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German Chancellor Angela Merkel Due in Ethiopia “To Inaugurate German-Built Au Peace And Security Building””

(Addis Standard) — Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, is due in Ethiopia tomorrow “to inaugurate the new Julius Nyerere Peace and Security Building on the campus of the African Union,” a statement from the German Embassy in Addis Abeba said.

The Chancellor’s trip is part of her Africa tour that includes Mali and Niger. The statement clearly wanted to convey the primary purpose of the visit; it primarily emphasized her scheduled trip was to inaugurate the new Julius Nyerere Peace and Security Building, financed entirely by the German Federal Foreign Office and built by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). Accordingly Angela Merkel “will address representatives from AU member states and the diplomatic corps in the new plenary hall of the AU Peace and Security Council.” She will also meet with Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, the interim Chairperson of the African Union Commission, AU commissioners and members of the AU Peace and Security Council.

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However, in what seem a mere diplomatic courtesy, Angela Merkel’s “visit will begin with a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn followed by a joint press conference.” During her meeting with PM Hailemariam Chancellor Merkel is expected to raise concerns on the use of excessive force on protesters in Ethiopia, lack of political space and deteriorating human rights situation in the country. Issues of refugees and security cooperation will also be highlighted during the discussion.

According to local media report, although the government in Ethiopia extended an invitation for the Chancellor to give a speech at the one party controlled Parliament she is said to have declined the invitation.

Unlike visits by few other heads of state to Ethiopia in recent years, including US President Barak Obama, Chancellor Merkel will meet with selected representatives of Ethiopian opposition parties. She will also meet with representatives of civil society organizations, according to information obtained by Addis Standard.

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Angela Merkel’s trip to Ethiopia will not be “business as usual,” as it coincides with worrying security developments in the country. Her visit also comes as Ethiopia just declared a state of emergency effective as of Saturday, Oct. the 8th. The state of emergency declaration followed recent public protests that gripped most parts of the Oromia Regional State, the largest in the country and continuous, albeit sporadic, protests in Amhara regional state, the second largest states in Ethiopia.
he yearlong protests in Oromia took an intense turn following the death by stampede or drowning of unknown numbers of civilians at the Oromo annual Irreecha (Thanksgiving) Festival on Sunday, Oct. the 2nd as a result of security forces’ act of firing live ammunition, tear gas bombs, and rubber bullets in crowded areas.



  2. Mrs Angela Merkel,

    You will be shaking hands with Ethiopian government officials whose hand are stained of blood. Meeting Debretsion and Abay is exactly the same as meeting the SS and Gestapo leaders of Nazi time Germany.they are the The Himmlers and Goebbels, the Krugers and the Hofmann of the 21 century.

    Am I exaggerating? Mrs Merkel please have the courage to visit the concentration camps where tens of thousands are detained in subhuman conditions far worse than the Nazi time. In the Ethiopian camps the Amhara and Oromo youth are deliberately denied food and medication, to weaken them both physically and spiritually. The militant ones are injected with infectious substance that would eventually drain youth power out of them.

    Madam Markel, I plead to you to visit these camps of mass detention and use all your diplomatic power to secure their immediate release.

  3. She is one of most favorite and admired leaders ever lived but she excels every male leader preceding her ever. That is why I am a staunch believer that women only should monopolize the leadership role in politics for the next 100 years. Men have created nothing but wars and mismanaged states all over the world and since the dawn of grouped way of living. They have messed it up so bad that they may not think straight ever again. Men have to be told back in the line and banned from all nations’ leadership positions for the next 100 years and let women show them how good governance is created and works. Men have grown to be so complacent that they don’t even realize they are starting mayhem. They have become so indolent that you will find them where left them 100 years ago. They have grown so stubborn that every mule is very jealous of them. There is no such thing as a 2nd thought in their decision making. When people hear me saying these ‘terrible’ things about the ‘qualities'(I would rather say disqualifications) of men, they claim that my being a father of a wonderful daughter had led me into believing it. Yes that too. So what is your problem? But the history is out there. Let’s bring up the current and past history of the old country. Who invaded our country so many times? Men! Who is leading the country into a possible abyss now? Men! Who has been fragmenting the opposition into a condition beyond repair? Who murdered and still murdering people over there? Men! Men!!! Name one female in a leadership role of all these heinous crimes? Name one! None! None! That is my verdict and there is nothing you can do about it. Full Stop!!!

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