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Big Embarrassment: Getachew Reda Confronted by Ethiopians in Frankfurt

Getachew Reda Confronted by Ethiopians in Frankfurt

Getachew Reda Confronted by Ethiopians in Frankfurt


  1. What is this? I think in this day and age of the social media, anything can be shot and posted every where. I think such rogue individuals will give any opposition a bad impression by any observer. I see more and more of such individuals going after their opponents not in a dignified manner. What would be the benefits of such rowdy behavior for any opposition group anyway? This is fighting darkness with darkness. Such unruly behavior has not slowed down the regime back in the old country from sending its officials on official tours overseas. That is at least from what I read of their such trips on this and other websites. I am afraid that such rowdy behavior is going to spread between different opposition groups sooner or later. Bad!!!!!

  2. The so called government officials of Ethiopia who have never been elected by the people must be chased everywhere specially in counties like Germany. They behave like wild animals at home by harassing and killing the innocent people. So we have to organize ourselves stronger and tell the public around them who they are. But we need strong evidences like photos, video clips showing the speeches held by these people and the killings they have ordered, to get support from the people in the host countries. So keep on chasing them! They should feel ashamed in the civilized world for the crime they have committed in this century.

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