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Haile Mariam Desalegn (HMD) Delivers an Emergency Decree under Duress

By Yusuf Mohamed

I watched the poor HMD on YouTube blabbering an emergency decree he said is legislated by the parliament. That is, the “Ethiopian Parliament”, a parliament of castrated men and barren women, insensitive and unmoved by the wholesale slaughter of thousands of peaceful Oromo men, women and children.

HMD looked like a mounted mule gasping for air, shame on him. He is forced to bend over for TPLF and TPLF is giving it to him, what a pity. In delivering the decree, HMD had a very low demeanor when compared with the men of the Dergue. The men of the Dergue had a voice that shattered the transistor radios and black/white TVs of their day. They were alert and certain. They radiated fear and had piercing voice that summoned attention. Desalegn’s did not. His voice was that of a hopeless coolie.

He did not look like he was in control. He looked more like a wife in a shotgun marriage. His face exhibited uncertainty and resignation. He seemed ready to jump sheep but trapped by a fear that his handlers, the TPLF henchmen would come after him if he fails to do their bidding. Because he was overwhelmed by fear his delivery of the emergency decree looked sheepish. It can be said he was a man delivering his own obituary.

Poor HMD has accepted a role of step mothering a full house of TPLF’s famished stepchildren. He does not realize the stepchildren (Oromos, Amharas, Gambella, Somali, Afar, Benshangul and the Southern peoples) have long ago vacated the house and decided to bring it down. He is in a house condemned by all, except the Tigrai Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF). Perhaps HMD is just a house nigger fed on lard and contented enough so as not to join the rebellion of field niggers, or perhaps an isolated house nigger, therefore unaware of what is to come.

HMD may not be aware of what is coming, but TPLF is. TPLF, which arose from the badlands of Tigrai, northern Ethiopia in response to the tyranny visited upon the people of that region by the past Ethiopian Rulers has morphed into a carbon copy of the Dergue. In contrast to the Dergue however, the TPLF is a myopic beast marked by a deep tinge of greed, selfishness or hoarders affliction. Like the Dergue it is going for broke. TPLF has embarked on a path of destruction and it is acting upon it. For the 25 years it has been in power, it has done harm and spilled the blood of all ethnic groups in Ethiopia and it stands accused of committing genocide in the Oromo, Ogaden, Gambella, Afar, and the Amhara Regions. As such TPLF’s crime is entered in the annals of Genocide Watch®. One day it shall be held accountable.

The TPLF never gave regard to the grievances of the Oromo, Amhara, Gambella, Somali, Afar, Southern, Benshangul, ..etc, peoples. Instead of giving audience to the peaceful cry of the people for equity and justice, it chose to quell the peaceful cries for fairness. It was always oblivious to the possibility that one day it will all start to unravel and its lordship over the hapless masses of Ethiopia would come to an end. The beginning of that day has arrived and it may have arrived a little too early. TPLF is now caught off guard by the tenacity of the revolt. It is surprised that the timid, scared and coward masses of Ethiopia of 25 years ago are ready to tear it down. It is particularly shaken by the revolt of the Oromo people.

The mighty Oromo people of Ethiopia upon whose land and resources the Ethiopian empire is laid have responded to TPLF tugs in kind. The fate of TPLF is now in the hands of the Oromo people who have unequivocally rendered the verdict to vanquish it from their land. Decapitation is what awaits TPLF in the lands the Oromo, Amhara, Somali, Afar, Gambella, Southern,.. etc,.

The TPLF and its cadre of house niggers, water carriers and mules are persona non-grata though out most of Ethiopia. Sensing that the people are out for its neck, TPLF is handing out HMD’s neck for noosing.

HMD is unable to see the sun is setting on TPLF. Today, the TPLF foot soldiers of yesteryear are old fat pigs in command of a hungry army of conscripted children of peasants. More importantly, time has truly done justice to the TPLF horde that descended from the mountains on barefoot and flip-flops. It is defanged. Its biting power is as piercing as that of a hundred year old man left with no teeth but a gum ravaged by gingivitis. The People of have no fear of it.

The Oromo, Amhara, Somali, Gambella, Afar, Southern peoples will sweep it into the dustbin of history before Desalegn’s emergency decree expires. And that my brothers and sisters, is what HMD should be delivering to the parliament of ewes.
The People Will Prevail!

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