Good Riddance

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By Engidu Woldie

Defections are expected in any armed struggle. Defections, spying, sabotage and all sorts of ploy are common. It is therefore not surprising that Mola Asgedom, former chairman of the Tigray Peoples Democratic Movement, had defected on the eve of the Ethiopian New Year. Mola, who was vice chairman of the newly formed Salvation Army at the time of his defection, had reportedly been not happy about the formation of one strong army. Reports say he stood against his comrades when TPDM executive committee made a decision to join the Salvation Army.
Mola asgedom copy
Mola’s defection is not astounding at all when you consider the fact that he had done it before. He was already a defector from the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), the group formed by the brutes that are currently causing misery on Ethiopians. One could say he has the habit of defecting every time he loses control of situations. He was evidently not happy that his soldiers had joined the Salvation Army and hence has lost full control. Talk about a control freak.
I am actually happy the guy left early before he caused a lot of damage on the Salvation Army. The Army would be better off without the likes of Mola, who has no backbone at all. At this critical moment, Mola had chosen to be on the wrong side of history; and history will judge him, as Ethiopians would say.
In the meantime, the regime in Addis is trying to take credit of Mola’s defection saying it was the work of its intelligence apparatchik. The only government statement on Mola’s defection at the time of this post was the one released by a website run by a good for nothing “journalist” by the name Ben. This clown apparently gets the scoop before his “rival” EBC. A master of mendacity and intrigue, the TPLF will once again present its poorly scripted drama on the award winning broadcaster of lies, EBC.
The fight to free Ethiopia of the cancerous TPLF is not and will not be hampered by the defection of an individual. The Salvation Army and what it stood for is so big bad decisions by troubled individuals should not be a concern at all.

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  1. Miskinoch Tsinatu Yistachuh.
    Ababa Birhanu has to create virtual/illusionary army asap.How else could the fund raising drive continue?

  2. Most of you like Demis Belete etc. not opposing the straggle because it is based in Eritrea, it is that you are happy to see Ethiopians become slaves of TPLF forever, we know even if the base moves to another African country still you will oppose it, but let me tell you we will not give up until our Ethiopia is free from TPLF beast let alone the defection of Molla

  3. “He was already a defector from the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), the group formed by the brutes that are currently causing misery on Ethiopians.”
    I am angry!!
    I believe it was a shear mistake to trust this Tigre who was recycled from woyane.
    I hope Ethiopians take a lesson from this. “Akenbalo wode-zemedih bibal wode-azaba hede alu!”. No surprise, no Tigre should be trusted in the struggle for liberation unless he proves it trust worthy by multiple psychometric tests if necessary.
    It is Ethiopians who are actually fostering their own misery. Remember Gandhi? Quoted as saying something like this. Assume all Indians peed together the British would be flooded to the Indian ocean and India would be free country.
    If corrupt Oromo’s and Amhara’s or lenient Oromo and Amhara , who are the dominant and most populous group, did not prop-up the looting Tigre in the country, their repression and rule would not last a season in the country.
    The corrupt Orom’s think they are better off because they can write in Qube and the “Hodam” moderate Amhara’s think Tigre rule is preferable up until another messiah comes from their root in another 100 year.
    If only the two fought like their forefathers gruella fought Fascist Italy, Tigray liberation would not screw up the country to their benefit like this for a quarter of a century.
    Don’t blame the mole or betraying (which is the behavior of Tigres as they are best known for treason)soldier Asgedom or G7 and its leaders; take a collective responsibility, be angry about another betrayal from Tigre clan and dig the way out!
    Is it true Tigre are the same like bricks? When you flip them over, they change to woayne-except for very few who live with determination and conscience.

    • What is the matter with you bigot. Tigray people are the foundetion and the pilars of Ethiopia and they have proved it through out history by paying their blood. I don’t know about your identity but if you have this tigray people hatred you are a bogot enemy of Ethiopia.Stop the tigray people bashing and hating thing and mind your business.

  4. This guy did not do any thing. He wasted some 13 good years of his life eating food.Now we heard he defected. He has cleared the way for the real fighters.Otherwise it is not news. May be he was scared of being caught in between the cross fire. This means he is not a real fighter. He has saved his ass.

  5. In reality, this is a big blow to Berhanu Nega who is spending a good part of his life craving to be the new king of Ethiopia. Guys don’t cheat yourselves. TPDM has been the major fighting force of the so-called coalition group based in Asmara. Now Berhanu Nega has nothing but lament over his misfortune. Some commentators say, as the writer of the article also says that it is good riddance and that the remaining forces would do good fighting without the forces of TPDM. But as far as I am concerned, nothing is further from the truth. How can any novice despise a battle-hardened political and military leader of the coalition…? Those of you who are living in a dream world, please reconcile yourselves with the current reality and forget the old reality of Ethiopia which used to assign the ownership of the country to few ruling classes only… Those days are gone for good. The new Ethiopia is now on an irreversible path of equality, justice and national development… And most of us are happy with this new reality….

  6. Dr. Birhanu an example of losers…he lost when he was with EPRP, he lost in 2007 election and for the third time he lost his deputy in the eve of our new year….this time he may not easily escape the brutal dictator in Asmara…because if Isayas is not going to get what he wants from him and other innocent Ethiopians in that hell on Earth country….this poor Dr. may face death….president Isayas has already eaten 15 of his cabinet members and many other unmentioned number of Ethiopians who were working in Asmara against the Ethiopian government….

  7. You are facing real dilemma, it’s clear you can not do it on your own, but you can’t trust the “Tigre” hahahahahahahahahahah. esti wend hun mekurow be raskin

  8. Molla did not defect. He was undercover tplf mercinary. His mission was to pass secrets of Shabia and Ethiopian opposition forces to tplf and if and when possible facilitate assassination of opposition leaders as well as Shabia commanders. On the other hand, This undercover agent’s departure shows how smart the leadership of the opposition is. Certainly, the leaders of the opposition and shabia have had some sort of information or at least suspicion that this guy, as well as many more others, had been sent by tplf as ‘defectors’ to carry out undercover mission. Thus, they had to take measures to identify the real ones from the pretending, covert mercenaries. This newly formed force of coalition was cafully made to so that it won’t be controlled by the covert operators of tplf but by genuine freedom fighters. Molla would have gone to another country and seek asylum or establish his own group inspite of surrendering himself up to tplf had it not been undercover agent for tplf.

  9. the amhara tribe are always nervous when they see tigreyans in power
    to your surprise you can say any thing but you have no fighting substance

  10. His commitment was shaky in the first place. what did he do to the struggle during his 14 years as a leader? his desertion is not going to make any difference. there are thousands of soldiers, commanders and air force pilots who are deserting the woyane army every day. so what is more important is the fact as long as woyane’s oppression exists, people will rebel. woyane is worried about a rebellion from Eritrea. it has totally ignored what is brewing inside the country. when a society is divided between US and THEM , the consequence is catastrophic. no amount of federal police or the dreaded agazi is not going to save it.

  11. Do u have an abstract Ethiopia? As Most of the Ethiopian believe the current Ethiopia is a new one that serves all ethnics without discrimination but your ethnics that ruled for the last two centuries who made big contradiction among the whole people and made our true Ethiopia the poorest country this is due to your ethnics group. The current Ethiopia is quite different and respected by most democrat countries . The economic growth registered during EPRDF is a record in Africa and enabled our people to dream a better life which may be equivalent to east European and most highly developed countries are making new relation with our country for further economy relations for their people benefit. You are crying as a child and say our Ethiopia shall be liberated from the hard worker and programmed party that dreams and working with development program and schedule for better Ethiopia. Your old is buried with your ignorant and scovinist group that will never come again to take our new Ethiopia to old type. Most of you are tiger on paper but try to introduce civil war among people for your day dream Ethiopia . Imagine your politicians are now in Eritrea,the main enemy of Ethiopia and is working to see very weak Ethiopia even not to claim port but your slogan to have Assab port by force which is against Issayas Afewerki. Most of Ethiopians are eager to see the agreement made b/n your leaders and Issayas.which is too extreme. Unless you promise some thing to Issayas that heart our people as we know the ambition of Eritrea leader. Shame on those who dream to destroy Ethiopia

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