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Ginbot 7 Worldwide Event 2014

Ginbot 7 Worldwide Event 2014

Ginbot 7 Worldwide Event 2014


  1. Wow. Ginbot 7 S. Are in another planet . I feel sorry for those taxi drivers , hotel employees and parking lot employes they are westing their money please think two wise Ginbot 7 is O O O O
    You better contribute your money to east tv and radio program at list we are looking the news and we will decide and they gave as full information
    Common Ginbot 7 Berhanu Nega he is looser we do not have any confidence

  2. As far as Ginbot 7 are alive be leave me EPRDF will be in power in our generation I am not a supporter of EPRDF but, I will not allow and support Ginbot 7 this in my personal comment we have a lot of seasoned Ethiopians we need to approached them
    Zehabesha writers you Need to play a lot of rolls Ethiopia needs you you need to be fare in this world we came the same way we leave this land the same way . At list what we can do is for our generation pass love and peace
    EPRDF , Ginbot 7 , And EPRP they are all the same and they are not good for our country and for our people
    We need Sincere , loving and educated people for Ethiopia at this time
    We’ll , finally my prayer goest to you the habsha writers and for all Ethiopians

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