Global Alliance Condemns Recent Massacres and Mass Arrests

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ambo-university-458x375For Immediate Release
May 6, 2014

(Washington DC) The Global Alliance for the Rights of Ethiopians (GARE) is deeply disturbed with the recent massacres and mass arrests of journalists, bloggers and activists in Ethiopia. These arbaric measures provide fresh evidence on the Ethiopian government’s total disregard for the basic rights, dignity and civil liberties of the people of Ethiopia.

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  1. OLF and its Oromo leaders should apologize for the mass genocide that committed against hundreds of innocent Amhara individuals in wollega region in the 1990’s

  2. I napoleon admir abebe gelaw and eskinder nega and othe journalist
    Olf should applogize people who lost theit famly members becouse they are not from orom clan.

  3. Ok now .who said what , the abolishment of slavery under the hypocratical slogans about teaching bibles to african the search emm where is the gold.all those story says sth about the changed to upps african alredy now abou bible we have to use different stategy like how to teach emm about democracy and and if they donot do it right , just calk them dictator.ok asif thus issue my confuse some oeople becouse no idea of what i am takking, it is about government who has no democracy u name it they are about inorder to put democratic government first give them arm, let the get killed, suppress them, loot themso so if sbdy gave arm to africanust libiration army

  4. To oromos sympathetic to olf,,, if you live in theUs why don’t you protest by destroying a govt building in the Us and see what the death toll of the protesters will bee,,,, peace full protest doesn’t consist of burning govt buildings

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