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Global Alliance appoints Ms. Meron Ahadu as new spokesperson


The Global Alliance for the Rights of Ethiopians (GAFE) is pleased to announce the appointment of long-time activist Ms. Meron Ahadu as its spokesperson. In its recent deliberations, the leadership of the Alliance unanimously elected Ms. Meron to serve as head of public relations and spokesperson.

Ms. Meron has an untarnished track-record of working tirelessly to defend and advance the rights and dignity of Ethiopians as well as vocally speaking out against tyranny and repression.

We are delighted that Ms. Meron Ahadu has agreed to serve as the Spokesperson for the Alliance effective March 12, 2014.The Alliance also wishes to note that Mr. Berhanu Damte does not represent or speak on behalf of the Alliance as any links between the Alliance and the individual have been severed effective immediately.
The Alliance has continued its important advocacy work in support of Ethiopian victims of violence in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. In addition, the Global Alliance has recently taken significant steps to redefine its mission and goals. The Alliance will soon be transitioned towards the formation of a durable, credible and all-inclusive human rights advocacy organization tasked to defend and advance the rights of all Ethiopians.

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The Alliance will communicate its progress in the effort to build a formidable global network to defend the rights, dignity and freedom of Ethiopians.

The Global Alliance for the Rights of Ethiopians looks forward to your support in advancing the cause of human rights, freedom and dignity of Ethiopians in the years to come.

Global Alliance for the Rights of Ethiopians


  1. Global Alliance;

    When you do something make it something that creates opportunities to embrace all and also develop a Guideline that will help address any Problem that could hamper its success. Donot be attracted by individuals rather try to establish a System that could create its own People. The People that could be involved to play such big roles should be tested time and again to ensure that it will not be backfiring when that specific Person has failed to fulfill its obligations.

    On the other Hand we donot solve a Long time Problem by rushing today rather the Problem we have today is deep rooted and Needs a Long time strategy and Needs to be done with Close cooperation with different stakeholders. It could also serve as a model to facilitate cooperation among different stakeholders that are engaged towards serving the same purpose but their own way. we donot not rush to expect results today but if the System is created and the strategies and Guidelines in place are made to embrace the interests of stakeholders that are working in a fragmented way. I hope the lessons at this time should be considered strongly and never give rooms for such Errors for the future.

    In Addition moves should be made to establish branches with care to strengthen the alliance with a broad Vision of addressing the core Problems of the Country, which revolves around creating a democtratic System that will bring a solution to the Problems the Country is facing today, one of the manifestations of which is Immigration to other countries in search of Jobs to sustain living with all its risks. We hope some Thing which has a good bases will bring good results in the near future.

  2. please tell me were did all the money go?
    the Dallas community collected $30000 by themselves .however global alliance did collect in many cities yet you come up only $ 30 k. its very suspicious to me. Tamagn was its chair person during the fundrasing. now the juice is finished and throw this poor lady on it.

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