Geneva, Switzerland: Ethiopian Rally Against WHO Nomie Tedros Adhanom

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Geneva – Ethiopian Rally Against WHO Nomie Tedros Adhanom

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  1. Don´t worry Dr. Tedros will be on his proper place at WHO. Why you waste your time on individuals? Do you think individuals at whatever level determine everything?You know it very well, for Woyene though indivudlas are important, but if you go back to the history of Woyene, we lost so many stars, but still Woyene is getting stronger and stronger, what matters for everything our sucessive succuess is the vision and policies and strategies of the organisation. And this vision is owned by the people(s) of the whole country. Your organisation, groups and some sterotyped individuals are 100 years back beyond the realities of the country. And for sure, you will end up by that. It is very shame, to disregard and devalue your citizen aganist other citizens. This is nothing but demonstrates much more deep how much evil is Chauvnism in the country.

  2. Teklu
    I wish you direct your advice to your fellow TPLFites..Advice them to STOP KILLING TO STOP LOOTING TO STOP THEIR CORE POLICY: ETHNO-FASCISM

  3. Guys!! Whom are you representing on the demonstration??? Look, your around and location!! What is citizenship and by whom are you pushed?? Be reasonable!! Even the birds have meaning on their shoutings; they are anouncing that the beginning of the day. You are not Ethiopians as a whole!! You are Europeans!!

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