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Gov’t investigating death of Kenyan killed in Ethiopia

By Eddy Ashioya

Gov’t investigating death of Kenyan killed in EthiopiaThe news of Zak’s death caused a stir on social media on Thursday, December 15 when he arrived in a coffin after 20 months in an Ethiopian jail with Kenyans accusing the government of turning a blind eye and doing little to salvage the situation.

Gatimu had gone to work in Ethiopia and was arrested walking out of a client’s compound on January 10, 2015.

Another Kenyan, Jedrick Mugo, a Radio Frequency Engineer and a Mr Ali Basir, were also arrested the same day and still in prison.

Kiraithe added that the Government would support Zak’s family and promised to ensure the release of Mugo.

“Government remains engaged in efforts to secure the release of Mr Muriuki’s colleague, Mr Jedrick Mugo. We urge their employers to come forth with critical information needed by the Ethiopian Government to shed more light on the case,” Kiraithe stated.

According to Kiraithe, the government is aware of the imprisonment of Muriuki and has engaged with both his family and the Government of Ethiopia in a bid to resolve the case and have Mr Muriuki and his colleague return home.

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Kiraithe further added that investigations to unravel the mysterious death of Mr Gatimu, with the cooperation of the Ethiopian authorities, were underway.

Kiraithe further warned citizens living in foreign countries to maintain the highest levels of vigilance and to be cognizant with the laws of that country and make efforts to observe them.

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