Grenade attack in Ethiopia kills football player

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Wondwossen Yohannes was apparently shot to death. Photo : FBC

ADDIS ABABA, June 7 (Xinhua) — A grenade attack in central Ethiopia’s Oromia regional state has left a football player dead, Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) reported on Friday.

Wondwossen Yohannes, a player for Ethiopian Nekemte Footbal Club, was killed after a grenade was thrown on Wednesday evening in a hotel in Nekemte city, according to the FBC.

At least three others were injured in the grenade attack.

Police have arrested several suspects, but not yet identified the identity of the arrested suspects or a possible motive behind the attack.

On Thursday, four individuals suspected of carrying out assassinations on government officials in Addis Ababa and surrounding areas were seized, Oromia Communications Bureau said in a press release.

Several mobile phones and scores of military uniforms have been seized together with the four suspects.

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  1. Such terrorist acts do not surprise me a bit. Many young people have been spoon fed with toxic doses of hatred toward others and their psyche was effectively molded on the religion of violence as a means the whole time they were roaming the deserts of Eritrea. Their world outlook is entrenched in this twisted conviction that the solution is in the barrels of a deadly gun. In their modus operandi, you have to kill first and then get what you want. ‘And this is your time! This is it!! This is the time you are waiting and dreaming about during your days in those bushes hundreds of miles away. You are looking at a sissy administration that has lost all of its muscle tones and you can beat the tar out of. Lob grenades at hotels, line up and machine gun down people you don’t like whenever you feel like it!!! Abiy is a sissy!!! Seare ibn Mekonen is a sissy!!! Lemma ibn Megersa is a sissy!!! Just look at them!!! They are shaking in their boots just thinking about you!!! By the way, you can take Addis(Finfine) by the next July, September at the latest!!! ‘

    Unless some drastic and equitable actions are taken by the regime against such demons this type of wanton and savage act will come home to roost, the capital and other major urban locations. What we have been told so far is the arrests of such demons right after the crime but we were not shown who they are. Where are the mug shots of these savages? Show me the money!!!

  2. Muktar – Such is your brain capacity. Narrow and dark. I am aware the short comment could of been written by anyone, including TPLF sympathizers. Nevertheless, such comment cheapens human life regardless of ethnicity or religion. You should of been the one on the receiving end of this attack. Only then you will feel the pain of these people. To read such moronic comment in the 21st century indicates how shallow the human hurt is.

    • Dear Countryman,

      May The Almighty Our Creator Bless You and Your Family!!

      I don’t think the person you referred to is even from the old country. If he really is, count on it that he must be one of those who were scavenging at the dumpsites in Asmara for more than two decades. You are right to be shocked to find such heartless demon among us, us the glorious people of that gem of the colored. That gem which has been a showcase of harmonious living amid abject poverty and under bloody and ruthless regimes. Whenever I come across such Atilas on this and other websites, I say to myself ‘where did he/she come from? How could such iblis come out as the products of those glorious people who produced us all and who we are always proud of? How? But you know what? They are in their minority. That is why they kill at random. That is why they have stopped listening. That is why they have lost their reason. They have turned into walking, talking Lucifers!!!

  3. In Addis Ababa Ethiopia hundreds of banks had been robbed in the last twenty eight years with maybe 2 people prosecuted for their crimes yet. It is very concerning why the government of city of Addis Ababa is unable to catch the bank robbers . Just within the last year close to 90 banks had been robbed in Addis Ababa with not even one person held accountable for the crime, this is very alarming.

  4. enanete leboch kamara yebelete chekagn nefesgeday ale be zimidir ? denakurt ye sidit sisasidist teketayoch seytanoch enman nachew amrawoch

    bandawoch ? ke weyane gar hone wondimochacheun yemiyasgedlu ? leboch behaymanote sim yemishkitu enman nachwe mahibrekidusan yeamara sibisib leboch ?

    haymanot legeza kibrachew, zina genzeb besebsbiya yemitekmu amara nachew be wustim bewuchim be kirstina behager sim yeminegdu oromowoch sayihonu amarawoch nachew

    zerayakob fasildes yegedeleowun nefis kutir tawukutalachuh

    amarika kuch bilachuh sewun machefachf tebab yepolitika ajenda yemitaserachuh yemote yeseytan meklktegnoch amarawoch


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