Gunmen Kill 9 on Bus in Ethiopia Near Dam Project

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newsADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia April 16, 2014 (AP)

(Associated Press) Ethiopian officials say that attackers fired on a public bus in the country’s west, killing nine people and wounding seven.

Redwan Hussein, a government spokesman, said Wednesday that the attack took place in the Banishangul Gumuz region, an area that has an increased security presence to protect construction of the country’s Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which Egypt views as a threat to the flow of the Nile River.

Unknown gunmen fired early Tuesday on a public bus that was carrying 28 residents. The region has seen previous attacks by a rebel group that laid down arms last year after 17 years of protests.

Hussein said authorities had not yet made any arrests but were pursuing suspects.


    • I talked with some europeans about this issue, and I was amazed how they know even better than us how it is the hand of Woyanes.
      I was chatting with three guys who have been to Africa at least three time each over the last 10 years at different times. They said it is only the security people who kill people in Ethiopia, they believe even there are no thugs in Ethiopia.

      For the Woyanes this is their usal way of crying wolf. We shall see with time. I am only amazed at how our land grew these weeds.

  1. the only killers in Ethiopia are the fascist Tigre people liberation force. NO BODY else could do such a reckless thing as killing bus passengers except the terrorist tigre p liberation force.

  2. I totally agree with Kibrom and Tass. These vagabonds are trying to take away the focus from their crimes and gain sympathy from the West. The thing is one cannot cry wolf repeatedly. Please discard this in your waste basket if you have one.

  3. Now this is a no-no. Killings of any civilian or any human being for political reasons should be condemned at all times. Also causing to any infrastructures should be considered off limits and deemed to be anti-development and therefore anti-people. After all said and done, infrastructures and their equipment including vehicles belong to the people who use them. This is a work of cowards whoever perpetrates them. This is the destructive actions used to be taken by former Eritrean and Somali insurgents(Those who fought Ziad Barre) in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s. They used to blow up oil refineries, roads and bridges most of the time for the sake of publicity or to just get a ‘high’ from it. They used to go in trance whenever BBC talked about it. I remember once when I was a college student in the Middle East during the late 1960’s when one of my friends Mehari, an Eritrean high school student, jumping up and down after hearing a BBC broadcast in which we heard Eritrean rebels ‘captured’ and destroyed a bus carrying civilians en route to Asmara. When I asked Mehari what was any good in destroying civilian bus, his justification was that the government has lost the countryside and it was then in control of the rebels. Go figure!!! If this is done by elements in the ruling regime or any one fighting it, someone is doing it by the playbook written long time ago by this self-proclaimed ‘Horn-of-Africa Redeemer’ hailing from Asmara. It is a shame that still even today some people are falling for his snare. I had said non-violence yesterday and I will say non-violence for today, tomorrow and from here to eternity.

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