Habtamu Ayalew arrives in Washington DC

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by Obang Metho

It is my greatest honor to meet with our beloved brother Habtamu Ayalew, his beautiful wife and daughter. Brother Habtamu is a selfless man, who lives to please the countless Ethiopian who are suffering throughout Ethiopia under the ethnic apartheid regime of the TPLF.

Habtamu Ayalew, the former spokesman for the opposition Andenet (Unity) party was arrested on July 8, 2014 and charged with terrorism. He was detained at Maekelawi and Qilinto Prisons and suffered so much under the ethnic apartheid regime of the TPLF.
Habtamu Ayalew is one of countless Ethiopians heroes who devoted their lives to brings justice and freedom to all Ethiopian not only one ethnic group or few elites.

He is one of the greatest Ethiopian leaders who suffers persecution for advocating for the human rights, justice, freedom and equality in Ethiopia.

Brother Habtamu will always be one of my many heroes who risk all and even lose their lives to save the lives of others.

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I will always thanks him for his valued contribution and service to our country. I would also like to thanks those great Ethiopians who aspire to service “beyond the call of duty.

I hope brother Habtamu gets the treatment soon and fast recovery and the best health possible.

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  1. The Ethiopian government had been offering jobs to the young but most of the educated youth prefer to beg diasporas for money on social media all day, rather than work hard in their profession . Amazingly the youth used to make enough money to support themselves just by having regular penpals over the internet. Now all trhat changed since there is no internet access in Ethiopia. The mostly single homesick diasporas who are same age with the youth back home likes the fact to have someone to talk to with fresh talk from the homeland so they don’t mind sending the money to their penpals in Ethiopia on a regular basis.Most of the penpals don’t like to communicate through regular mail. The problem arised when internet was cut off in Ethiopia ,the burden Ethiopian social media addicts now are forced to find other way to support themselves,some are going to the extent of infecting themselves with sickness so they get to come in person to where their penpals are living in search of the over exaggerated lifestyle they had been fed from their penpals about life in the diaspora. The government can use this opportunity to mobilize the young to work, before all the opposition somehow infect themselves just so they can get out of the country in search of the false life the diaspora penpals been writing.

    That is why in the near future the diaspora should stop sending money to people of working ages so that people of working age can become productive citizens instead of terrorists that burn down factories. Even when internet comes back up diaspora should discourage this new technique of spreading disease to go abroad. If you think about it, sending money doesn’t help the youth . The unemployed youth should work, get experience and get more education to be self sufficient rather than continuing the cycle of being burden.

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