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Guelph man charged with murder in Seble Dietrich missing woman case

 Guelph Mercury
By Mercury staff
GUELPH (Ontario Canada) — Guelph Police have charged a 43-year-old Guelph man with the first degree murder of Seble “Mimi” Dietrich.
Sebele Mimi
Dietrich was reported missing to Guelph Police on July 19, 2014. She was last seen on July 10, 2014.
Her disappearance was treated as suspicious at the time and a team of detectives was assigned to the case.
According to a press release issued late Tuesday, police charged the man with murder on June 9. He was also charged with obstruct police in relation to the investigation, the release states.
Dietrich was 39 and had three children. She ran an Ethiopian coffee shop and had a web-based talk show.
She was a native of Ethiopia and had reportedly just returned from a trip there when she went missing. She had lived in Guelph for just four years.
She was active in the Ethiopian community and belonged to an Ethiopian church in Kitchener. That group held a rally for her a few months after her disappearance to draw awareness of the issue and to encourage police to “do more.”
Police are still seeking information about the case. Contact Sgt. Tina Ryan at 519-824-1212 ext 7329 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS if you wish to remain anonymous.

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  1. The TPLF/EPRDF regime of Ethiopia exports spies and thugs to diaspora via Washington DC to harass and weaken the organizational capacity of Oromos/Ethiopians in diaspora. It is becoming very common in Washington DC to see Ethiopia’s surveillance against Oromo(Ethiopians)American Citizens in action. The government uses poor, illiterate and semi literate collaborators; pays them salaries in US dollars, puts them in suits and Hondas, and decent housing in DC, Virginia and Maryland so they can conduct surveillance on the North American Oromo/Ethiopia people. These spies have attempted and occasionally succeeded in infiltrating Oromo/Ethiopian institutions all over the Washington DC area. They lurk within these institutions and sabotage them and also sabotage events planned by community organizations.
    Oromo Center, located in Northwest Washington DC, is infested with Ethiopian government spy network and collaborators. By justifying it as being inclusive and welcoming to all Oromos, some of the Oromo Center leaders have granted access to agents of Ethiopian government who use the Center’s basement to organize and plan actions to weaken the Oromo/Ethiopian diaspora. As part of a propaganda and espionage work conducted by the agents sent by Ethiopian government, heads of these spy networks and mafias such as Dasalegn Taferra, Berhanemeskel and Cherer conduct espionage and seminars on behalf of the Ethiopian government in Oromo Center’s basement.

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