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GPLM Press Release: Second Genocide Being Committed Against Anuaks in Gambella

GPLM Press Release
The Second Genocide is Being Committed against Unarmed Anuak Tribe in Gambella, Southwest Ethiopia, by South Sudanese Refugees with Ethiopian Government’s Approval
It is with deep sadness that we learned that the Ethiopian government has once again embarked on carrying out a massive massacre of unarmed Anuak civilians in Gambella town of southwest Ethiopia, using similar killing style of 2003. Unlike the December 2003 – which involved Ethiopian highlanders’ civilians, this time, the Ethiopian government used South Sudanese ethnic Nuers to carry out the genocide.

Photo caption: An area locally known as “4 kilo” in Gambella town Photo: Eye witness
Photo caption: An area locally known as “4 kilo” in Gambella town
Photo: Eye witness

The Nuers who are spearheading the killing of Anuaks are going front, while the Ethiopian military accompany them in the back. Any Anuak seen carrying traditional weapon, such as a spear, is shot dead by the Ethiopian military forces. In addition, the government ordered all Anuaks in police and special force to be disarmed by the Ethiopian military. Leaving all Anuaks vulnerable to be killed. In this rampage killing, the Nuer refugees are armed with modern weapons, such as AK-47, garnets and bombs, and are allowed to kill Anuaks and loots their properties before burning their houses to ground.
For the last three months, the Governor of Gambella region Mr. Gatluak Tut – who by nationality is a South Sudanese Nuer, with the knowledge of Ethiopian government, brought many guns to Gambella town from the Sudanese Nuer rebel base of Dr. Riek Machar Teny. These guns are distributed to all Nuers living in Gambella town in preparation to commit such mass genocide-plan. What availed itself on Wednesday January 27, 2016 around 2am and continued up to-date is the execution of such an atrociousness plan. Clearly, the plan was coordinated, and it was a combination of a strategic long-term plan by the EPRDF/Ethiopian government, South Sudanese Nuers, and their rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny to kill all Anuaks living in Gambella town.
Obviously, it was a continuation of the policy of genocide against the Anuaks which began its first implementation in December 2003. The Ethiopian government can not rest or stop its policy of genocide until all Anuaks are killed and the land is taken by the very government committing the genocide.
The Gambella People’s Liberation Movement (GPLM) strongly condemned this atrocity committed against our people by foreign forces with the support of the Ethiopian government and security organs. We believe such use of foreigners to kill Ethiopian nationals by the very government supposedly to protect them not only a violation of the country sovereignty and the constitution, but also is a violation of international law in the states obligation to protect it own citizens.
Thus, we calls on:
• International community to pressure the Ethiopian government to stop indirect and direct killing of Anuak civilians;
• To establish independent inquiries to investigate the massacre currently taking place in Gambella;
• The United States government and the Europeans community to pressure the Ethiopian government to desist from committing current genocide on our people;
• The United Nations and members nations, the African Union, in the East African countries to instruct the South Sudanese Nuer rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny to immediately stop supplying his Nuer tribe with deadly weapons to be used against unarmed Anuak civilians and creating instability in Gambella.
• Unconditional remove and transfer South Sudanese Nuers out of Gambella immediately;
• Finally, calls on government of EPRDF to stop its divide-and-rule politics in Gambella.
Contact Number: 1(204)-218-5988 Or 1(507)-383-0534

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  1. What are we waiting for? What are we waiting for? What are we waiting for?
    Ethiopians should take similar action against TPLF and its local allies?
    Ethiopians should take similar action against TPLF and its local allies?
    Ethiopians should take similar action against TPLF and its local allies?

  2. how can anuak say nuer are south Sudanese if nuer are south Sudanese anuak also are south sudanese because in 1918 to 1957 we all are not Ethiopian including even Oromo people anuak themselves they were in Kenya nuer was in Sudan all Semitic and hemetic from Asia which indicates that Ethiopia is not a country for one tribe like anuak the ideological and back wardness for anuak native show call them indeginouse in gambella100% is not coorect all the time they always again government what a wrong perception is this just cry in media with sense then government of Ethiopia know how to judge this incident and how to manage.you anak if gambella is your land can you tell the exact meaning of gambella? if its true can a anuak be given a state with out ? if its ok can you tell media the exact total population that all anuak entirely around whole ethiopia.

    • Mr kueth, we the Anyuak know the true history of our land. if we follow the history you will be far from Gambela.some few nuer were allowed by Italian to become Ethiopian only in 1936.Don,t talk about Gambela, even Nasir is our land.But remember what you did during thwothpal rule in Gambela you did the same thing. when regime change in which we are the participant, we the Anuak kindly wellcome you to be in second position rather than maganger who fougt with us together. Now Anuak still victim of dec 13 2003, that why Gambela become a state where every one will claim to be his own land. we always believe in quality than quantity. Nuer say we are majority but the second time will come for you, thousand nuer will faced only hundred Anuak. what happen in 1911 will happen again if you don,t stop your miss behavior, you don,t know the way of civilization. sorry for waisting my time with you homelessn people.

  3. This article was probably written by a jobless individual who feeds on tribalism as the main motivation to be alive. first and foremost if this individual who wrote this article was in-fact educated and knows his/her identity in terms of geographical origins. He would of considered the two tribes as South Sudanese origins. Anyuak seems to be confused with their identity. Both of these tribes migrated from South Sudan.
    Secondly the so called Gambella People Liberation movement has no vision nor agenda to liberate anyone. Who exactly they are liberating people from Gambella from? The movement is a terrorist organization fuel by bitterness and tribalism. This Article should be based on peace and prosperity. The two tribes have lived with one another for years and seems to reconcile their differences.
    To the individual who wrote this article who is most likely jobless and drunker please refrain from tribalism and hate speech. You have failed in life numerous time please do not drag us to the grave with you some of us actually would like to live in peace with our neighbors and tribesmen.

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