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‘Gate to Hell’ is OPENING: Volcano cracks ‘with no explanation’ as lava spurts from Earth

A VOLCANO known as the “Gateway to Hell” has left scientists baffled and has begun to crack apart and spurt lava.

Researchers have also been left shocked as lava lakes around the summit have begun to overflow and ooze red-hot magma.

The volcano on the Ethiopian and Eritrean border in Africa is known as the “Gateway to Hell”.

Lava lakes have gurgled and splattered across the terrain for decades, and periodically explode in huge eruptions.

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ERTA ALE: NASA revealed ariel pictures of the ‘Gateway to Hell’

Fissures are now beginning to tear apart the volcanic terrain and local scientists from the Addis Ababa University are now studying the cracks.

Plumes of volcanic gases and steam are also spewing from the lava lakes as the volcano begins to rage with activity.


Source: Daily Star

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