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Global Alliance for Justice Seeks Billions of Dollars in Restitution for Ethiopians (PRESS RELEASE)

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March 16, 2016
Garland, Texas: The Global Alliance for Justice: The Ethiopian Cause “GAJEC” is a non-governmental organization registered with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.
On the occasion of this week’s visit to Ethiopia by the Italian president and foreign minister, GAJEC reiterates that its purpose is to seek justice for Italian war crimes and the genocide inflicted on the Ethiopian people 1936-1941 by the Italian government and restitution and return of looted property from Italy, the Vatican Museum and Library, and elsewhere.
During the Italian war on Ethiopia 1936-1941, the Italian fascists carried out a systematic mass extermination campaign in Ethiopia with poison gas sprayed from airplanes and other horrific atrocities that claimed the lives of no less than 1,000,000 Ethiopian men, women and children, including 30,000 massacred in only three days in Addis Ababa as well as the reprisal killings of the entire monastic community at the historic Debre Libanos Monastery. In addition, 2,000 churches and 525,000 homes were destroyed by the Italian Fascists.
Not a single Italian was prosecuted for these war crimes and the people of Ethiopia were denied the meaningful restitution and reparations afforded to so many other victims of fascism such as a $5 billion award to Libya from Italy. GAJEC’s mission is to correct this historic injustice.
GAJEC was instrumental in forcing the near-closure of the memorial to the Italian war criminal Rodolfo Graziani through ceaseless advocacy and a petition to the European Union Parliament.
GAJEC recently sponsored a historic conference of scholars on the Ethiopian Genocide at Howard University in Washington DC.
GAJEC has continually pleaded the case of Ethiopian victims of genocide with the government of Italy, the Vatican, and numerous international organizations including the United Nations, African Union, and European Union.
GAJEC has assisted in the repatriation of looted and stolen Ethiopian cultural and religious property to its rightful owners.
GAJEC has also championed the cause of restitution and reparations to the Ethiopian people and church for uncompensated losses incurred during 1936-1941 and the return of looted property worth billions of dollars.
GAJEC seeks partners and affiliates in this quest for justice and hopes one day to obtain justice and closure for one of the greatest crimes of the 20th Century
For more information or to help, contact:
The Global Alliance for Justice: The Ethiopian Cause “GAJEC”
Email: info@globalallianceforethiopia.com


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