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Girma Birru, TPLF’S ambassador attacked Oromo youth in Washington, DC 

TPLF Ambassador Girma Birru confronted by Ethiopians in Chicago | Video

#OromoProtests “Today OYA DC went to the Ethiopian Ambassador’s residence (Girma Birru). Two of us (Kiya and Eden) were let into the compund by security and a lady let them in the house. The two of them called out Girma Birru and began asking him how he could call himself Oromo and demanding that he hold himself accountable. They were then attacked by Girma Birru and another woman. The woman punched Eden and Girma Birru attacked Kiya and injured his neck and ear. We are currently filing charges and so we cannot release the footage we took for now. Please publicize the story.”


Source:  Jawar Mohammed Facebook



  1. From now on if any of the chauvinists come to disrupt any occasion they must get what they deserve, no mercy. No more cuddling like a baby, we have to speak a language they understand. Enough is enough.

  2. From now on if any of the chauvinists come to disrupt any occasion they must get what they deserve, no mercy. No more cuddling like a baby, we have to speak a language they understand. Enough is enough.


  4. What is the purpose of barging in the diplomatic compound the first place? What is the benefit of asking the Ambassador about his ethnicity? If his parents are from Oromo family nothing can be done to refute that. Good or bad that can not be taken away from him. There are individuals born to Oromo families who works for many nations around the world. Are they to face the same verifying questions? ;The two of them called out Girma Birru and began asking him how he could call himself Oromo and demanding that he hold himself accountable’. What nonsense!!! Ok..What now? I highly suggest to these youth not to think about taking this man to court. A woman kicked my ass? I see and hate to see Johnny Cochran coming after them in court. ‘Are you saying this diminutive woman kicked your ass?’ Answer: ‘Ummm’. Johnny Cochran wrings the OSA member ‘Try yes or no sir’. That would be very funny incidence worthy of being looked at by script writers for a next summer hit at Tinseltown. This is a highly security sensitive residence. These misguided youth are lucky enough to get out of that compound alive. Where was Jawar himself during the alleged altercation? Munching down his McD’S? And he is fit to kick ‘Ethiopia out of Oromia’ and ‘liberate’ more than 50 million Oromos including those in Kenya(Kegna)? I dare you not to insult me and my very proud Oromo people of glorious history. Don’t do it. Just don’t!!!

  5. If the purported incident is true, it is not unexpected of a Woyane official to respond violently. Thankfully the American justice system does not brook a violence of such scale more so unleashed by a supposed diplomat.

    Was it it not from the same office that one Tigre brigand fired at protesting Ethiopians sometime ago and got deported consequently?

    While it is ambassador Girma Biru’s prerogative to ignore answering the alleged questions the two youth posed, it is not wrong that they did so, as long as he sits in that office in their name, Oromos. What is patently illegal and criminal in my opinion is, the assault the question generated

    Indeed, if there is a documentary evidence, it is the duty of these youngsters to sue the villain and the government he represents for the physical as well as psychological trauma he and his co-worker perpetrated.

    If there is a material evidence, in fact it is incumbent on the two plaintiffs to seek legal redress which can deter the embassy from committing similar unruly, violent and undiplomatic behavour that besmirches Ethiopia’s already battered national image.

  6. senseless story made for the sake of report. pls Jawar and the likes distance yourselves from such evil. personal I respect and admire you to raise about rubbish ethiopian politics which down graded from time to time to where it evolved.

  7. Even Atse Menyilik was 25% Oromo and 75% Amhara

    Hailesselasie was 50% Oromo , 25% Gurage and 25 % Amhara but they called themselves Oromo.


  8. Ittu Aba Farda
    Thank you for highlighting the essentials and good learning insight.
    Kudos man.

    In the meantime I would like to say that Jawar is young and energetic with considerable good qualities and he has proved his abilities in his engagement and high grade analysis.

  9. Safuu is an oromo ethos that governs the behaviours of the individuals, groups
    nature, etc and not knowing this is great handicaps for our youth. There is a time and place to everything and to use everything “oromo” as a political tool is wrong. Obbo Girma is an oromo who may not agree with the proposition of these two young persons. The mature adult should guide and advise these youth. They may be emotional about the things that are taking place in our beloved Oromia and Ethiopia but we cannot solve our problems with such bravado. The youth has an important place and pivotal role to play to bring freedom, equality and justice to Oromos and other oppressed people. Obbo Girma has no place to go to but come home to oromummaa tent. For now he is serving a system that has no future, vision and purpose. In due time, all of them(oromos serving this system) will come to their senses and see the light at the end of the tunnel. This place is the Oromummaa tent in which we all can fit.

  10. Clearly you kids have no idea about diplomatic immunity even though the trespassing thing could also be made as an argument whether or not you were let in to the house(which I don’t buy anyway). You were allowed into the house but I doubt very much security let you into the compound. Nevertheless you are idiots who should be proud of yourselves though. Interrupting someone’s lunch is quite the brave feat and should do a lot to help your struggle positively, bravo!

  11. Obbo Asmamaw:

    I just cannot say it any better. You hit it right on the nose my countryman.

    No one can give any better an incident to feed on the regime’s ambassador or his bosses than what this misguided kids did. Now we are going to hear him and his bosses telling the US government how the opposition and the protests currently undergoing are being led by lawless vagabonds. And it makes you wonder what the next measure will be sanctioned by whoever incited and pushed this youth? Destructive and deadly tasks? This one ended up in disastrous publicity. So is Sheik Saeed Abiyou Incarnation going to send the next band of kids strapped with explosives? Just think about that. If you were born in the western Hararghe, Arsi and Bale areas before the 1950’s you will remember Sheik Said Abiyou. Tell me what you have found and I will tell you what he did and who he really was. You would also be wondering where were the parents of those kids?

    ‘began asking him how he could call himself Oromo and demanding that he hold himself accountable.’ What is that? What a comical and totally vapid question!! Now this or any other ambassadors who may be contemplating to leave their posts these days, will have 2nd thoughts about it. They see it now that if they resign they will be welcomed with a bunch of immature vagabonds. Like the Blood and Cribs!!!

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