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“Ginbot 20″, TPLF Holiday in Ethiopia Greeted by Resistance

( – Ginbot 20, 1983 E.C, which officially marked the TPLF control of power in Ethiopia was a day of celebration for the very few from Adwa political elites and party cadre members who enjoy the leftover of the big fishes. This year, it is 21thanniversary. For the majority of Ethiopians, specially the Oromos, it is the day of humiliation, renewed looting, different and intensified form of dictatorship. Under the current government of Meles zenawi, who ruled Ethiopia for the last 21 years, the Oromos have suffered the most and more than 35,000 remained political prisoners. These include Lelisa Olbana and Beqele Garba, Leaders of the officially registered OFDM and OPC parties.

In a way that looks pretty well organized, the people from the central, western and southern Oromiya flashed their rejection of the day and the authorities on power by an act of arson on selected party economic interests, attack on the cadres and disruption of celebration events. In central Oromiya, a warehouse of a known TPLF agent and land grabber at Gooroo area was attacked and a property estimated at more than 10 million Eth birr was damaged. Shocked by the incident right around the capital city the authorities have responded by heavy presence of the army, which includes mistreatment of innocent individuals.

In Hawasa University, the huge music concert was disrupted by committed students, which resulted in the huge mess and the burning of cars belonging to the party cadres. Despite the change of venue, the authorities failed to secure their event and the students were able to clearly speak out unequivocally that the day does not concern them except for its curse of invisible apartheid, looting and dictatorship.

In Western Shoa zone of Gindeberet and Midekengi, organized members of the community attacked the power transformer in the neighborhood and the celebration meant was turned in to complete darkness. In Qellem Wollega too, the residents of Ashi and Garjeda villages showed their resistance by abstaining from the events. However, when the government militias were trying to force residents tovgo to the event, the people responded by pulling its available weapon to chase them away. In Dambi Dollo town, several messages of resistance were posted in protest against this holiday and Meles led government of Ethiopia.

In Western Wollega zone of Haroo Limmu district several clashes were reported in 2012. The organized resistance of the people eliminated a special agent of the government, Mr. Sibhat Araya, who was notorious for his anti-Oromo stance and assigned to the areas to hunt down “supporters of the Oromo Liberation Front”. After the attack, his handgun was handed over to the leaders of the resistance group.

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