber Army under the ministers of Communication Affairs is busy as Ermiyas alleges she the deputy minster of communication told us in ESAT
    No matter how tried Ethiopians are tired of Woyanes mafia style killings and lies and now they are out to criticize Abebe posturing themselves as independent and neutral Ethiopians kkkkkk we know u guys are coming in different shapes and forms to deceive Ethiopians
    Abebe expect a barrage of attacks and defamation in the future from the Tigre cyber Army because you inflicted much pain on them and they will follow you to your grave so prepare the long propaganda and defamation that will come from the Woyane cyber army

    Woregna Abebe Gelebaw just like the rest of useless talkative opposition wannabes will bark thousands miles away from home nothing more.

  20. Abebe, i applaud your careful observation backed with a number of well explained and articulated evidence. If I were a critic i would go to all the mentioned interviews and compare notes instead of backing an incompetent fool – which by the way makes you one as well for not delving and analyzing the fact. I think Abebe did a great job, he may have over played some words but just shows how disgusted he is with the whole system representing majority of Ethiopians. Lets just call a spade – a spade.

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